8900.1 CHG 122


chapter 16  maintaining FAASTeam internal processes

Section 2  National FAASTeam Exhibit Team

15-16-2-1    GENERAL.

A.    Purpose. This task describes the responsibilities of the National Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team (FAASTeam) Exhibit Team Manager and team members.

B.    Scope. The goal of this task is to standardize the general duties and responsibilities of the National Exhibit Team. The National Exhibit Team is managed from the national level and participates in major conferences, industry conventions, and air shows.


A.    Significant Interfaces. This task requires coordination with:

·    Event schedules for national conferences, industry conventions, and air shows.

·    FAASTeam marketing.

B.    References, Forms, and Job Aids. This task requires access to the:

·    FAASTeam National Business Plan (NBP).

·    National FAASTeam Mission Statement and Vision Statement.

·    National Exhibit Team Exhibit Checklist.

·    National and Regional FAASTeam SharePoint Web sites.

·    FAASTeam Web site (www.FAASafety.gov).

C.    Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (PTRS) Activity Code or Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS) Database (as applicable). No PTRS or ATOS entries are required by this task. FAASTeam program tracking and reporting is done using FAASTeam Tracking System (FAASTracks) codes in the FAASTracks Application Tool (FAASTApp). Codes for each task can be found in project-specific Analysis and Justification Reports (A&J), which are hyperlinked in Volume 15, Chapter 4. FAASTApp information is found in Volume 15, Chapter 5.

1)    Task Activity Code: not applicable.
2)    On-the-Job Training (OJT) Instructor PTRS Activity Codes: 1024/3024/5024.
3)    OJT Trainee PTRS Activity Codes: 1023/3023/5023.

15-16-2-5 through 15-16-2-7. RESERVED.

15-16-2-9    BACKGROUND.

A.    Conferences, Conventions, and Shows. The National Exhibit Team participates at major conferences, industry conventions, and air shows. The team disseminates safety information and promotes the use of www.FAASafety.gov and the WINGS—Pilot Proficiency Program and Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Program. Some examples of conventions and shows that the team may participate in are:

·    National Business Aviation Association (NBAA);

·    Airline Operators and Pilots Association (AOPA);

·    Helicopter Association International (HAI);

·    Women in Aviation, International (WAI);

·    Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA);

·    Aviation Industry Expo;

·    U.S. Sport Aviation Expo;

·    Sun N’ Fun Fly-In; and

·    Experimental Aircraft Assocition (EAA) AirVenture.

B.    Objective. The FAASTeam will continue to exhibit at these major events based on desired objectives and availability of resources. The FAASTeam’s objective in participating in these events is to promote the tools that will help shift the national aviation safety culture to a higher standard.

C.    Information for the Public. The National Exhibit Team should communicate, at a minimum, the following information and messages to the public:

1)    Awareness of the FAASTeam.

·    Mission.

·    Vision.

·    Opportunities for volunteers (representatives, industry members, etc.).

2)    How to Become a Volunteer Member of the FAASTeam.
a)    Individuals.

1.    Get involved with the local FAASTeam Field Office by providing volunteer assistance in the office, at FAASTeam events, or by helping out in any way.

2.    Participate in and support the FAASTeam’s mission to change the safety culture within the aviation community.

3.    Register an e-mail address at www.FAASafety.gov to receive customized safety information based on user preferences and automatic notifications of local events.

4.    Become a FAASTeam representative by “joining” the FAASTeam at www.FAASafety.gov and taking additional training.

5.    Participate personally in the WINGS Program and/or AMT Awards Program with training validated and tracked through the FAASTeam Web site.

b)    Organizations.

1.    Participate in and support the FAASTeam mission to change the safety culture on a national level by working with the FAASTeam to develop educational programs and products.

2.    Register an organizational e-mail address at www.FAASafety.gov to receive customized safety information based on user preferences and automatic notification of local events.

3.    Volunteer as a FAASTeam Industry Member (FIM).

3)    Safety-related Information.
a)    The importance of continuing safety education beyond minimum initial certification requirements.
b)    The resources available at www.FAASafety.gov.
c)    The benefits of WINGS and AMT Awards Program participation.
d)    Special emphasis areas or programs appropriate to the audience at each venue, or the latest new safety products available (posters, online training course, or other resources).


