8900.1 CHG 97



National Policy

Effective Date: 6/28/10




Summary of Change. Volume 3, Chapter 18, Section 4, Part B Operations Specifications—En Route Authorizations and Limitations.

Paragraphs 3-816 adds new information and guidance for operation specification B050. The Web‑based automated Operations Safety System (WebOPSS) B050 map application required the Authorized Areas section of operations specification B050 to be redesigned. The previous list of authorized areas in OPSS was extensive and not well defined. The WebOPSS B050 authorized areas has consolidated the list of authorized areas from approximately 75 to 34. The new 34 authorized areas are based on current Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, and Extended Operations requirements. When inspectors reissue B050, they must do so in accordance with the revised guidance. The authorization text of the B050 template has not changed, only the organization of the authorized areas. The reissuance of B050 in WebOPSS will not require additional validation testing. The redesigned authorized areas of en route operations were consolidated and relabeled to capture the old authorization areas of the OPSS B050. Additionally, guidance is provided regarding operations in areas with limited Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversight, operations supporting the military, and operations in hostile environments.