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Section 5  Phase 4—Demonstration and Inspection

2-616.    GENERAL. In this phase, the application team determines that the applicant’s proposed procedures and programs for training and directing personnel in the performance of their duties are effective. In this phase, the emphasis is on compliance with regulations and safe operating practices. As previously mentioned, certain segments of the document compliance phase often occur simultaneously with certain events in the demonstration and inspection phase. For example, inspectors may be observing pilot training (demonstration and inspection phase) while other application team members are approving and/or accepting maintenance manuals in the district office (document compliance phase).

2-617.    OBSERVATIONS AND MONITORING OF EVENTS. Through observation and other forms of on-site evaluation during the demonstration and inspection phase, members of the application team observe and monitor many types of applicant activities. The following list of activities or events are representative of events that occur in the demonstration and inspection phase. This list is not all inclusive, and certain items may not be applicable to a particular type of operation:

·        Conduct of training programs

·        Crewmember testing


·        Station facilities (e.g., equipment, procedures, and personnel)


·        Recordkeeping procedures (e.g., documentation of training, flight and duty times, and other required recordkeeping )


·        Flight locating


·        Maintenance and inspection programs (e.g., procedures and recordkeeping )


·        Maintenance facilities (e.g., personnel, procedures, technical information, and spare parts, equipment, and fueling)


·        Aircraft (e.g., conformity inspection and aircraft maintenance records)


·        Minimum equipment lists (MEL) (e.g., compliance with operating and maintenance procedures)


·        Weight and balance program (e.g., procedures, accuracy, and document control)

2-618.    DEMONSTRATION AND INSPECTION DEFICIENCIES. If, at any time during the demonstration and inspection phase, the applicant’s conduct of various activities or certain items proves to be deficient, appropriate corrective action must be taken. The application project manager should schedule meetings with the applicant, as necessary, to review all deficiencies in detail. If appropriate, the project manager shall negotiate a new, modified schedule of events and reenter the demonstration and inspection phase or the document compliance phase, as appropriate.

NOTE: Once the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) has accepted everything in both the Document Compliant Phase and the Demonstration and Inspection Phase and Gate III requirements have been met, the applicant may advance to Proving or Validation Tests, if required.

2-619.    PROVING AND VALIDATION TESTING. Proving and validation tests (if required) are conducted to allow the applicant to demonstrate its capability to operate a specific type of aircraft or conduct a specific type of operation within the scope of the proposed management specifications (MSpecs ) and applicable sections of the regulations. The procedures for the conduct of these tests are provided in Volume 3, Chapter 29, Proving and Validation Tests. The conduct of proving and validation tests for part 91K is generally the same as required for part 135 operations, although there are differences in the operating rules.

RESERVED. Paragraphs 2-620 through 2-635.