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VOLUME 15  faa safety team policies and procedures

CHAPTER 2  national faasteam performance plan

Section 1  General Information

15-2-1-1    GENERAL. The National Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team (FAASTeam) Performance Plan (NPP) is used to accomplish the Administrator’s Strategic Initiatives. The planning process relies on participation from staff managers and program managers at all levels within Flight Standards (AFS).

A.    Purpose. This chapter describes or references procedures used by the National FAASTeam Branch (AFS-850) to develop the annual fiscal year (FY) NPP.

B.    Scope. This chapter is applicable to individuals involved in the development of the NPP. It includes or references the development process, timeline, and identifies organizations and/or persons responsible for the success of the performance plan development and final product.


A.    Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (PTRS) Activity Code. Not applicable.

B.    Significant Interfaces. This task requires coordination with the following organizations or individuals:

    AFS-850 manager and staff;

    Flight Standards Field Office (FSFO) Management Teams;

    Regional division managers;

    Regional FAASTeam Points of Contact (RFPOC);

    FAASTeam Program Managers (FPM); and

    FAASTeam Representatives (REP).

C.    Automation Tools. [Reserved]

D.    References:

    National FAASTeam PTRS/LDR Work Instructions.

    Office of Accident Investigation & Prevention (AVP) Data (e.g., GAJSC Safety Enhancements interventions).

E.    Forms. [Reserved]

F.    Job Aids. The NPP Work Instruction.

15-2-1-5    BACKGROUND.

A.    AFS-850. AFS-850 provides the leadership role in defining the national projects for the success of the NPP. The projects are the result from aviation accident/incident and other relevant data and a collaboration with Aviation Safety (AVS), AFS, Aircraft Maintenance Division (AFS-300), and the General Aviation and Commercial Division (AFS-800). Additional unplanned tasks are authorized with consideration to scope and resource availability to support the projects.

B.    Resources. The NPP focuses FAASTeam resources on the top prevention strategies, initiatives, and tasks that support the Administrator’s Strategic Initiatives, as applicable, through AVS, AFS, AFS-300, and AFS‑800 business and performance plans.

C.    Structure. The NPP supports the FAASTeam structure to provide better alignment with the headquarters (HQ) policy divisions. The FAASTeam mission of General Aviation (GA) accident rate reduction can be accomplished while more closely supporting the needs of the field office.

D.    Tracking Goals. The NPP is a tool utilized by the FAASTeam to accomplish National FAASTeam Project goals. The NPP includes metrics and instructions for tracking these goals through PTRS records as well as accounting for safety program labor expenditures using the LDR system.

E.    Duties and Responsibilities. The NPP includes established ongoing core duties and responsibilities that cover both Operations and Airworthiness projects (e.g., support, train, and interface with FAASTeam REPs, and GA Awards).

1)    The NPP Operational projects will cover GA, operations designees, pilot schools, and aviation career outreach, as well as commuter/air carrier initiatives when directed by AFS-800 and/or regional division management
2)    The NPP Airworthiness projects will cover GA, repair stations, airworthiness designees, maintenance schools, and aviation career outreach, as well as commuter/air carrier initiatives when directed by AFS-300/AFS-800 and/or regional division management.

F.    Concurrence on the NPP. The AFS-800 division manager should have at least one formal discussion (ideally in the third quarter of each FY) with each Regional Flight Standards Division Manager (RFSDM) to validate concurrence on the NPP for the upcoming FY.

G.    Input from Managers. The NPP is developed utilizing the NPP Work Instructions, to include input from the staff managers and program managers at all levels within AFS. The NPP is then provided to the FPMs and volunteers to execute and record the NPP tasks.

15-2-1-7 through 15-2-1-17 RESERVED.