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Safety Assurance System (SAS) Data Collect Tools (DCT) found in FSIMS might not align with corresponding SAS sections. Those sections are in-work and will be posted shortly to maintain consistency.


Notice N 8900.463, Use of a Complex Airplane During a Commercial Pilot or Flight Instructor Practical Test. This notice outlines a change in policy regarding testing applicants for a commercial pilot or flight instructor certificate, regardless whether the training was received under 14 CFR part 61 or 141.


SAS External Portal: EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 20, 2018 - Use of the SAS External Portal for Initial Certification is voluntary for CFR Parts 121, 135, and 145 until further notice.


For additional information, please refer to Notice N 8900.451, Policy Change for Applicants/Certificate Holders Submitting Information Using the SAS External Portal and Data Collection Tools.


You can access the SAS External Portal Automation User Guide and find additional helpful information about SAS External Portal automation updates.


Additional resources to help Certificate Holders and Applicants (CH/As) use the SAS External Portal include training for CH/As and the SAS External Portal Information Guide, both available free of charge.


Recent Documents by Issue/Rev
Document # Document Title Issue/Rev
MMEL-Templates Master Minimum Equipment List Templates 6/22/2018
M GVII-G500 R0 Gulfstream Aerospace GVII-G500, Rev. 0 Date -- 06/20/2018 6/20/2018
FSB Saab 340A_B R3 Saab 340A/B -- Date 06/19/2018 6/19/2018
M AS-355E R6 AS 355 Series, Rev. 6 Date -- 06/19/2018 6/19/2018
DA-7X FOEB emeeting Dassault Falcon 7X Flight Operations Evaluation Board (Date - 06/06/2018) 6/6/2018
8900.1,CHG596 Change 596 to 8900.1 -- Dated 05/31/2018 5/31/2018
8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec35_SAS Safety Assurance System: Inspect Section 135.411(a)(1) (Nine or Less) Certificate Holder’s Maintenance Records 5/31/2018
N 8900.471 Verification of Flammability Reduction Means (FRM) (Date - 05/31/2018) 5/31/2018
OPSS Guidance PIC QA-May2018 Special Pilot-In-Command Qualification Airports Revision History (14 CFR §121.445) 5/25/2018
EP 2.1.5 121A OP 17.0 EP 2.1.5 121A OP Appropriate Airmen / Crewmembers Checks and Qualifications 5/18/2018
GVII FOEB meeting Gulfstream GVII, G500, G600 Flight Operations Evaluation Board (Date - 05/18/2018) 5/18/2018
SP 1.2 121A OP 12.0 SP 1.2 121A OP Operations Management 5/18/2018
SP 1.3 121A AW 10.0 SP 1.3 121A AW Airworthiness Management 5/18/2018
SP 2.1 121A OP 29.0 SP 2.1 121A OP Training & Qualification 5/18/2018
SP 2.2 121A OP 19.0 SP 2.2 121A OP Aircraft Operations 5/18/2018
SP 3.3 121A OP 20.0 SP 3.3 121A OP Flight Planning and Monitoring 5/18/2018
8900.1,CHG595 Change 595 to 8900.1 -- Dated 05/17/2018 5/17/2018
8900.1,Vol.12,Ch2,Sec5 Part 129 Part C Operations Specifications--Airplane Terminal Instrument Procedures and Airport Authorizations and Limitations 5/17/2018
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch18,Sec5 Part C Operations Specifications–Airplane Terminal Instrument Procedures and Airport Authorizations and Limitations 5/17/2018
EP 2.1.7 121A OP 10.0 EP 2.1.7 121A OP Flight Crewmember Flight / Duty / Rest Time 5/17/2018
EP 2.2.1 121A OP 19.0 EP 2.2.1 121A OP Airmen Duties / Flight Deck Procedures 5/17/2018
EP 3.3.2 121A OP 13.0 EP 3.3.2 121A OP Dispatch / Flight Release 5/17/2018
N 8900.470 OpSpec C077, Terminal Visual Flight Rules, Limitations, and Provisions (Date - 05/17/2018) 5/17/2018
8400.13E Procedures for the Evaluation and Approval of Facilities for Special Authorization Category I Operations and All Category II and III Operations 5/15/2018
B767 FOEB emeeting B767 -- Boeing 767 Flight Operations Evaluation Board (Date - 05/14/2018) 5/14/2018