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Section 1  General Information

15-7-1-1    GENERAL. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team’s (FAASTeam) Web site http://www.FAASafety.gov is the primary tool for communicating with and educating the aviation community through the information and online applications at the site. The Pilot Proficiency Program (WINGS) is a recurrent training program that awards pilots with a WINGS pin when they take additional education classes and flight training throughout the year. The Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Awards Program encourages maintenance technicians and employers to receive or promote initial and recurrent maintenance training. The Web site provides educational resources, on-line courses, and up-to-date information on seminars, workshops and webinars being held in an airman’s district. The Web site also allows FAASTeam Program Managers (FPM) to email airmen safety information and invitations to safety seminars.

A.    Purpose. This section introduces the general concepts and structure of the FAASTeam Web site.

B.    Scope. This section provides a general overview only. Detailed help guides are available on the www.FAASafety.gov Web site.


A.    Significant Interfaces. This task requires coordination with the following organizations or individuals:

    FAASTeam Outreach Manager (FOM);

    Regional FAASTeam Point of Contact (RFPOC);

    Other FPM and staff within the region;

    Prospective and current FAASTeam volunteers; and


B.    Automation Tools. FAASTeam Web site at www.FAASafety.gov.

15-7-1-5    BACKGROUND.

A.    Development. The FAASTeam Web site (www.FAASafety.gov) was developed to communicate with and educate the aviation community. Since its inception in March 2004, this site has become the central portal through which the FAASTeam disseminates information using the Safety Program Airmen Notification System (SPANS) housed within www.FAASafety.gov. This application currently allows the FAASTeam to alert airmen of safety events, seminars, informational notices, and other safety-related materials. Notifications are sent via email to registered users of the site. Users can search through listed information, and register/manage their attendance for events through the site.

B.    Access to Training Related Materials. The FAASTeam Web site (www.FAASafety.gov) also contains access to a large amount of online safety- and training-related materials and is the main training and outreach tool for the FAASTeam. The system houses a number of programs and subsystems that facilitate a variety of work functions for FPMs and their FAASTeam Representatives (REP) nationwide. These include the WINGS—Pilot Proficiency Award Program tracking; AMT Awards program administration and tracking; National FAASTeam Directory; and user management tools.

C.    Awards Programs. The WINGS and AMT Awards Programs are discussed in Chapter 8 and administered and tracked through www.FAASafety.gov.

D.    Five Major Areas. Five major areas (tabs) are found within www.FAASafety.gov (refer to the online help guides for more information).

1)    Activities, Courses, Seminars & Webinars. This area contains a catalog of online training courses available at www.FAASafety.gov, along with searchable links to safety seminars and activities scheduled in a user’s geographic area.
2)    Maintenance Hangar. This area has tools, information, courses, and awards programs for maintenance users. In addition, there is a section on all current Inspection Authorization (IA) courses available. Finally, there are links to the AMT Awards Program and, for registered users participating in this program, a personalized AMT Awards recordkeeping system, called My AMT.
3)    Pilots. This section has links to WINGS activities and the accredited history of a user who is logged into his or her personalized “MY WINGS Page” as well as links to the certified flight instructor (CFI) Portal and Team Member Rewards. A link to awards programs is also included.
4)    Resources. There are links to “Frequently Asked Questions,” news, notices, online resources/information, and information about FAASTeam training providers. The FAASTeam Directory can be accessed to find other FAASTeam members. Online Resources can also be accessed through this section.
5)    Administration. This area is only accessible to designated FAASTeam members (FPMs, RFPOCs, or other designated personnel, such as FAASTeam REPs, and others with validation privileges) to allow for approval of notices and events, approval of new FAASTeam members, awarding credit for WINGS participation, and creating reports of user information. Users must be granted permissions to specific areas by appropriate personnel. This area can only be seen after a registered user with administrative privileges logs in to the site.

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