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N 8900.295 -- Pilot Training and/or Certification Events Conducted in Restricted Category Aircraft (Date--05/05/2015)
N 8900.296 -- Inspection and Maintenance Program Requirements for Civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operating Under 55 Pounds (Date--05/04/2015)
N 8900.297 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA A056, Data Link Communications (Date--05/07/2015)
N 8900.298 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA A355, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) IN Operations (Date--05/15/2015)
N 8900.299 -- Updated Conversion Process for Pilot Certificates in Accordance with the Implementation Procedures for Licensing as Part of the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement Between the Federal Aviation Administration and Transport Canada Civil Aviation Authority for Pilot Licensing (Date--05/15/2015)
N 8900.300 -- OpSpecs C384 for Part 129 (Date--05/19/2015)
N 8900.301 -- OpSpec C083 for Part 129 (Date--05/19/2015)
N 8900.302 -- OpSpecs B034 and B035 for Part 129 (Date--05/19/2015)
N 8900.303 -- OpSpecs A003, A014, A023, and B031 for Part 129 (Date--05/19/2015)
N 8900.304 -- Special Pilot-In-Command Qualification Airport List: Updates (Date--05/27/2015)
N 8900.305 -- Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis: Alternative Report of Surface Temperature Provided by the National Weather Service (Date--06/01/2015)
N 8900.306 -- Utilization and Maintenance of OpSpec/MSpec/LOA B450 (Date--06/03/2015)
N 8900.307 -- Electrical Requirements for Operation of Single-Engine Passenger-Carrying Aircraft under IFR—Title 14 CFR Part 135, § 135.163(f) (Date--06/23/2015)
N 8900.308 -- New Location for DAR-T and ODA MRA Initial and Reccurrent Training (Date--07/07/2015)
N 8900.309 -- Designated Related Aircraft in Part 121 (Date--07/08/2015)
N 8900.310 -- Removal of a Limitation From a Pilot Certificate by Designees (Date--07/16/2015)
N 8900.311 -- Flight Management Computer Setup and Approach Briefings (Date--07/22/2015)
N 8900.312 -- OpSpec/LOA B057, National Parks Air Tour Management Operations Under 14 CFR Part 136 (Date--07/26/2015)
N 8900.314 -- Airplane External Load Operations Within the State of Alaska (Date--08/12/2015)
N 8900.315 -- OpSpecs/MSpecs/LODA D073, Approved Inspection Program (Date--08/12/2015)
N 8900.316 -- OpSpecs/MSpecs D101, Additional Maintenance Requirements–Aircraft Engine Propeller, and Propeller Control (Governor) (Date--08/12/2015)
N 8900.317 -- Accepting/Revising Manuals for All Parts 91K, 121, 125, and 135 Certificate Holders/Operators Transporting Cargo on Transport Category Aircraft (Date--08/12/2015)
N 8900.318 -- Optional Letter of Authorization (LOA) for Straight-In Non-Precision, APV, and Category I Precision Approach and Landing Minima—All Airports (Date--08/13/2015)
N 8900.319 -- Reexamination of Airmen Tested by Designated Mechanic Examiner Randal B. McKinley (Date--08/17/2015)
N 8900.320 -- Personnel Authorized to Issue the Logbook Endorsement Required by 14 CFR § 61.195(k)(7) and Their Qualifications and Limitations (Date--08/21/2015)
N 8900.321 -- Creation of Specialty Aircraft Examiners as an Additional Designated Pilot Examiner Type (Date--08/31/2015)
N 8900.322 -- Withdrawal of Aviation Safety Inspector Requirements and Procedures for Use of the Minimum Equipment List Currency Tracking System (Date--09/03/2015)
N 8900.324 -- Resources Not Available, National Work Program Guidelines Cancellation (Date--09/09/2015)
N 8900.325 -- Remedial Training Guidance and Procedures for Flight Standards Service (Date--09/14/2015)
N 8900.327 -- Laser Incident Enforcement Investigations (Date--09/21/2015)
N 8900.328 -- Flight Standards Inspector Resource Program (FSIRP) Policy Updates and Job Function Qualification Matrix (Date--10/1/2015)
