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Section 1  General Information

15-5-1-1    GENERAL. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team (FAASTeam) is the AFS-1 Flight Standards Safety Program and is responsible for industry and airman safety promotion, training, and education. The National FAASTeam Performance Plan (NPP) identifies national annual safety promotion work activities and performance targets. These national work activities and performance targets are met using safety promotion/educational products and/or programs approved and funded by responsible headquarters (HQ) divisions, as delineated in the current edition of FAA Order FS 1100.1, Flight Standards Service Organizational Handbook. The National FAASTeam Branch (AFS-850) develops and/or provides these safety promotion/educational materials to field-assigned FAASTeam Program Managers (FPM).

A.    Purpose. This section provides information on National FAASTeam safety products, materials, and programs.

B.    Scope. This section applies to all FAASTeam personnel. This chapter covers approval, funding, development, distribution, and availability of national products and programs, consumable and nonconsumable products. Consumable products are located on www.FAASafety.gov and FPMs, FAASTeam Representatives (REP), and the public can download or print them from FAASafety.gov. AFS-850 may develop and distribute consumables for special and/or short-term safety initiatives that arise during the fiscal year (FY) as resources and funding permits. Nonconsumable products (Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) presentations, online courses, or other nonprinted materials) are available on the FAASTeam Web site at FAASafety.gov or the National FAASTeam SharePoint site in the Approved Presentations library.


15-5-1-5    BACKGROUND. HQ divisions approve and fund National FAASTeam, AFS-850, safety program products and materials that support the NPP. AFS-850 is responsible for oversight and management of training courses on FAASafety.gov and for developing and providing safety promotion and marketing materials to regional and field office-assigned FPMs to accomplish NPP activities.

A.    Consumable FAASTeam Products. As these national products are funded and developed, they will be made available to FPMs and FAASTeam REPs on FAASafety.gov, National FAASTeam SharePoint, or other means as announced by the AFS-850 manager. Examples of consumables are:

    Brochures, pamphlets, posters, and other printed materials;

    Marketing items, such as business cards or brochure handouts about FAASafety.gov or the FAASTeam; and

    Award materials, such as certificates, plaques and pins.

B.    Nonconsumable FAASTeam Products. These nationally funded and approved products typically are PPT or video presentations. AFS-850 provides them to FPMs to accomplish the NPP activities.

C.    Safety Training Products. FAA and industry programs or courses made available or linked on the FAASTeam Web site at http://www.FAASafety.gov.

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