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Section 2  Participate in an FAA Safety Team Safety Promotion Presentation


8-277    OBJECTIVE. The objective of this task is to prepare a presentation for the district office safety education and outreach program. Successful completion of this task results in a presentation assisted by an Operations or Airworthiness inspector during an educational safety event, such as a safety seminar, workshop, or Safety Stand Down.

8-278    GENERAL. When planning a presentation, consider the audience, the topic, the amount of time allotted, and coordination with other speakers and program elements.

A.    The Audience. Audiences vary, but the general experience level and interests of the expected attendees are usually known. In addition to tailoring the presentation to the audience, it is important to ensure that the material will be appropriate.

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B.    The Topic. Confine the presentation to the topic requested and be aware of the topic’s significance in the overall program. The emphasis and goals of the district office safety education and outreach program are derived from national program guidance and modified by the Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team (FAASTeam) Program Manager (FPM) in response to accident and incident trends, local issues, and special projects. District programs are planned in advance according to national priorities and available resources.

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C.    Time Allotted. The time allotted for a presentation should be adhered to carefully, particularly when there is more than one speaker. Seminar announcements usually specify a timeframe, and prolonged meetings can be undesirable. Speakers should allow time for audience response and questions.

D.    Coordination. Often a presentation can be adjusted slightly to support and emphasize another speaker’s position, or to highlight the content of an audiovisual presentation. Understanding how the elements of the program will interrelate will permit speakers to enhance the impact of the entire program.

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8-279    PRESENTATION STRUCTURE. The presentation should introduce the subject, present it, and summarize it. Appropriate aids should be used to give the program added impact. The FPM can provide safety products or materials, and may be able to help create original aids if needed to support the presentation.

8-280    COORDINATION REQUIREMENTS. This task requires coordination with the district office FPM and the appropriate Front Line Manager (FLM). The FAASTeam Regional Point of Contact (RPOC) will be notified when a district office does not have an FPM to support the presentation topic or subject matter. The RPOC will assist with availability of other FPMs in the district and in other regions that may assist with the seminar or webinar presentation. This task may also require coordination with other aviation safety inspectors (ASI) located in the district office or subject matter experts (SME) in the region, headquarters (HQ), local aviation groups, and other state and local government agencies.


A.    References:

    All applicable regulations.

    This order.

    Appropriate resource materials.

B.    Forms. None.

C.    Job Aids. None.

8-282    PROCEDURES.

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A.    Obtain Information. Obtain the following information from the FPM:

    Date, time, and location of the presentation.

    Topics to be covered.

    Time allowed for the inspector’s presentation.

    Equipment available at the facility.

    Number of other guest speakers and their topics.

    The type of audience expected.

    Any other information necessary to prepare the presentation.

B.    Open the PTRS Record.

C.    Develop Subject Matter for the Presentation.

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1)    Conduct research to prepare for the presentation. Some suggestions for resource material are: FAA publications, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) publications, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) website (https://www.ntsb.gov/), military publications, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) materials, state and local government agencies, and FPM-generated records and reports.
2)    Produce an outline for FPM approval.

D.    Audiovisual Aids. Obtain any audiovisual aids required for the presentation.

E.    Prepare the Presentation. Base your presentation on the subject matter, expected number of people, available video equipment, size of the facility, and amount of time scheduled. Ensure that the presentation includes at least the following elements:

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    An introduction that gets the attention of the audience and clearly states the subject. The introduction can include an important statistic, vivid example, or direct statement;

    A main body that presents the topic clearly; and

    A conclusion that restates the points made and motivates the audience to take the desired actions.

F.    Pre-Presentation Activities. Use the following guidelines to help in the organization of materials and equipment needed for the presentation.

1)    Rehearse the presentation with any necessary equipment to ensure that:

    It is within the time limit;

    The equipment transitions are smooth; and

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    The presentation stays within the guidelines established by the FPM.

2)    Check any audiovisual equipment the day before the presentation to ensure that it is available and in good working order.

G.    Conduct the Presentation.

1)    Arrive early enough to set up and test the equipment.
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2)    Be flexible enough to accommodate unexpected developments. Prepare to have a backup plan of action (e.g., backup PowerPoint, flip charts, or handouts).
3)    Offer to follow up on questions and requests from the audience that cannot be accommodated during the meeting.

H.    Close the PTRS Record.

8-283    TASK OUTCOMES. Successful completion of this task results in one or more of the following:

    A presentation that provided accurate, beneficial information and fostered good relations with the aviation community.

    Increased awareness of, and support for, aviation safety.

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    A presentation that met the requirements of the FAASTeam program and ASI’s position description.

8-284    FUTURE ACTIVITIES. Participation in future presentations.

RESERVED. Paragraphs 8-285 through 8-299.