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Section 6  FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award and FAASTeam Certificate of Appreciation

15-8-6-1    GENERAL.

A.    Purpose. This section describes the procedures for issuing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team (FAASTeam) Aviation Safety Award and/or FAASTeam Certificate of Appreciation.

B.    Scope. The FAASTeam Program Manager (FPM) will promote and manage the FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award/FAASTeam Certificate of Appreciation for their assigned Flight Standard District Office (FSDO) district. The Regional FAASTeam Point of Contact (RFPOC) will promote and manage the FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award/FAASTeam Certificate of Appreciation for FSDO Districts that do not have FPMs assigned. The Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (PTRS) is used to record these activities.


A.    PTRS Activity Code.

1)    Operations: 1923.
2)    Maintenance: 3923.
3)    Avionics: 5923.

B.    Significant Interfaces. This task requires coordination with the following organizations or individuals:

    Aviation community including groups, associations, and air agencies;

    Regional Flight Standards division (RFSD);

    FAASTeam Representatives (REP);

    Flight Standards District Office (FSDO);

    Media/FAA Public Affairs; and

    State aviation departments.

C.    Automation Tools:

    National FAASTeam SharePoint site;

    FAASTeam Web site at www.FAASafety.gov;

    Safety Performance Analysis System (SPAS); and

    Enhanced Flight Standards Automation System (eFSAS).

D.    References.

1)    Legal References. [Reserved]
2)    Regulatory References. [Reserved]
3)    Procedural Guidance (current editions):
a)    FAA Order 1380.51, Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem.
b)    PTRS Procedures Manual (PPM).
4)    Additional Guidance. [Reserved]

E.    Forms:

    FAA Form 8000-36, Program Tracking and Reporting System Data Sheet.

    FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award, located on the National FAASTeam SharePoint site.

    FAASTeam Certificate of Appreciation, located on the National FAASTeam SharePoint site.

F.    Job Aids. [Reserved]

15-8-6-5    BACKGROUND.

A.    Qualifications. People and organizations that have made outstanding, noteworthy and credible contributions to promote/enhance the FAASTeam in the aviation industry/community.

B.    Eligible Recipients. Persons or organizations that perform, engage, or demonstrate such activity as listed below should be considered for recognition. These are just examples; other actions may be worthy of recognition as determined by the FPM.

1)    Exemplary Volunteer.
a)    A person who has volunteered many hours of time and/or personal resources to promote aviation safety.
b)    An organization that has voluntarily made aviation safety an operational priority and a corporate commitment.
2)    Respondent to an Urgent Situation. A person who has directed or assisted air traffic control (ATC) to direct a pilot in distress to a safe landing.
3)    Safety Initiator.
a)    A person who was instrumental in correcting conditions hazardous to flight.
b)    A person who identified a malfunctioning or defective aircraft part that could contribute to an accident and made a safety recommendation to remedy the defect or malfunction.
c)    A person who has convinced a pilot not to fly into unsafe weather conditions or not to fly an unairworthy aircraft.
4)    Outstanding Lifetime Contributor.
a)    A person who, by example and actions, has consistently contributed to the improvement of aviation safety during the course of his or her career.
b)    A person whose achievements in aviation safety will inspire others.


Figure 15-8-6A.   FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award/FAASTeam Certificate of Appreciation Process Flowchart

Figure 15-8-6A. FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award/FAASTeam Certificate of Appreciation Process Flowchart

15-8-6-9    PROCEDURES.

A.    Open PTRS Record (see flowchart process step 15-8-6-9A).

B.    Review Candidate’s Accomplishments (see flowchart process step 15-8-6-9B). RFPOC/FPM reviews the accomplishments of a candidate by applying some or all of the following criteria:

1)    Positive impact of long-term service and contributions to aviation safety.
2)    Exemplary performance within the aviation community.
3)    Development of special programs to promote aviation safety through education.
4)    Noteworthy actions taken to identify and/or correct conditions that were hazardous to flight or prevented possible loss of life or equipment.

C.    Research Candidate’s Background (see flowchart process step 15-8-6-9C). RFPOC/FPM uses SPAS to research candidate’s history.

1)    Review PTRS history and assess any accident/incident or legal enforcement records to determine dates of occurrence, seriousness, causal factors, and/or extenuating/mitigating circumstances involved.
2)    Determine and affirm eligibility.
3)    Collaborate with responsible manager regarding intent and consideration.

D.    Download Award/Certificate (see flowchart process step 15-8-6-9D). RFPOC/FPM prepares a FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award and/or a Certificate of Appreciation.

1)    A branded FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award and/or FAASTeam Certificate of Appreciation are available on the National FAASTeam SharePoint Web site.
2)    The “My FAA” Web site under “Tools and Resources,” “Branding Standards and Tools,” provides information regarding other available certificate templates.
3)    If higher level award products are desired, such as plaques, they will be funded, prepared, and issued at the discretion/approval of the Regional Flight Standards Division Manager (RFSDM) and/or FSDO manager.

E.    Arrange Presentation (see flowchart process step 15-8-6-9E).

1)    RFPOC/FPM coordinates presentation time and date with recipient.
2)    RFPOC/FPM arranges for a suitable venue where recipient’s peers will be present.

F.    Present Award (see flowchart process step 15-8-6-9F).

1)    RFPOC/FPM requests that the responsible FSDO manager present the award.
2)    Media coverage and notification, if desired and appropriate, will be coordinated through public affairs and the RFSDM.

G.    Close PTRS Record (see flowchart process step 15-8-6-9G).

15-8-6-11    TASK OUTCOMES. The completion of this task results in presentation of the FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award and/or FAASTeam Certificate of Appreciation to deserving candidates.

15-8-6-13    FUTURE ACTIVITIES. The RFPOC/FPM will ensure the continued program promotion, selection, and presentation of the FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award and/or FAASTeam Certificate of Appreciation.

15-8-6-15 through 15-8-6-25 RESERVED.