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Section 5  General Aviation Awards Program

15-8-5-1    GENERAL.

A.    Purpose. This section describes Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team’s (FAASTeam) role in the General Aviation (GA) Awards Program.

B.    Scope. This section applies to FAASTeam Program Managers (FPMs) assigned to Flight Standards District Office’s (FSDO), Regional FAASTeam Point of Contact (RFPOC) and the National FAASTeam Branch (AFS-850). It provides or references guidance and procedures to promote, manage, maintain and record the GA Awards Program task activities. Nomination forms and additional information are found at the GA Awards Program Web site: http://www.generalaviationawards.org.


A.    Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (PTRS) Activity Code.

1)    Operations: 1924.
2)    Maintenance: 3924.
3)    Avionics: 5924.

B.    Significant Interfaces. This task requires coordination with the following organizations or individuals:

    Aviation community;

    Aviation safety inspectors (ASI);

    Award nominees;

    FSDO Management Team;

    RFPOC; and

    GA Awards Program Committee (FAA Liaison or Chairman) at www.generalaviationawards.org.

C.    Automation Tools:

    FAASTeam Web site at www.FAASafety.gov;

    Enhanced Flight Standards Automation System (eFSAS);

    Safety Performance Analysis System (SPAS);

    National FAASTeam SharePoint site; and

    Award applications at www.generalaviationawards.org.

D.    References.

1)    Legal References. [Reserved]
2)    Regulatory References. [Reserved]
3)    Procedural Guidance (current editions):

    FAA Order 1380.51, Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem.

    PTRS Procedure Manual (PPM).

4)    Additional Guidance:

    GA Industry Awards Program at www.generalaviationawards.org.

    National FAASTeam Performance Plan (NPP) on the National FAASTeam SharePoint Web site.

    AFS-850 PTRS/LDR Work Instruction on the National FAASTeam SharePoint Web site.

E.    Forms:

    FAA Form 8000-36, Program Tracking and Reporting System Data Sheet.

    GA Industry Awards Program Nomination form at www.generalaviationawards.org.

    GA Award Honoree Selection Form at www.generalaviationawards.org.

F.    Job Aids:

    Application Review Aid at www.generalaviationawards.org.

    Review Committee Requirements Aid at www.generalaviationawards.org.

    Timeline and Due Dates Guide is at www.generalaviationawards.org and in the NPP.

15-8-5-5    BACKGROUND.

A.    Recognition and Presentation. The GA Industry Awards is an industry program with a cooperative effort between the FAA and aviation industry sponsors to annually select and recognize outstanding individuals in the fields of avionics, flight instruction, and maintenance. In addition, the program recognizes outstanding individuals serving as FAASTeam Representatives (REP). The awards highlight the important roles these individuals play in promoting aviation safety, education, and professionalism. Local and regional honorees should be recognized at a public function whenever possible. National honorees should be recognized during major aviation events (e.g., AirVenture at Oshkosh, Wisconsin).

B.    FAASTeam Promotion and Management of the Awards Program. The FPM will promote and manage this awards program for their assigned FSDO district. The RFPOC will promote and manage the program for those FSDOs that do not have FPMs assigned.

C.    Award Categories, Timelines, and Applicant Requirements.

1)    Award Categories. There are four award categories:
a)    Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) Award;
b)    Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Award;
c)    Avionics Technician (AVN) Award; and
d)    FAASTeam REP Award.
2)    Deadlines. Current deadline dates for accepting nominations as well as for the selection of District, Regional, and National Honorees are found at www.generalaviationawards.org and in the NPP.
3)    Requirements for Nominees.
a)    Nominees must have been actively working, within the United States, in their respective field for a minimum of 5 years.
b)    Nominees must hold current FAA airman certificates (if required).
c)    AMT nominees must be working under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 65.
d)    AVN nominees must be working with a 14 CFR part 145 repair station.
e)    CFI nominees must be working under 14 CFR part 61, 141, or 142.
f)    FAASTeam REP nominees must be actively involved in the FAASTeam.


Figure 15-8-5A.  General Aviation Awards Program Process Flowchart

Figure 15-8-5A. General Aviation Awards Program Process Flowchart

15-8-5-9    PROCEDURES.

