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Safety Attribute Videos: New “Connecting the Safety Attributes: Technical and Managerial Processes in DCTs” is available in FSIMS.


What is SAS? The System Approach to Safety Oversight program office developed “What is the FAA Safety Assurance System (SAS)? An Overview for Certificate Holders and Applicants (CH/As)”. Select the link to find out more.


SAS External Portal Training Update – Training to help Certificate Holders and Applicants (CH/As) use the SAS External Portal has been updated. Click External Portal Training Course to visit the course.

Recent Documents by Issue/Rev
Document # Document Title Issue/Rev
M A-109S R3 A-109S, Rev. 3 Date -- 11/08/2019 11/8/2019
M A-119 R4b A-119, Rev. 4b Date -- 11/08/2019 11/8/2019
PL-109 Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) MMEL/MEL Relief Process 11/7/2019
N 8900.528 Master Minimum Equipment List and Minimum Equipment List Relief for Items Installed by Supplemental Type Certificates (Date - 11/4/2019) 11/4/2019
SAS Connect Safety Attributes Connecting the Safety Attributes: Technical and Managerial Processes in DCTs 11/4/2019
N 8900.527 Monitor and Inspect a Part 135 UAS Operator’s Aircraft, Facilities, and Procedures (Date - 11/1/2019) 11/1/2019
PL-131 Radar (Radio) Altimeters for Rotorcraft 11/1/2019
SAS Authority Video Authority 10/31/2019
SAS Control Video Controls 10/31/2019
8900.1,CHG680 Change 680 to 8900.1 -- Dated 10/28/19 10/28/2019
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch6,Sec2 Appoint/Renew/Terminate an Airman Certification Representative for a Flight Instructor Refresher Course 10/28/2019
8900.1,Vol.13,Ch6,Sec3 Inspect an Airman Certification Representative for a Flight Instructor Refresher Course 10/28/2019
FOEB_DA-2000(Nov20-2019) Flight Operations Evaluation Board Electronic Meeting for Dassault Falcon 2000, 2000EX, 2000EX EASy Master Minimum Equipment List (November 20, 2019) 10/28/2019
8400.13F Procedures for the Evaluation and Approval of Facilities for Special Authorization Category I Operations and All Category II and III Operations 10/25/2019
8900.1,CHG679 Change 679 to 8900.1 -- Dated 10/25/19 10/25/2019
8900.1,Vol.5,Ch9,Sec6 Issue/Renew/Reevaluate/Rescind an Air Boss Letter of Authorization 10/25/2019
M CL-600 R20 CL-600-2B19/-2C10/-2D15/-2D24/-2E25, Rev. 20 Date -- 10/25/2019 10/25/2019
SAS ExPort-InfoGuide SAS External Portal Information Guide 10/21/2019
8000.374 Flight Simulation Training Device Qualification Information Bulletins 10/18/2019
8900.1,CHG678 Change 678 to 8900.1 -- Dated 10/18/19 10/18/2019
8900.1,Vol.11,Ch12,Sec2 Issue a Letter of Authorization to Conduct an Instrument Flight Procedure Validation 10/18/2019
N 8900.526 Policy Updates for Issuing a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization for an Aviation Event (Date - 10/10/2019) 10/10/2019