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CHAPTER 12  Certificated Flight Instructor OPEN FORUMS

Section 2  Planning, Scheduling, and Conducting

15-12-2-1  GENERAL.

A.    Purpose. This section presents procedures for planning, scheduling, and conducting Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) Open Forums, designed with the purpose to improve the CFIs’ instructional skills in teaching, evaluating, checking, and the Designated Pilot Examiners’ (DPE) evaluation of the airmen the CFIs train. The flight instructor establishes the foundational base line within the airman upon which all future airmanship and flight discipline is based. No single person is more important than the flight instructor, because they directly affect aviation safety with the airmen they produce.

B.    Scope. This task is applicable to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team (FAASTeam) Program Managers (FPM), Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) Managers, properly trained FAASTeam Representatives (REP), DPEs, and other Flight Standards personnel.


A.    Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (PTRS) Activity Code.

1)    Operations: 1932.
2)    Maintenance: Not applicable.
3)    Avionics: Not applicable.

B.    Significant Interfaces. This task requires coordination with the following organizations or individuals:

    National FAASTeam Branch (AFS-850);

    Aviation safety inspectors (ASI);


    Chief Flight Instructors (Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) parts 61 and 141);


    FSDO Management Team;

    Local air traffic controllers; and

    Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMT).

C.    Automation Tools:

    National FAASTeam SharePoint; and

    FAASTeam Web site at www.FAASafety.gov.

D.    References.

1)    Legal References. [Reserved]
2)    Regulatory Guidance. [Reserved]
3)    Procedural Guidance (current editions):

    FAA Order 1380.51, Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem.

    PTRS Procedures Manual (PPM).

E.    Additional Guidance (current editions):

    An appropriate copy of the Practical Test Standards (PTS), which can be accessed at http://www.faa.gov/training_testing/testing/test_standards/.

    FAA-H-8083-9, Aviation Instructor’s Handbook.

F.    Forms. FAA Form 8000-36, Program Tracking and Reporting System Data Sheet.

G.    Job Aids. [Reserved]

15-12-2-5    BACKGROUND. CFI/DPE Open Forums are specified in the current fiscal year (FY) National FAASTeam Performance Plan (NPP). Forum presentations provided by AFS-850 and accessed on the National FAASTeam SharePoint site approved presentation library will be utilized for these presentations. The presentation should also include information addressing local adverse trends or activities.


Figure 15-12-2A.  Certificated Flight Instructor Open Forum Process Flowchart

Figure 15-12-2A. Certificated Flight Instructor Open Forum Process Flowchart

15-12-2-9    PROCEDURES.

A.    Open PTRS Record (see flowchart process step 15-12-2-9A). Refer to the NPP for any additional required entries when creating a PTRS record.

B.    Refer to National Performance Plan for Forum Requirements (see flowchart process step 15‑12‑2‑9B). Review national presentation material.

C.    Identify Local Items of Concern (see flowchart process step 15-12-2-9C). The local emphasis portion of the CFI Open Forum will be developed using data relating to local:

    Aviation safety statistics,




    Human factors,

    Best practices,

    DPE/Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) Activity Reports,

    Air traffic control (ATC) procedures,

    Traffic pattern operations/procedures, and

    Maintenance procedures.

D.    Identify Special Emphasis Items (see flowchart process step 15-12-2-9D).

1)    Review FSDO reports for accident/incident trends.
2)    Review all other available databases for recent trends.
3)    Collaborate with FSDO ASIs for areas of concern.

E.    Determine Location for CFI Open Forum (see flowchart process step 15-12-2-9E).

1)    The CFI forums should be held in locations with the most CFI activity (i.e., part 61 and 141 flight schools).
2)    The FPM should use Safety Performance Analysis System (SPAS) (http://apm.avs.faa.gov/GlobalBrowse.aspx) “Air Personnel Multiple Designee CFI Flagview” as a tool in determining the locations, activity, pass rates, etc. for CFIs in his or her district.

F.    Generate Safety Program Airman Notification System (SPANS) Notice (see flowchart process step 15-12-2-9F). Reference the Help Manual on www.FAASafety.gov.

G.    Conduct CFI Open Forum (see flowchart process step 15-12-2-9G).

H.    Close CFI Open Forum in SPANS (see flowchart process step 15-12-2-9H). In www.FAASafety.gov use the “SPANS Management” drop-down menu under the “Administration” tab located on the home page. This should be done no later than 5 days after the event.

I.    Close PTRS Record (see flowchart process step 15-12-2-9I). Refer to the NPP for additional required entries when closing Forums/meeting PTRS Records.

15-12-2-11    TASK OUTCOMES. The successful completion of this task will improve the quality of instruction and standardization of flight instructors and DPEs. The instructors will become aware of accident trends nationally, regionally, and locally and will be aware of ideas and techniques they can use to train students to avoid those types of accidents. The instructors and DPEs will be made aware of any new regulatory changes that may affect flight training. The Open Forums will foster a better relationship between the CFI/DPEs and the airmen.

15-12-2-13    FUTURE ACTIVITIES. The CFI Open Forums should be conducted at least once a quarter.

15-12-2-15 through 15-12-2-25 RESERVED.