Volume 5 Airman certification


Section 4 Certificate Title 14 CFR Part 65 Repairman/Added Privileges


A.        Maintenance. 3510.

B.        Avionics. 5510.

C.        Job Task Analysis (JTA). 3.1.23.

5-1192            OBJECTIVE. This section provides guidance and describes procedures for certificating applications for repairman certificates and added privileges in accordance with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 65, § 65.103.

5-1193            GENERAL.

A.        Applicants for repairman certification are employed by repair stations or air carriers. Practical experience of at least 18 months of formal training appropriate for the position, as well as the satisfaction of the Administrator, are the basis for issuance of a repairman certificate. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and able to read, write, speak, and understand English.

1)          According to 14 CFR part 145, § 145.159, an applicant may choose to use repairmen to meet the applicable personnel requirements within the repair station.
2)          An air carrier or repair station may assign an applicant employee to a position requiring at least one of the following:

·              Responsibility for the work of a shop or department that performs maintenance;

·              Authorization to sign the airworthiness release or log entry according to the air carrier’s manual; or

·              Performance of inspections required by the air carrier’s manual.

3)          A repairman employed by an air carrier or repair station that also holds a repair station certificate may apply for one certificate if the duties are the same in both operations. The Airmen Certification Branch (AFS-760) will issue one certificate with the same privileges listing each operation in the limitations section. If a repairman is employed at either the operator or the repair station and subsequently wishes to be added to the other, certification will be handled as an added privilege.
4)          A repairman employed and certificated by more than one repair station or by more than one operator, where the employers are distinctly different business entities, will need a separate airman certificate for each repair station or operator.
5)          A repairman employed by a repair station using stations at different locations may serve in any station in that system in accordance with part 145, § 145.107(b).

B.        With each request for a certificate/rating, an applicant should submit the following:

1)          One copy of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Form 8610-2, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application, with items I through IV completed. Applicants should check the box for Repairman Certificate and indicate the privileges sought.
2)          A positive form of picture identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or military ID. ASIs should record the identification method in the remarks section on the back of the Form 8610.2 application.
3)          A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s employer clearly stating that the applicant meets the requirements of 14 CFR part 65, § 65.101. The letter should describe the specialized jobs the applicant will perform or supervise as a repairman.

C.        Ratings for an applicant employed by an air carrier or repair station should coincide with ratings issued at the repair station limited to the specific job for which the person is employed to perform or supervise.

1)          In no instance should a repairman certificate be issued with an airframe and/or powerplant rating to circumvent the process of obtaining a mechanic certificate. If a repairman certificate has been issued with airframe and/or powerplant ratings, request that the airman surrender the certificate. Issue a repairman certificate with the appropriate privileges and limitations.
2)          Reserve repairman certificates for applicants that have special skills, such as:

·              Argon heliarc welding,

·              Cylinder plating,

·              Nondestructive testing,

·              Propeller overhaul,

·              Electrical system analysis and repair (this type of certificate should be reserved for specific systems only, such as flight guidance data bus and power distribution), and

·              Radio and/or instrument repair (for these repairman certificates, the applicable privileges may be entered as “radio and instrument” or “radio” or “instrument”).

5-1194            COORDINATION REQUIREMENTS. This task may require coordination between maintenance and avionics aviation safety inspectors (ASI).

5-1195            REFERENCES, FORMS, AND JOB AIDS.

A.        References.

·              Advisory Circular (AC) 65-24, Certification of a Repairman (General), current edition, and

·              FAA Order 8610.12, Technical Personnel Examiner Handbook.

B.        Forms.

·              FAA Form 8610-2, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application, and

·              FAA Form 8060-4, Temporary Airman Certificate.

C.        Job Aids.

·              Figure 5-138, Instructions for Completing a Temporary Airman Certificate, and

·              JTA: 1.2.2.

5-1196            PROCEDURES.

A.        Verify Eligibility. Ensure that the applicant is at least 18 years of age and reads, writes, speaks, and understands English.