N 8900.329 -- OpSpec B049, Operations in the Grand Canyon National Park Special Flight Rules Area (Date--10/08/2015)
N 8900.330 -- Decommission OpSpec C054 and Amend C051 for Part 129 (Date--10/09/2015)
N 8900.332 -- OpSpec A323, Liquid Water Equivalent System (LWES) (Date -- 10/13/2015)
N 8900.333 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA C081, Special Instrument and RNAV Visual Flight Procedures and OpSpec/MSpec/LOA H122, Special Terminal Instrument Approach or Departure Procedures (Date -- 10/26/2015)
N 8900.334 -- Submittal of Air Carrier Aircraft/Engine Utilization Reports (Date -- 12/08/2015)
N 8900.335 -- Revised FAA-Approved Deicing Program Updates, Winter 2015-2016 (Date -- 11/18/2015)
N 8900.336 -- Maintenance Annex Guidance, Change 5 Requirements for the FAA Form 8130-3 from Production Approval Holders (Date -- 11/17/2015)
N 8900.337 -- Air Carrier Procedures for Flight Into/Out of and Over Cuba (Date -- 12/15/2015)
N 8900.338 -- New Requirements for Registering and Marking Small Unmanned Aircraft (Date -- 12/22/2015)
N 8900.339 -- Actions Required to Identify and Correct Discrepancies Between Airplane Flight Manuals and Flight Deck Quick Reference Handbooks (Date--01/05/2016)
N 8900.340 -- Part 142 Pictorial Preflight Courseware Review (Date--01/12/2016)
N 8900.341 -- OpSpecs A001, A002, and A004 for Part 145 Repair Stations (Date--01/19/2016)
N 8900.342 -- Exemption 12555 Notification and Implementation Process (Date--01/21/2016)
N 8900.343 -- Flight Standards Service Compliance Policy (Date--02/02/2016)
N 8900.344 -- Transportation of Lithium Ion and Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries as Cargo (Date--02/09/2016)
N 8900.345 -- Requirement to List the Conditions and Limitations Associated with 14 CFR Part 135, § 135.213(b) Deviations in OpSpec A010, Aviation Weather Information (Date - 03/02/2016)
N 8900.346 -- OpSpec A318, Approval of a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) (Date - 03/02/2016)
N 8900.347 -- OpSpec A319, Fatigue Education and Awareness Training (FEAT) Program Initial Approval and Updates (Date - 03/02/2016)
N 8900.348 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA C063, Area Navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Terminal Operations (Date - 03/07/2016)
N 8900.349 -- HSpec H123, Class I Navigation Using Area or Long-Range Navigation Systems with WAAS for Rotorcraft RNP 0.3 En Route and Terminal Operations (Date - 03/07/2016)
N 8900.350 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA B036, Oceanic and Remote Continental Navigation Using Multiple Long-Range Navigation Systems (M-LRNS) (Date -- 03/07/2016)
N 8900.351 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA B035, Class I Navigation in U.S. Class A Airspace Using Area or Long Range Navigation Systems (Date -- 03/07/2016)
N 8900.352 -- Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program (VDRP) and the New Compliance Philosophy (Date -- 03/09/2016)
N 8900.353 -- OpSpec A021, Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) Operations (Date -- 03/16/2016)
N 8900.354 -- Surveillance of Part 65 Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Courses (PTRS 1667) (Date - 03/21/2016)
N 8900.355 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA D485, Aging Airplane Inspection and Records Review (Date - 03/21/2016)
N 8900.356 -- Issue/Renew/Reevaluate/Rescind FAA Form 8710-7, Statement of Aerobatic Competency (SAC) (Date - 03/22/2016)
N 8900.357 -- Inspection and Maintenance Program Requirements for Airworthiness Certification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operating Under 55 Pounds (Date - 04/11/2016)
N 8900.358 -- Aircraft with Electronic System Security Special Conditions (Date - 04/14/2016)
N 8900.359 -- Mitsubishi MU-2B Series Aircraft NTSB Safety Recommendation (Date - 04/08/2016)