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The Future Flight of Standards (FFS) Page is Under Development. To review current posted documents, go to "Publications" and click "Future of Flight Standards (FFS) Updates". Additional resources and tools to support FFS transformation are being developed. These items will be posted as soon as they become finalized and approved.

Recent Documents by Issue/Rev
Document # Document Title Issue/Rev
M B-727 R49a B-727, Rev. 49a Date -- 06/29/2017 6/29/2017
N 8900.425 New Location for DAR-T and ODA MRA Initial and Recurrent Training Requirements (Date - 06/16/2017) 6/16/2017
M GIV-X G450 (Part 125) R0 Gulfstream Aerospace GIV-X (G450) (Part 125 Operations Only), Rev. 0 Date -- 06/08/2017 6/8/2017
8900.1,CHG530 Change 530 to 8900.1 -- Dated 6/7/2017 6/7/2017
8900.1,CHG531 Change 531 to 8900.1 -- Dated 6/7/2017 6/7/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch17,Sec1_SAS Safety Assurance System: Evaluate the Contracted Agreements for the Operation of a Foreign-Registered Aircraft 6/7/2017
8900.1,Vol.12,Ch2,Sec3 Part 129 Part A Operations Specifications 6/7/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch59,Sec3_SAS Safety Assurance System: Processing Alternative Methods of Compliance Proposals to Airworthiness Directives 6/7/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch32,Sec10_SAS Safety Assurance System: Evaluate a Maintenance Manual/Revision for a 14 CFR Section 135.411(a)(1) Program 6/7/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch18,Sec6 Parts D and E Maintenance MSpecs/OpSpecs/LOAs 6/7/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch59,Sec4_SAS Reserved 6/7/2017
N 8900.424 Master Minimum Equipment List Policy Letter 98, Revision 1, Navigation Databases, and Associated Aviation Safety Inspector Requirements (Date - 06/01/2017) 6/1/2017
PL-098 Navigation Databases 6/1/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch51,Sec3 Evaluate a Rotorcraft-Load Combination Flight Manual 5/31/2017
8900.1,CHG529 Change 529 to 8900.1 -- Dated 5/31/2017 5/31/2017
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch51,Sec1 Introduction to Part 133 Related Tasks 5/31/2017
8900.1,Vol.2,Ch7,Sec1 The Certification Process—Part 133 5/31/2017
N 8900.423 Rotorcraft External-Load Operations (Date - 05/31/2017) 5/31/2017