B.        Review Application and Letter of Recommendation.

1)          Ensure that the applicant checks the box for Repairman Certificate and indicates the privilege(s) sought on the front of Form 8610-2. Determine if the applicant meets the requirements of part 65.

Note:   AFS-760 no longer requires that the “Applicant’s Certification,” A or B, on the reverse side of Form 8610-2, be filled out for a Repairman Certificate.

2)          Verify that the letter of recommendation contains the following elements:

·              A certification that the applicant meets the requirements of the privilege(s)/limitation(s) sought

·              A statement recommending the applicant for the privilege(s)/limitation(s) sought

5-1197            TASK OUTCOMES.

A.        Complete PTRS.

B.        Issue Certificate. When it has been determined that the applicant meets all the requirements for certification, sign the application as approved and complete FAA Form 8060-4 in duplicate.

1)          Use of the term “Pending” on Form 8060-4 is a valid certificate number when the applicant has not held a permanent numbered certificate. Otherwise, enter the permanent certificate number.
2)          Social Security numbers are not to be used.

Note:   The reverse side of Form 8060-4 contains conditions of issuance and further states it is an interim certificate subject to approval of the Federal Aviation Administration pending issue of a certificate of greater duration and as such the use of “Pending” during this interim period is considered tantamount to a digital numbered certificate for the purpose of the recording requirements found in 14 CFR part 43.

3)          Check the Airman Information portion of the National Vitals Information Subsystem (NVIS) to determine whether the applicant already possesses a certificate. An applicant seeking added privileges to a specific certificate must surrender the applicable Airman Certificate, Form 8610-2, held at the time of application approval.
4)          Give the applicant a copy of Form 8060-4. Both the applicant and the ASI must sign this form.
5)          Complete the ASI’s report portion on the reverse side of Form 8610-2.
6)          Send the original Form 8610-2, the letter of recommendation, Airman Certificate (for an added privilege, as applicable), and the original Form 8060-4 to AFS-760.

C.        Deny Certificate. If the application is disapproved, return it to the applicant with a letter explaining the denial.

5-1198            FUTURE ACTIVITIES.

A.        Records Review. Review repair station and air carrier records to determine if the scope of the applicant’s employment is consistent with the job described in the letter of recommendation.

B.        Surrendered Certificates. Send Airman Certificates surrendered in accordance with § 65.15(c) to AFS-760 with a brief statement relating to the circumstances.

C.        Change of Address, Name, Gender, or Nationality.

1)          The holder of an airman certificate issued under part 65 must notify the FAA in writing within 30 days after any change in permanent mailing address. AC Form 8060-55, Change of Address, can be used. Also ensure directions or a map is furnished if a post office box or rural route is used.
2)          Application for a name change or gender change on a certificate must be made in person at a Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). Application is made by completing section I and section IV of Form 8610-2 and should be accompanied by appropriate documents verifying the change, such as court order stating name or gender change, copy of marriage license, divorce decree, birth certificate, or other state approved document upholding the name or gender change. The applicant’s current certificate should accompany the application. The applicant will be issued a temporary certificate for use while awaiting the changes.
3)          The application for a change to nationality will be made by a letter signed by the certificate holder, or in the case of a rating change by a new application and made in person at the FSDO. The application will indicate the name and location of the court, the date of naturalization, and the docket number. Under no circumstances will the Naturalization papers be copied.

Figure 5-138, Instructions for Completing a Temporary Airman Certificate

To issue FAA Form 8060-4, Temporary Airman Certificate, for an application to work at a repair station, fill out the form as indicated below:

A. In Item III, type the social security number, or if an exclusive number is requested, type the word “Pending.”

B.   In Item IX, type the word “Repairman.”

C. In Item XII, type the following: “Certificate privileges of 14 CFR part 65, § 65.103 valid for [applicable privileges] while employed by [name of repair station, city, state].”

D. In Item XIII, type the repair station certificate number.

RESERVED. Paragraphs 5-1199 through 5-1215.