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Approve a 14 CFR Part 121/135 Operator/Applicant’s Reliability Program/Revision AT JTA 3.3.43 (AW)
Change 356 to 8900.1 -- Dated 07/18/2014 8900.1,CHG356
Change 357 to 8900.1 -- Dated 07/23/2014 8900.1,CHG357
Change 407 to 8900.1 -- Dated 06/25/2015 8900.1,CHG407
Change 450 to 8900.1 -- Dated 03/17/2016 8900.1,CHG450
Change 479 to 8900.1 -- Dated 09/13/2016 8900.1,CHG479
Change 525 to 8900.1 -- Dated 4/11/2017 8900.1,CHG525
Change 526 to 8900.1 -- Dated 4/21/2017 8900.1,CHG526
Change 544 to 8900.1 -- Dated 8/21/2017 8900.1,CHG544
Change 572 to 8900.1 -- Dated 1/25/2018 8900.1,CHG572
Change 583 to 8900.1 -- Dated 04/4/2018 8900.1,CHG583
Change 586 to 8900.1 -- Dated 04/9/2018 8900.1,CHG586
Change 598 to 8900.1 -- Dated 06/19/2018 8900.1,CHG598
Change 608 to 8900.1 -- Dated 08/8/2018 8900.1,CHG608
Change 636 to 8900.1 -- Dated 12/4/18 8900.1,CHG636
Change 639 to 8900.1 -- Dated 12/19/18 8900.1,CHG639
Editorial Updates of FY 2016 Third Quarter 8900.1,FY16-3Q
Editorial Updates (SAS) of FY 2018 First Quarter 8900.1,FY18-1Q SAS
En Route Inspection AW DCT DCT En Route AW V2
En Route Inspection OP DCT DCT En Route OP V2
Improper Maintenance and Alterations 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec37
Inspect the Use of Additive Manufacturing in the Maintenance and Repair of Aviation Products and Articles (Parts 91, 121, 135, and 145) 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch11,Sec29
Job Aid for Evaluating Additive Manufacturing at an MRO - 12-4-2018 Job Aid-Evaluating Additive Manufacturing
OpSpec/MSpec/LOA C048/MC048, Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) Operations (Date - 09/11/2018) N 8900.482
Process-Oriented Maintenance Program to a Task-Oriented Maintenance Program Conversion and Maintenance Steering Group (MSG)-2 to -3 Conversion 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec29
Random Inspection (RI/Ramp) (AW) DCT DCT Random AW V2
Random Inspection (RI/Ramp) (OP) DCT DCT Random OP V2
Regulatory Oversight of ADS-B Equipment and Applicable Performance Requirements 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch15,Sec1
Reserved 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec19
Safety Assurance System: Cabin En Route (Random) Inspections (Including Part 125) 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec8_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Cockpit En Route Inspections 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec9_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Conduct a Ramp Inspection on Cargo Loading (Including Part 125) 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec5_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Conduct Spot Inspection of a Program Manager/Operator’s Aircraft 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec6_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Conducting a Program Manager/Air Carrier/Air Agency Inspection To Detect Unapproved Parts 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec27_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Conducting Records Reviews and Aircraft Inspections Mandated by the Aging Airplane Rules for Parts 121, 129, and 135 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch11,Sec14_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Crewmember and Dispatcher Records Inspections for Parts 121 and 135 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec14_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Evaluate a Part 121/135.411(a)(2) Operator Aircraft Storage Program 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec38_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Evaluate/Inspect 14 CFR Part 91K/ 121/125 and § 129.14 Operators’ Fuel Tank System Instructions for Continued Airworthiness/Revisions 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch11,Sec23_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Evaluate/Inspect 14 CFR Parts 121, 125, or Part 129, § 129.14 Operators Fuel Tank System Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction Program 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch11,Sec26_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Evaluate/Inspect Part 121, 129 (N-Registered only), 135 (10 or More), 91K, and 125 Operator’s Contract Maintenance Organization Facility 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec41_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Evaluate/Inspect Parts 121 and 129 Operators’ Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems Maintenance Program 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch11,Sec24_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Evaluating an Airworthiness Directives Management Process 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch59,Sec1_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Evaluation of a Certificate Holder's Management of Significant Changes Parts 121, 135, 145, and 91 Subpart K 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec18_SAS
Safety Assurance System: General Inspection Practices and Procedures for Part 91K 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec3_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Ground-Deicing/Anti-Icing Inspections for Parts 121, 125, and 135 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec15_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Inspect Aircraft Used for Air Ambulance 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec7_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Inspect Parts 91K and 121/135 (10 or More) Operator’s Maintenance Records 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec36 SAS
Safety Assurance System: Manuals Inspections for Parts 121 and 135 (PTRS Code 1621) 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec11_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Monitor Cockpit Voice Recorders 8900.1,Vol.4,Ch14,Sec9_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Monitor Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System/Revision for Part 121/135 Operators and Part 91K Program Managers 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec30_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Monitor Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program/Revision 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec28_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Operational Control Inspections 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec22_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Operator Trip Records Inspections 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec10_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Over-Water En Route Inspections for Parts 121 and 135 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec12_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Proficiency and Competency Check Inspections for Parts 91K, 121, 125 and 135 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec13_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Ramp and Random (Ramp) Inspections for Part 91K, 125, 141 Operators and Part 121 and 135 Air Carriers 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec4_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Reporting on Surveillance for Part 91K and Non-Surveillance for Parts 121 and 135 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec2_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Surveillance of Part 121/135 Operators Participating in “Coordinating Agency for Supplier Evaluation” (C.A.S.E.) 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec39_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Surveillance of Parts 121 and 135 (with OpSpec D072) Certificate Holder Contract Maintenance Provider Programs and Maintenance Provider Airworthiness Agreements 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec42_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Training Program Inspections for Parts 121 and 135 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch2,Sec21_SAS
Verification of Flammability Reduction Means (FRM) (Date - 05/31/2018) N 8900.471