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Section 7  Use of Industry-Furnished Portable Electronic Devices

1-280    GENERAL. This section provides guidance for the acceptance and appropriate use of portable electronic devices (PED) provided to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) offices or individual aviation safety inspectors (ASI) by aviation industry entities. This guidance does not address the use of FAA-issued PEDs.

A.    Background. The aviation industry continues to aggressively transition to electronic devices for maintaining, updating, and distributing information, manuals, and training materials. The FAA supports this transition, and understands that this transition poses unique challenges to the methods by which FAA field offices perform certification, surveillance, oversight, and training functions. The aviation industry’s increased use of PEDs (e.g., Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, and Android tablets) as a means to communicate and/or provide required documents to the FAA has prompted a need for this guidance to ensure that FAA employees using industry-furnished PEDs are doing so ethically, securely, and without unnecessary liability.

B.    Definition of Industry-Furnished PED. An industry-furnished PED is any PED provided to an FAA office or employee by a regulated entity or training provider to accomplish official duties.

1-281    GUIDANCE. The approval of an FAA office manager is required before an employee can accept a PED provided by a regulated entity or a training provider to facilitate accomplishing official duties. Managers are responsible for establishing office awareness, training, and procedures that support the following guidance that ensures FAA employees using industry-furnished PEDs are doing so ethically, securely, and without unnecessary liability.

A.    General.

1)    FAA employees must limit the use of industry-furnished PEDs to official business related to the specific device issuance (i.e., an ASI must not conduct business related to a certificate holder on a device issued by a different certificate holder).
2)    FAA employees must not use industry-furnished PEDs for personal business (e.g., personal storage, personal Internet browsing, personal emails, or anything else of a personal nature).
3)    Office managers must limit access to industry-furnished PEDs to those office personnel having job functions that require their use. Office managers are responsible for creating written office procedures to track custody of PEDs within the office. Individual users are responsible for the physical control of the device when it is in their custody.
4)    Industry-furnished PEDs may require the creation of an account in order to function properly (e.g., Apple ID). FAA employees must use their official government email when creating such accounts. FAA employees must not include any type of payment information (e.g., personal credit card or government credit card) when creating accounts.
5)    FAA employees must not connect industry-furnished PEDs to any FAA hardware or network.
6)    Office managers must verify that the employee has read and understands this guidance and the local office procedures before approving that employee to use an industry-furnished PED.
7)    When an FAA office or employee no longer needs access to the materials on an industry‑furnished PED, the office manager will determine either to return the PED to the issuing entity, reissue it to another employee for the same purpose, or, if necessary, dispose of it properly pursuant to General Services Administration (GSA)/ FAA‑approved procedures. Under no circumstance will an employee keep an industry-furnished PED for personal use once it is no longer necessary for official business.

B.    Acceptance and Use of PEDs Furnished by Regulated Aviation Industry Entities. The following information and guidance specifically addresses PEDs furnished to an FAA office by a regulated entity to facilitate FAA oversight functions (including PEDs issued as part of industry provided training under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)):

1)    An industry-furnished PED remains the property of the issuing entity and is not considered a gift. The FAA office or individual inspector makes temporary use of the PED to facilitate specific oversight responsibilities.
2)    An industry-furnished PED remains under the administrative control of the issuing entity. The issued PED must contain only the materials, Operating Systems (OS), software applications, data, and documents originally issued or updated by the issuing entity. The FAA will not alter the contents of an issued PED.
3)    Office managers must be familiar with the administrative policy and procedures of an entity furnishing a PED, to include policy related to PED updates, security, and personal conduct. FAA employees using the devices must follow the PED policy of the entity or the PED policy of the FAA, whichever is more restrictive.
4)    Before accepting a PED from a regulated entity, the office manager must obtain written assurance from that entity that the FAA and its employees will not be held liable for the unintentional loss, damage, or alteration of the PED or its contents.

C.    Acceptance and Use of PEDs Furnished by Training Providers. The following information and guidance specifically addresses PEDs furnished to an FAA employee enrolled in a contracted training course:

1)    The industry-furnished PED and its contents are generally included in a contract between the FAA and the training provider. The device is provided at the expense of the training center. The training center must not require FAA students to purchase PEDs or software and any attempts to do so should be reported to the FAA Academy Contracts and Program Administration Branch (AMA-260) at 405-954-6726 for resolution.
2)    The industry-furnished PED and its contents are considered property of the FAA, but they are not controlled by the FAA information technology (IT) department. Office managers are responsible for controlling custody of these devices. PEDs issued by training providers are not the personal property of the individual employees using them.
3)    These PEDs must contain only the materials and software issued or updated by the training provider. In some cases, a training provider may load a student’s PED with materials from multiple courses.

1-282    FUTURE ACTIVITIES. FAA office managers responsible for employees handling industry-furnished PEDs should be familiar with the guidance and must develop local procedures and awareness training to support this guidance. ASIs approved to accept and use industry-furnished PEDs must be aware of this guidance.

RESERVED. Paragraphs 1-283 through 1-297.