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N 8900.215 -- Initial Training Program Records for Contract Instructors and Contract Check Airmen (Date--05/13/2013)
N 8900.216 -- OpSpec/MSpec A002, Definitions and Abbreviations; and OpSpec/MSpec/LOA C052, Straight-In Non-Precision, APV, and Category I Precision Approach and Landing Minima—All Airports (Date--05/22/2013)
N 8900.217 -- Information on Rotorcraft Type Ratings that Involve Helicopters that have the ability to be Flown Single Pilot in Specified Flight Conditions (Date--05/23/2013)
N 8900.218 -- Alternate Airport IFR Weather Minimums (Date--05/30/2013)
N 8900.219 -- Changes to Master Minimum Equipment List Relief for Nose Gear Steering Systems and Aircraft Accessible Lavatories (Date--05/30/2013)
N 8900.220 -- OpSpec A001 for Part 129, Section 129.14 (Date--06/05/2013)
N 8900.221 -- OpSpec D085 (129 and 129.14 templates) (Date--06/19/2013)
N 8900.222 -- Coordination with The Office of Security and Hazardous Materials Safety on Aviation Safety, Security, Intelligence, and Support to Law Enforcement (Date--07/2/2013)
N 8900.223 -- OpSpec/MSpec D076, Short-Term Escalation Authorization (Date--07/9/2013)
N 8900.224 -- OpSpec C056 and C057 for Part 129 (Date--07/9/2013)
N 8900.225 -- Pilot Certification and Qualification Requirements for Air Carrier Operations (Date--07/10/2013)
N 8900.226 -- OpSpec A029, Aircraft Interchange Arrangements (Date--07/11/2013)
N 8900.227 -- Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operational Approval (Date--07/30/2013)
N 8900.228 -- Reexamination of Airmen Tested by Designated Pilot Examiner Mark George (Date--07/30/2013)
N 8900.229 -- Amend OpSpec C051 for Part 129 (Date--08/05/2013)
N 8900.230 -- Requirements for Written Notification During Investigations of Airman Certificate Holders or Applicants (Date--08/05/2013)
N 8900.231 -- Certificate of Waiver for an Aviation Event — Air Race (Date--08/30/2013)
N 8900.232 -- OpSpec A001 for Part 129 (Foreign Air Carriers Operating to the United States) (Date--08/30/2013)
N 8900.233 -- OpSpec C054, Limitations and Provisions for Instrument Approach Procedures and Instrument Flight Rules Landing Minimums (Date--08/30/2013)
N 8900.234 -- OpSpec C059, Category (CAT) II Instrument Approach and Landing Operations (Date--08/30/2013)
N 8900.235 -- OpSpec C060, Category (CAT) III Instrument Approach and Landing Operations (Date--08/30/2013)
N 8900.236 -- ATOS Resource Management (Date--09/13/2013)
N 8900.237 -- Authorization to Use Night Vision Imaging Systems under Part 91 (Date--09/19/2013)
N 8900.238 -- Revised FAA-Approved Deicing Program Updates, Winter 2013-2014 (Date--09/30/2013)
N 8900.239 -- OpSpec A545, Authorized Airports for Domestic of Flag Substitute Scheduled Operations (Date--10/17/2013)
N 8900.240 -- Expanded Use of Passenger Portable Electronic Devices (PED) (Date--10/31/2013)
N 8900.241 -- Qualification, Service, and Use of Crewmembers and Aircraft Dispatchers (Date--11/04/2013)
N 8900.242 -- OpSpec/MSpec A010, Aviation Weather Information (Date--11/22/2013)
N 8900.243 -- Part 121 Domestic Operations to Certain Airports Outside the 48 Contiguous United States and Alaska (Date--12/03/2013)
N 8900.244 -- Supplemental Operations by a Certificate Holder Authorized to Conduct Domestic or Flag Operations (Date--12/03/2013)
N 8900.245 -- Special Pilot-In-Command Qualification Airport List: Updates (Date--12/06/2013)
N 8900.246 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA B036, Class II Navigation Using Multiple Long Range Navigation Systems (M LRNS) (Date--12/04/2013)
N 8900.247 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA B054/MB054, Class II Navigation Using Single Long-Range Navigation Systems (SLRNS) (Date--12/04/2013)
N 8900.248 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA C073, Vertical Navigation (VNAV) Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP) Using Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) as a Decision Altitude (DA)/Decision Height (DH) (Date--12/11/2013)
N 8900.249 -- OpSpec/MSpec/LOA B039, Operations within North Atlantic (NAT) Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS) Airspace (Date--01/09/2014)
N 8900.250 -- LOA B046 – Operations in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) Airspace (Date--01/24/2014)
N 8900.251 -- Maintain Operator Data—Aircraft, Type Section 119 (Date--01/30/2014)
N 8900.252 -- OpSpec/LOA C071, Autopilot Minimum Use Altitudes/Heights (MUH) (Date--02/03/2014)
N 8900.254 -- OpSpec A003, B039, B046, D092, and D108 for Part 129 (Date--02/11/2014)
N 8900.255 -- North American Free Trade Agreement Processing (Date--02/12/2014)
N 8900.256 -- Coordination with the Transportation Security Administration When Certificating Repair Stations (Date--02/24/2014)
N 8900.257 -- OpSpec C091 for Part 121 and 129 (Date--02/24/2014)
N 8900.258 -- Logging of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilot Time (Date--03/06/2014)
N 8900.259 -- Updating Web-Based Operations Safety System Air Ambulance Aircraft Table Data (Date--03/04/2014)
N 8900.260 -- Surveillance of Part 65 Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Courses (PTRS 1667) (Date--03/27/2014)
N 8900.261 -- Resources Not Available for ATOS and National Work Program Guidelines Surveillance (Date--04/08/2014)