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COVID-19 Relief For Certificate Holders: Policy Deviations, Exemptions, and Rule Changes

Recent Documents by Issue/Rev
Document # Document Title Issue/Rev
FOEB A350 (Sept-29and30-2021) Flight Operations Evaluation Board for Airbus A350 aircraft (Sept-29 And 30-2021) 9/22/2021
N 8900.597 Specialty Aircraft Examiners Conducting Practical Tests in Experimental Aircraft (Date - 09/14/2021) 9/14/2021
N 8900.598 Interim Policy on the Effects of the Future of Flight Standards (FFS) Initiative on Current Policy, Guidance, and Documents (Date - 09/14/2021) 9/14/2021
N 8900.596 Adding Email Fields to OpSpecs/MSpecs/LOAs A001, A006, and A007 (Date - 9/1/2021) 9/8/2021
M EMB-545_550 R5 EMB-545_550, Rev. 5 Date -- 09/03/2021 9/3/2021
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch19,Sec1 Scope, Concepts, and Definitions 9/2/2021
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch54,Sec1 Part 142 Training Centers: Training Center and Training Center Program Manager Overview 9/2/2021
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch54,Sec2 Part 142 Training Centers: Training, Qualification, and Designation of Training Center Instructors and Evaluators 9/2/2021
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch54,Sec3 Part 135 Standardized Curricula Delivered by Part 142 Training Centers 9/2/2021
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch54,Sec4 Part 142 Training Centers: Deviations and Waivers—Section 142.9 9/2/2021
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch54,Sec5_SAS Safety Assurance System: Part 142 Training Centers: Outsource Training—Certificate Holders and/or Fractional Ownership Program Managers Contracting With Training Providers 9/2/2021
8900.1,Vol.6,Ch8,Sec1 Part 142 Inspections: Surveillance and Inspection Activities for Part 142 Training Centers, Satellites, and Remote Sites 9/2/2021
3900.66A Flight Standards Service Hearing Conservation Program 9/1/2021
M GVI R4 Gulfstream Aerospace GVI (G650), GVI (G650ER) for 14 CFR Part 91 and Part 135 Only, Rev. 4 Date -- 09/01/2021 9/1/2021
N 8900.595 Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program (VDRP), and Compliance Program (Date - 9/1/2021) 9/1/2021
ST09889AC_20210901 STC Relief Approval Letter for 9/1/2021
N 8900.594 Revised FAA-Approved Deicing Program Updates, Winter 2021–2022 (Date - 8/26/2021) 8/26/2021
ST00865DE_20210825 STC Relief Approval Letter for ASES, LLC, dba Field Aerospace SD3-30/60/Sherpa 8/25/2021
ST02520SE_20210825 STC Relief Approval for AeroMech Incorporated DC-9/10/30/50 8/25/2021
FAA FS I-8700-2 Rev 5 Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award Information Guide 8/23/2021
FAA FS I-8700-3 Rev 6 Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award Information Guide 8/23/2021
N 8900.593 Part 141 Pilot School Examining Authority Issued for § 141.57 Special Curricula or § 141.55(d) Reduced Hour Courses (Date - 8/20/2021) 8/20/2021
PL-025 Rev 22 MMEL/MEL Definitions 8/19/2021
FOEB B-737 MAX (Sept-1and2-2021) Flight Operations Evaluation Board Meeting for Boeing 737 MAX B-737-7 (*ATC Pending) /-8/-8200/-9 Aircraft (Sept-1 and 2-2021) 8/18/2021
8900.1,CHG755 Change 755 to 8900.1 -- Dated 08/13/2021 8/13/2021
8900.1,Vol.2,Ch11,Sec1_SAS Phase 1—Preapplication 8/13/2021
8900.1,Vol.2,Ch11,Sec2_SAS Phase 2—Formal Application (SAS Business Process Modules 1 and 2) 8/13/2021
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch18,Sec10 Parts A, B, and D Operations Specifications for Part 145 Repair Stations 8/13/2021
N 8900.592 FAA-Certificated Repair Stations and Revised OpSpec A449, Drug and Alcohol Testing Program (Date - 8/13/2021) 8/13/2021
8900.1,CHG754 Change 754 to 8900.1 -- Dated 08/10/2021 8/10/2021
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch5,Sec1 Reserved 8/10/2021
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch6,Sec4 Safety Assurance System: Issue a Certificate of Waiver for an Aerobatic Practice Area 8/10/2021
8900.1,Vol.3,Ch6,Sec5 Safety Assurance System: Issue a Certificate of Waiver for an Aerobatic Contest Box 8/10/2021
N 8900.591 Email Beta Test on Pilot Deviations Involving Foreign Air Carriers Operating Under 14 CFR Part 129 (Date - 8/10/2021) 8/10/2021
M B-767 R40 B-767, Rev. 40 Date -- 08/09/2021 8/9/2021
M DA-7X R13 DA-7X/8X (Falcon 7X/8X), Rev. 13 Date -- 08/09/2021 8/9/2021
AT16514AT-T_20210806 STC Relief Approval Letter for Prashant Chillamcharla A330-200, A300-300 8/6/2021
FOEB CL-600 (Sept-8-2021) Flight Operations Evaluation Board Meeting for CL-600-2B19/-2C10/-2C11/-2D15/-2D24/-2E25 (Sept-8-2021) 8/4/2021
N 8900.590 Fuel Caps Separating from Airbus A318, A319, A320, and A321 Aircraft (Date - 8/1/2021) 8/1/2021
8900.1,CHG753 Change 753 to 8900.1 -- Dated 07/29/2021 7/29/2021
8900.1,Vol.5,Ch2,Sec15 Issue a Part 61 Pilot and/or Flight Instructor Certificate Based on Military Pilot Qualifications 7/29/2021
AXH ED 4.3.2 49CFRZ V2 AXH ED 4.3.2 49CFRZ Shipper HM Functions 7/21/2021
8000.373_B Federal Aviation Administration Compliance Program 4/22/2021
OSWG 2020-03 Agenda (supportDocs) March 2020 OSWG Meeting Briefings and Documents 3/30/2020
OSWG 2020-03 Agenda March 2020 OSWG Meeting Agenda 3/29/2020