8900.1 CHG 546


chapter 9  Designated airworthiness representative

Section 1  Inspect a Designated Airworthiness Representative-Maintenance


A.    Maintenance: 3677, 3939.

B.    Avionics: 5676, 5939.

13-632    OBJECTIVE. This section provides guidance for conducting surveillance of Designated Airworthiness Representatives-Maintenance (DAR-T).

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A.    Prerequisites. This task requires knowledge of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) parts 65 and 183 regulations and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policies. The task also requires qualification as an aviation safety inspector (ASI) (Operations or Airworthiness), as applicable.

B.    Training. Specific courses required for designee oversight are listed in the “Inspector Training for Designee Oversight” matrix. The training matrix is maintained on the Flight Standards Training Division (AFS‑500) Knowledge Services Network (KSN) site. To access it, click the link on the AFS-500 MyFAA home page under “Other Links.” The training matrix is organized by designee type, and promotes the Flight Standards Service (AFS) philosophy that the most appropriate person (or target audience) should attend the right training at the right time. The regional/local training coordinators can also provide access to the training matrix, and assistance on the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for ASIs assigned to designee management.

C.    Coordination. This task may require coordination with the field office or the regional airworthiness focal point.

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13-634    GENERAL. Inspectors will accomplish the surveillance of designees in accordance with FAA Order 1800.56, National Flight Standards Work Program Guidelines. Airworthiness inspectors are also responsible for ensuring that the DAR-Ts are thoroughly coached in the importance of conducting certification activities in accordance with the applicable FAA policy guidance.

NOTE:  Information regarding the designation, renewal, and termination of AFS designees is contained in Volume 13, Chapter 5.

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13-635    ORIENTATION. The managing FAA office is responsible for providing initial orientation for newly appointed DAR-Ts. The managing office must also provide ongoing coaching and counseling as needed.

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13-636    OVERSIGHT. These activities (supervision, monitoring, and tracking) are not necessarily separate oversight activities. Generally, they are conducted together as part of the ongoing oversight activity.

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A.    Designee Oversight. The ASI will provide supervision to ensure the designee is performing assigned authorized functions in accordance with the appropriate regulations, policies, and procedures.

1)    Ensure that the designee has acquired and maintains all guidance material necessary to perform the authorized function(s).
2)    Determine that the designee is performing within the scope of the authorized function(s).
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3)    Conduct, at least once annually, a one-on-one meeting to discuss the designee’s performance. Determine and initiate appropriate corrective action (e.g., additional training or counseling) if the designee fails to demonstrate acceptable methods, techniques, and practices. Within 30 calendar-days of completed corrective action, conduct a followup session to determine if the designee’s performance is acceptable.

NOTE:  Take immediate action on safety-related situations.

4)    Verify that the designee’s attendance at the appropriate standardization seminar is in accordance with this order.
5)    Verify that the designee’s ongoing activities justify continuance of the designation.
6)    Ensure that the designee coordinates with the FAA when authorized to work outside the designee’s geographic area. See Volume 13, Chapter 5, Section 1.
7)    Ensure that the designee knows to contact the managing FAA office to obtain any special direction or instructions before:
a)    Issuing airworthiness certificates.
b)    Issuing export certificate/approval tags.
8)    The designee should contact that FAA managing office should he or she have any concerns or questions regarding any delegated activity.
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B.    Designee Monitoring. The ASI will monitor the designee’s activity by reviewing the work records and reports for accuracy and by observing the activity to ensure that proper procedures and satisfactory inspection techniques or methods are used.

1)    At least once annually, witness the designee’s inspection of an aircraft or part under a function code held by the Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) to ensure satisfactory inspection techniques are used. Depending on part availability, use of either an in-process or a noncommercial part or product may be necessary to fulfill this requirement. If the ASI determines no suitable product is available, the designee may demonstrate inspection techniques and knowledge of the pertinent guidance material by simulating this requirement.
2)    Process all documentation a designee initiates in accordance with the appropriate 14 CFR parts, guidance material (e.g., orders, advisory circulars (AC), and notices), and any direction provided by the ASI. Review a sample of the designee’s documentation and discuss any discrepancies.
3)    Review completed documentation of authorized function(s) performed by the designee.
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C.    Tracking Activity. The advisor will track the designee’s activity by documenting all data pertaining to assigned activities. DAR-Ts will submit activity summary reports annually or more often, based on the schedule agreed upon by the office and DAR. Record all supervision and monitoring of a designee’s activities in the PTRS.

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A.    References (current editions):

    FAA Order 8100.8, Designee Management Handbook.

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    FAA Order 8130.2, Airworthiness Certification of Products and Articles.

B.    Forms. None.

C.    Job Aids. None.

13-638    PROCEDURES.

A.    Review a DAR-T’s Summary of Activity Log or Summary Activity Record. Ensure that the designee meets the requirements set forth in Order 8100.8.

B.    Maintain a Designee’s File. Ensure maintenance of each DAR-T’s designee file in accordance with Volume 13, Chapter 5, Section 2.

C.    Ensure That the Designee is Performing Only Those Functions Within the Limits of the Authorization.

1)    Ensure that the designee performs his or her functions in accordance with pertinent regulations and related FAA policies, practices, and procedures.
2)    Ensure that designees function only within the geographical boundaries of the managing office, except when authorized in writing to function elsewhere.
3)    Ensure that the designee submits all required documentation for each certification to the managing office within 7 calendar-days of accomplishment.

13-639    AIRWORTHINESS FOCAL POINTS. Assigned Airworthiness focal points are available within each region and field office to assist inspectors with questions regarding training, oversight, and other questions regarding the surveillance of the DAR-Ts. (See Volume 13, Chapter 5, Section 4.)

13-640    TASK OUTCOMES.

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A.    Complete the PTRS Record.

B.    Review the Certification Files Forwarded by the DAR-T.

C.    Evaluate Results of Surveillance. Document any discrepancies and discuss them with the designee. If no steps are taken by the designee to correct the discrepancies, take the appropriate action.

13-641    FUTURE ACTIVITIES. Continue surveillance and provide assistance as needed.

RESERVED. Paragraphs 13-642 through 13-660.