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Section 1  General Information

15-9-1-1    GENERAL. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team (FAASTeam) promotes increased safety and ongoing airman education by recruiting, training, and managing a community of volunteers whose expertise, interest, and contributions advance the goals and mission of the FAASTeam.

A.    Purpose. This chapter provides general information on recruiting, training, and managing volunteers. It also defines types of volunteers established within the FAASTeam.

B.    Scope. This chapter applies to the National FAASTeam Branch (AFS-850), Regional FAASTeam Points of Contact (RFPOC), FAASTeam Program Managers (FPM), regional Flight Standards divisions (RFSD), Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO), and volunteers that have applied and been accepted as FAASTeam Service Providers (FSP), FAASTeam Representatives (REP), FAASTeam Lead Representatives (LREP), and FAASTeam Industry Members (FIM).


A.    Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (PTRS) Activity Code. Not applicable.

B.    Significant Interfaces. This task requires coordination with the following organizations or individuals:

    Aviation community;

    Aviation safety inspectors (ASI);

    FSDO management team; and


C.    Automation Tools. FAASTeam Web site at www.FAASafety.gov.

D.    References.

1)    Legal References. [Reserved]
2)    Regulatory References. [Reserved]
3)    Procedural Guidance. FAASTeam Representative Manual located on the National FAASTeam Representative Collaboration Center (NFRCC) SharePoint site.
4)    Additional Guidance. [Reserved]

E.    Forms. [Reserved]

F.    Job Aids. [Reserved]

15-9-1-5    BACKGROUND. The categories of FAASTeam volunteers include the following.

A.    FSP. This term applies to anyone who contributes key program-related support to the FAASTeam. A subject matter expert (SME) willing to do a presentation, an owner who provides meeting space for an event, or the vendor who provides equipment (such as folding chairs) could be considered an FSP.

1)    FSPs may also be individuals that are not certificated airmen but have an interest in volunteering to support an aviation safety activity. The FSP does not require any formal training.
2)    FAA employees (i.e., Air Traffic Controllers) that are not FPMs, but wish to volunteer, should be placed in this category. A listing of FSPs is maintained along with the FAASTeam REPs in the FAASTeam Directory on the www.FAASafety.gov Web site.

B.    FAASTeam REP. FAASTeam REPs are individuals dedicated to the promotion of aviation safety. They voluntarily serve as assistants to the FPM and the FAASTeam organization. They provide their community with advice, counsel, technical knowledge, aviation experience, and a communication link with the local FAA facility. FAASTeam REPs act as advisors to the aviation community in support of aviation safety, and do so without designated regulatory authority.

1)    FAASTeam REPs are selected for their interest in aviation safety, their professional knowledge, their personal reputation in the community, and their ability to donate their time and talents freely on behalf of the FAASTeam. FAASTeam REPs are a vital link in the overall mission of the FAASTeam.
2)    FAASTeam REPs have some general responsibilities. For example:
a)    FAASTeam REPs may be appointed as FAASTeam REPs or as FAASTeam LREPs. Both appointments have specific activities and responsibilities.
b)    FAASTeam REPs must be willing to be of service to the aviation community.
c)    FAASTeam REPs will conduct activities professionally and in a manner that reflects favorably on the FAA and FAASTeam, thereby enhancing the relationship between the FAA and the aviation industry.
d)    FAASTeam REPs should seek guidance and support from the FAASTeam LREP, FPM, or RFPOC.
e)    FAASTeam REPs must complete an initial FAASTeam REP Training and Security Course. The Security Course is required as part of the FAASTeam REP renewal process each year. These two courses are located on the www.FAASafety.gov Web site and are automatically entered in the training file for the FAASTeam REP application when completed. Semi-annual recurrent FAASTeam REP training is required by the NPP.
f)    FAASTeam REPs coordinate with the FPM to accomplish the established goals of the FAASTeam through various activities in their area.
g)    FAASTeam REPs attend safety education events and safety activities within their respective areas.
h)    FAASTeam REPs assist the FPM and/or the RFPOC with the selection of candidates for each category of the General Aviation Awards Program within the respective geographic area.
i)    FAASTeam REPs procure and maintain supplies of safety program materials for distribution to the aviation community.
j)    FAASTeam REPs will use products designed to enhance aviation safety available on the www.FAASafety.gov Web site and on the NFRCC. FAASTeam REPs may also use other products provided by their FPMs or self-developed products with FPM approval.
k)    FAASTeam REPs produce flyers to advertise safety education events, and post advertisements of activities on the Safety Program Airman Notification System (SPANS) located on the www.FAASafety.gov Web site.
l)    FAASTeam REPs are volunteer safety representatives and, as such, have no authority to act as official representatives of the Administrator.

C.    FAASTeam LREPs.

1)    FAASTeam LREPs must possess a diverse knowledge of aeronautical subjects or have an in‑depth knowledge of a particular subject. They should have the ability to work and coordinate well with others, and exhibit leadership qualities. FAASTeam LREPs should have a good safety record and be able to dedicate sufficient time to the program to make it successful.
2)    A FAASTeam LREP’s activities include all of the FAASTeam REP activities and may also include the following:
a)    Assisting the FPM with oversight responsibilities of FAASTeam REPs.
b)    Procuring and maintaining supplies of safety program materials for distribution to FAASTeam REPs and the aviation community.
c)    Providing training assistance and support to the FAASTeam REPs in the conduct of their respective activities.

D.    FIMs. FIMs are groups or organizations that have signed and recorded Letters of Understanding (LOU) with the FAASTeam for national-level collaboration. An LOU establishes an agreement between the group and the FAA to reach a common goal of promoting aviation safety awareness and training to all airmen. FPMs with groups or organizations that wish to become an FIM should refer them to AFS-850.

15-9-1-7    PROCESS FLOW. [Reserved]

15-9-1-9    PROCEDURES. [Reserved]

15-9-1-11    TASK OUTCOMES. [Reserved]

15-9-1-13    FUTURE ACTIVITIES. [Reserved]

15-9-1-15 through 15-9-1-25 RESERVED.