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The Safety Assurance System (SAS) External Portal is Live. Resources to help Certificate Holders and Applicants (CH/As) use the SAS External Portal include training for CH/As and the SAS External Portal Information Guide, both available free of charge.


Note: CFR Parts 121, 135, and 145 now use the SAS External Portal to complete certification.


Revision J to FAA Order 8130.2, Airworthiness of Aircraft. This revision was signed on July 21, 2017, posted to the Regulatory and Guidance Library (RGL), and takes effect on September 21, 2017. This is a major revision to make the order easier to read, understand, and use. A brief PowerPoint presentation is posted alongside the revised order in RGL, to introduce you to the changes.


FOEB Meeting Announcements: All Flight Operations Evaluation Board (FOEB) meeting announcements are located under Publications - Flight Operations Evaluation Board (FOEB).


The Flight Standards Realignment Updates for Industry Page has many tools and resources to support the service’s organizational transformation. To review current posted documents, go to "Publications" and click "Flight Standards Realignment Updates for Industry". Additional resources to support this transformation continue to be developed and will be posted as soon they are finalized and approved.

Recent Documents by Issue/Rev
Document # Document Title Issue/Rev
M Kodiak100 R1a Kodiak 100, Rev. 1a Date -- 09/25/2017 9/25/2017
N 8900.436 Certificate Management Across Multiple Offices (Date - 09/19/2017) 9/19/2017
SAS ExPort-training Safety Assurance System (SAS) External Portal Training 9/13/2017
FSB OSR ISS FPDS Innovative Solutions & Support Flat Panel Display System with Integrated Dual FMS and Autothrottle -- Date 09/12/2017 9/12/2017
B-737 MAX FOEB Boeing 737 MAX Flight Operations Evaluation Board (Date - 09/11/2017) 9/11/2017
FFS Org Codes and Phone numbers Organizational Code Crosswalk 9/8/2017
FFS Quick Ref Pub Responsibilities Quick Reference Sheet 9/8/2017
A350 FOEB Airbus 350 Flight Operations Evaluation Board (Date - 09/05/2017) 9/7/2017
8900.1,CHG549 Change 549 to 8900.1 -- Dated 9/5/2017 9/5/2017
8900.1,CHG548 Change 548 to 8900.1 -- Dated 9/5/2017 9/5/2017
8900.1,Vol.7,Ch7,Sec1 Unauthorized Laser Illumination Incident Reporting and Civil Investigation Process 9/5/2017
8900.1,Vol.2,Ch2,Sec5_SAS Safety Assurance System: Evaluate Applicant's Refueling Procedures and Facilities (Parts 121, 125 and 135) 9/5/2017
FFS-IntMapPub Flight Standards Interactive Map 9/1/2017
FFS FAQ SheetforPublic FAQ Sheet 9/1/2017
FFS Philosophy-Pub Flight Standards Realignment Philosophy 9/1/2017
RCCB - PC12 Regulatory Consistency Communication Board Decision: PC12 Compliance with Part 135.163(f) 9/1/2017
8900.1,CHG547 Change 547 to 8900.1 -- Dated 8/28/2017 8/28/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch29,Sec2 The Proving and Validation Test Process 8/28/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch29,Sec3 Proving Test Requirements 8/28/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch29,Sec7 Request for Deviation of Proving Test Hours 8/28/2017
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch5,Sec1 Appoint/Renew a General Aviation Designee 8/25/2017
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch10,Sec1 Appoint/Renew/Terminate an Organization Designation Authorization 8/25/2017
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch5,Sec3 Termination and Appeal 8/25/2017
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch10,Sec2 Inspect an Organization Designation Authorization 8/25/2017
8900.1,CHG546 Change 546 to 8900.1 -- Dated 8/25/2017 8/25/2017
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch5,Sec2 Oversight of General Aviation Designee 8/25/2017
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch9,Sec1 Inspect a Designated Airworthiness Representative-Maintenance 8/25/2017
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch5,Sec5 Conduct a Special Emphasis Evaluation of a Designee 8/25/2017
M B-747-8 R7 B-747-8, Rev. 7 Date -- 08/25/2017 8/25/2017
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch6,Sec1 Inspect a Designated Pilot Examiner 8/25/2017
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch8,Sec1 Inspect a Technical Personnel Examiner 8/25/2017
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch5,Sec4 Designee Focal Points 8/25/2017
8900.1,CHG545 Change 545 to 8900.1 -- Dated 8/24/2017 8/24/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch38,Sec1_SAS Safety Assurance System: Evaluate and Approve an Approved Aircraft Inspection Program 8/24/2017
N 8900.434 Creation of Specialty Aircraft Examiners as an Additional Designated Pilot Examiner Type (Date - 08/24/2017) 8/24/2017
M CH-47D R0 CH-47D, Rev. 0 Date -- 08/23/2017 8/23/2017
8900.1,Vol.2,Ch8,Sec3 Evaluate Airworthiness Issues for Part 137 8/21/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch52,Sec2 Evaluate a Part 137 Congested Area Operations Plan 8/21/2017
8900.1,Vol.2,Ch8,Sec1 The Certification Process of a Part 137 Operator 8/21/2017
8900.1,Vol.2,Ch8,Sec2 Introduction to Airworthiness Issues for Part 137 8/21/2017
8900.1,CHG543 Change 543 to 8900.1 -- Dated 8/21/2017 8/21/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch52,Sec1 Introduction to Part 137 Related Tasks 8/21/2017
8900.1,CHG544 Change 544 to 8900.1 -- Dated 8/21/2017 8/21/2017
8900.1,Vol.5,Ch11,Sec1 Qualify a Pilot in Command 8/21/2017
8900.1,Vol.6,Ch6,Sec4 Monitor a Part 137 Congested Area Operation 8/21/2017
N 8900.433 Part 137 Guidance and Advisory Circular Update (Date - 08/21/2017) 8/21/2017
8900.1,Vol.6,Ch6,Sec2 Surveillance of a Part 137 Dispensing Operation 8/21/2017
8900.1,Vol.6,Ch6,Sec3 Surveillance of a Part 137 Satellite Site/Facility 8/21/2017
8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec29 Process-Oriented Maintenance Program to a Task-Oriented Maintenance Program Conversion and Maintenance Steering Group (MSG)-2 to -3 Conversion 8/21/2017
M BD-500 R0 BD-500-1A10/BD-500-1A11, Rev. Original Date -- 08/21/2017 8/21/2017
8900.1,Vol.6,Ch6,Sec1 Conduct a Part 137 Base Inspection 8/21/2017
M A-330 R17a A-330, Rev. 17a Date -- 08/15/2017 8/15/2017
SAS ExPortal SAS External Portal 8/15/2017
N 8900.432 Regulatory Requirement to Provide Enough Flight Instructors and Check Pilots/Check Flight Engineers (Date - 08/15/2017) 8/15/2017
M SA-2000 R2 SAAB-2000, Rev. 2 Date -- 08/15/2017 8/15/2017
SAS ExPort-InfoGuide SAS External Portal Information Guide 8/15/2017