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Section 2  Part 133 Airworthiness Related Tasks

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3-4106    EXTERNAL-LOAD OPERATIONS. Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 133 is applicable to operators conducting rotorcraft external-load operations. These operators must acquire a Rotorcraft External-Load Operator Certificate, and the operator must have at least 6 months of exclusive use of at least one rotorcraft certificated under 14 CFR part 21, § 21.25; 27; or 29, for the special purpose of rotorcraft external-load operations.

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NOTE:  Conduct a ramp inspection per Volume 6, Chapter 1, Section 4. The attaching means and quick-release devices utilized for human external cargo (HEC) must meet the requirements of HEC certification per part 27 or 29.

3-4107    ATTACHING MEANS. The attaching means for the external load must have been approved under:

    Part 8 of the Civil Air Regulations (CAR), on or before January 17, 1964;

    Part 133, before February 1, 1977;

    Part 27 or 29 of this chapter, as applicable, irrespective of the date of approval; or

    Section 21.25 of this chapter.

3-4108    QUICK-RELEASE DEVICES. Each quick-release device must have been approved under:

    Part 27 or 29 of this chapter, as applicable;

    Part 133, before February 1, 1977; or

    Section 21.25 of this chapter, except the device must comply with part 27, § 27.865(b) and part 29, § 29.865(b), as applicable, of this chapter.

3-4109    LOAD CLASSES. Aircraft external-load operators may apply for authorization to operate in load classes A, B, C, and D.

A.    Class A. An external cargo load that cannot move freely, cannot be jettisoned, and does not extend below the landing gear.

B.    Class B. An external cargo load that can be jettisoned and is lifted free of land and/or water.

C.    Class C. An external cargo load that can be jettisoned and remains in contact with land or water during the rotorcraft operation.

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D.    Class D. An external cargo load other than Class A, B, or C. Class D is approved on an individual basis through the issuance of operations specifications (OpSpec). A class D authorization has special considerations, especially in terms of operating rules.

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RESERVED. Paragraphs 3-4110 through 3-4125.