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CHAPTER 12  Certificated Flight Instructor OPEN FORUMS

Section 1  General Information

15-12-1-1    GENERAL. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team (FAASTeam) Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) Open Forums are designed to improve CFI/Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) knowledge, skills, and abilities. The CFI Open Forums enhance communication between CFIs, DPEs, and the FAA through education on local training issues and interactive discussions. This improves the participant’s knowledge and skills while deliberating on local issues such as deficiencies on check rides, practical test standards, and risk mitigation based on local accidents within the district area.

NOTE:  In addition, the CFI Open Forums challenge and encourage CFIs and DPEs to approach flight instruction and checking with seriousness and diligence, recognizing the critical importance they have in the foundational and continuing development of airmen and their long-term impact on aviation safety.

A.    Purpose. This section describes duties, responsibilities, and coordination requirements for the educational outreach to CFIs.

B.    Scope. This section applies to all FAASTeam Program Managers (FPM) and Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) Managers.


A.    Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (PTRS) Activity Code.

1)    Operations: 1932.
2)    Maintenance: 3932.
3)    Avionics: 5932.

B.    Significant Interfaces. This task requires coordination with the following organizations or individuals:

    National FAASTeam Branch (AFS-850);

    FSDO Management Team;

    Guest speakers or contributors participating in the event;

    Local CFIs;

    Local DPEs;

    Operations aviation safety inspectors (ASI);

    Regional FAASTeam Points of Contact (RFPOC);

    Subject matter experts (SME);

    FAASTeam Representatives (REP); and

    Local air traffic controllers.

C.    Automation Tools. The FAASTeam Web site at www.FAASafety.gov.

D.    References.

1)    Legal References. [Reserved]
2)    Regulatory Guidance. [Reserved]
3)    Procedural Guidance (current editions):

    FAA Order 1380.51, Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem.

    PTRS Procedure Manual (PPM).

4)    Additional Guidance:

    Applicable practical test standards (PTS).

    National FAASTeam Performance Plan (NPP).

E.    Forms. FAA Form 8000-36, Program Tracking and Reporting System Data Sheet.

F.    Job Aids. [Reserved]

15-12-1-5    BACKGROUND.

A.    AFS-850. AFS-850 is responsible for developing and providing the National CFI Forum PowerPoint (PPT) presentation each quarter and posting them on the National FAASTeam SharePoint site.

B.    The FPM or Designated Presenter. The FPM or designated presenter is responsible for downloading the presentation from the national FAASTeam SharePoint site and becoming familiar with the course content. This presentation is meant to be a short “conversation starter” presentation. The presenter should encourage the audience to expand upon the content of the presentation with local examples and best practices. The object is to get the audience interacting with each other.

C.    The FPM. The FPM is also responsible for reviewing local FSDO areas of concern and developing a presentation for a portion of the Flight Instructor Open Forum. The FPM should determine local areas of concern by consulting local accident/incident data and information on recurring deviations for the quarter and information from local FSDO inspectors, air traffic managers, and FSDO management personnel.

15-12-1-7    CFI OPEN FORUMS PROCESS FLOW. [Reserved]

15-12-1-9    PROCEDURES. [Reserved]

15-12-1-11    TASK OUTCOMES. [Reserved]

15-12-1-13    FUTURE ACTIVITIES. [Reserved]

15-12-1-15 through 15-12-1-25 RESERVED.