A.    Open PTRS Record (see flowchart process step 15-8-5-9A). Open the PTRS record for each category of award.

B.    Accept Nominations (see flowchart process step 15-8-5-9B). The GA Awards Committee accepts nominations that are submitted on the current Nomination Form before the submission deadline date. The Committee also manages automated email alerts and notifications to affected persons.

1)    The general public can submit nominations by uploading them to the www.generalaviationawards.org Web site.
2)    An airman may self-nominate.
3)    The GA Awards Committee will review nominations for completeness and will ensure the nomination is signed. An incomplete nomination may be disqualified.

C.    Selection of District Honorees (see flowchart process step 15-8-5-9C).

1)    The GA Awards Committee will make nominations in each district available online to the appropriate FPM after the submission deadline date has passed.
2)    The FPM will establish a local selection committee to select one Honoree in each category for the district. The “winner” in each category is called the District Honoree.
a)    The Selection Committee should consist of at least three people, which may include FSDO personnel, FAASTeam members, and other aviation experts qualified to evaluate nominees.
b)    If only one nomination is received in a category, that airman is not automatically an Honoree. The Honoree must be selected based on the merits of their nomination information.
3)    Once the Honoree for each category has been selected, they should be screened for background information in FAA databases. Complete a SPAS search for airman, Enforcement Information System (EIS), Accident/Incident Data System (AIDS), and PTRS information. Screening is repeated and confirmed at each level of competition. Only prospective Honorees should be screened. Nominees are not eligible for an award if:
a)    They have ever been convicted for any criminal offense in conjunction with exercising the privileges of any airman certificate.
b)    They are found to have an airman certificate suspended, revoked, subject to legal enforcement within the previous 5 years, or have a pending legal enforcement action.
c)    They have a history of three or more accidents and/or incidents in the previous 5 years. Otherwise, an accident and/or incident history need not be automatically disqualifying. Review the accident/incident history and evaluate each case on its own merits.
d)    If a nominee is found to be disqualified based on background screening information, the next suitable nominee will be selected.
4)    The FPM will complete a GA Award Honoree Selection form for their district that lists the name of the district honoree in each category. The form will then be uploaded to the GA Awards Committee as directed on the form.
5)    The FPM will arrange a suitable public presentation of an award plaque to the district honorees. The FSDO shall fund the purchase of the plaques.
6)    FPMs shall announce district honorees via a district-wide Safety Program Airman Notification System (SPANS) Notice.

D.    Selection of Regional Honorees (see flowchart process step 15-8-5-9D).

1)    The RFPOC will have access to view all the nominations for their region online. District Honorees within the region will be indicated and should be considered in the regional judging.
2)    The RFPOC selects a committee to choose one Honoree for each award category in their region. These winners are called Regional Honorees and will participate in the national judging.
a)    See guidance for forming a selection committee above in “Selection of District Honoree.”
b)    Selected Honorees should be screened for background information in FAA databases. See list of items that make an airman not eligible for the award above in “Selection of District Honoree.”
3)    The RFPOC will complete a GA Award Honoree Selection form for their region that lists the name of the regional honoree in each category. The form will then be uploaded to the GA Awards Committee as directed on the form.
4)    The RFPOC will arrange a suitable public presentation of an award plaque to the Regional Honorees. The region shall fund the purchase of the plaques.
5)    RFPOCs shall announce regional honorees via a region-wide SPANS Notice.

E.    Close PTRS Record (see flowchart process step 15-8-5-9E). FPM and RFPOC will record GA Awards Program activity in PTRS using guidance in the NPP and National FAASTeam PTRS/LDR Work Instruction.

15-8-5-11    TASK OUTCOMES. Completion of this task results in selecting local and regional honorees for the GA Awards Program. It also results in the submission of the honoree’s nomination packages to compete nationally.


A.    Selection of National Honorees.

1)    A panel of industry peers, organized by the General Aviation Awards Committee will choose one National Honoree in each category.
2)    The GA Awards Committee will arrange a suitable public presentation of an award plaque to the National Honorees. AFS-850 shall fund the purchase of the GA Awards plaques.

B.    Promotion of Awards Program. Continued promotion of the GA Industry Awards Program that encourages the aviation public to nominate outstanding active CFIs, AMTs, Avionics Technicians, and FAASTeam REP candidates.

15-8-5-15 through 15-8-5-25 RESERVED.