8900.1 CHG 466



National Policy

Effective Date: 6/22/16


Summary of Change. Volume 3:

Chapter 18, Section 3, Part A Operations Specifications—General;

Chapter 25, Section 1, Safety Assurance System: General Topics;

Chapter 31, Section 1, Safety Assurance System: General – Definitions and Terminology; and

Chapter 31, Section 2, Safety Assurance System: Requirements for Approval, Acceptance, and Authorization;

Chapter 31, Section 3, Safety Assurance System: Crewmember and Aircraft Dispatcher Records;

Chapter 31, Section 4, Safety Assurance System: Reserved;

Chapter 31, Section 5, Safety Assurance System: Evaluate a Part 121/135 (10 or More) Certificate Holder/Applicant Maintenance Recordkeeping System; and

Chapter 31, Section 6, Safety Assurance System: Evaluate a Part 91K Non-CAMP Program Manager’s, § 125.247 Operator’s, and § 135.411(a)(1) Certificate Holder’s Maintenance Records.


Explanation of Policy Changes. This change updates and clarifies Flight Standards (AFS) policies related to the approval and acceptance of electronic signatures, electronic recordkeeping systems, and electronic manual systems and updates guidance for Operations Specification (OpSpec) A025, Electronic Signatures, Electronic Recordkeeping Systems, and Electronic Manual Systems.