8900.1 CHG 0



Section 1 General

12-645    PURPOSE. This chapter contains information for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards Division Managers and those offices delegated Special Flight Authorization (SFA) issuance authority. It defines FAA Flight Standards national policy regarding issuance of SFAs for Canadian‑registered “Owner‑Maintenance” category aircraft.

12-646    BACKGROUND.

A.    A March 1, 2002 change to Canadian Aviation Regulation Part V, Airworthiness, Standard 507—Flight Authority and Certificate of Noise Compliance (507.03), authorized the issuance of a Special Certificate of Airworthiness for certain type‑certificated (TC’d ) aircraft recognized by Transport Canada as Owner‑Maintenance.

B.    In accordance with Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance and Staff Instruction 15, the Owner‑Maintenance classification allows the owner‑pilot, with regard to their TC’d aircraft and without maintenance training, to:

·    Rebuild an airplane that is out of service

·    Overhaul the airplane

·    Install used unapproved parts

·    Be exempt from Airworthiness Directives (AD)

·    Modify the airplane

·    Install or replace any instruments or avionics

·    Sign the maintenance release for all maintenance performed

·    Maintain the airplane

12-647    DISCUSSION.

A.    TC’d aircraft operated under the Transport Canada Owner-Maintenance category have:

·    No requirement for the use of approved parts

·    No requirement to comply with ADs

·    No requirement for any maintenance to be accomplished or inspected by anyone other than the pilot/owner

·    No requirement that return to service sign‑off be performed by certificated persons other than the pilot/owner

·    No requirement for owners to obtain any maintenance training prior to performing maintenance or signing a maintenance release

B.    The FAA does not authorize the maintenance of TC’d aircraft to such extent by persons holding only a pilot certificate.

12-648    ACTION. FAA Flight Standards aviation safety inspectors shall not issue SFAs for Canadian Owner‑Maintenance category aircraft. FAA Flight Standards offices that have issued, or authorized the issuance of, SFAs to Canadian‑registered Owner‑Maintenance aircraft are to review their SFA files for authorizations that are still effective. Those authorizations issued to Canadian Owner‑Maintenance category aircraft are to be rescinded as soon as practical.

RESERVED. Paragraphs 12‑649 through 12‑663.