A.    National FAASTeam Exhibit Manager Duties and Responsibilities.

1)    Ensure that the FAASTeam and the FAA are represented in a professional manner both by the appearance of the exhibit and the presentation and by the conduct of those staffing the exhibit.
2)    If unable to attend the event, assign a team lead for the event.
3)    Contact the organizer of each event to secure exhibit space and fixtures (i.e., carpet, electricity, Internet service, etc.).
4)    Facilitate FAASTeam support with safety lectures and other items as needed.
5)    Request/reserve exhibit equipment and any publications/materials needed.
6)    Ensure that arrangements are made for shipping exhibits/materials to and from the event.
7)    Send out e-mails to each participating team member on local accommodations, planned ground transportation, and other logistical details as necessary.
8)    When needed, ensure that a letter that authorizes actual expense for housing is prepared, signed by an appropriate manager, and distributed to the exhibit team members prior to their arrival at the event.
9)    Develop a plan for the team to include events, dates, locations, assignment of team members, resources required and work schedule for each event.
10)    Use the FAASTeam Exhibit Checklist.
11)    Ensure each team member wears appropriate FAASTeam attire.
12)    Brief the exhibit team members on what is expected of them prior to the opening exhibit session of the event.
13)    Manage Exhibit Team budget in accordance with established office procedures.
14)    Coordinate budget expenses and payments with the Planning and Program Oversight Branch (AFS‑805).

B.    National FAASTeam Exhibit Team Members Duties and Responsibilities. The staff’s goal is to convey FAASTeam and safety information to event attendees. As the public walks by, there are usually only 10 to 20 seconds to garner their attention. The idea is to persuade them to stop and talk to the Exhibit Team, receive the targeted information for the specific event, and encourage them to register an e-mail address at www.FAASafety.gov. When working at a FAASTeam exhibit area, the following guidelines should be followed:

1)    Meet team schedule times, including set up and break down times. If the times cannot be met, coordinate with the Exhibit Team Manager (or lead as appropriate).
2)    Professionalism guidelines at the exhibit:
a)    Be proactive with customers, smile, engage in conversation, and use a welcoming stance. Team personnel should face people as they walk by; remember that we want them to feel welcome and take something positive away with them and that they are all prospective FAASTeam members.
b)    Greet people and ask a question to engage them in conversation (e.g., “Are you a pilot or mechanic? Are you working in aviation or a recreational airman?”).
c)    Handle objections (e.g., “I appreciate your concern. Here’s how we’ve addressed it.”).
d)    Always give them something (business card, brochure, safety product, pencil, or other promotional item) that includes the FAASTeam Web site address.
e)    Make the sale (e.g., “Have you heard about the FAASTeam Web site? Did you know you can take online courses on www.FAASafety.gov? Have you checked your preferences lately? We have a computer here; let me show you how to do that.”).
f)    Have a positive attitude.

C.    Marketing for the National Exhibit Team. Marketing duties are normally the responsibility of the FAASTeam Branch (AFS-850), but may need to be performed by the Exhibit Team Manager or team lead as necessary. Therefore, those duties directly related to the National Exhibit Team are described below:

1)    Determine appropriate exhibit background structure and theme.
2)    Develop a clear marketing message based on national FAASTeam yearly initiatives and customize that message when appropriate for the target audience at a particular event. Guidance on messages for each specific audience may be provided by existing national project committees or special teams created for the event.
3)    Determine what type of publicity, if any, is needed to announce the FAASTeam’s participation in the event. Ensure that the publicity complies with association publication deadlines or is sufficiently timely in regards to the event. This may include posting on the Safety Program Airman Notification System (SPANS) or providing a flyer or announcement for the event sponsor’s program or pre-event publications.
4)    Coordinate with the appropriate Regional FAASTeam Manager (RFM), local Flight Standards Service (AFS) regional and field managers, FAASTeam lead representatives, aviation industry organizations, publication editors, guest speakers, sponsors, public affairs entities, news media, Regional Administrator, division management, and the FAA Administrator as necessary.

15-16-2-13    PROCEDURES.

A.    Submitting Suggestions for Events. If a FAASTeam member has a safety event in their region that they consider to meet the definition of a national event (similar to the ones listed above), an event suggestion should be submitted to the National FAASTeam Exhibit Team Manager. Suggestions must be submitted before April for events in the next fiscal year (FY).

1)    The following information is required to be submitted with the event suggestion:
a)    Organization holding the event.
b)    Brief description of the event and how it would benefit from the exhibit team’s participation.
c)    Event contact information.
d)    Submitter’s contact information.
e)    Audience attending the event (i.e., pilots, mechanics, students, aviation enthusiasts, etc.).
f)    Expected attendance numbers (event coordinator can usually provide this information).
g)    Anticipated costs (booth space, furnishings/resources, other fees, etc.).
h)    When space can be reserved and the deadline for reservation.
i)    How attending this event will help the FAASTeam reach its goal of reducing General Aviation (GA) accidents.

NOTE:  Most of the above information can usually be provided in the submitted suggestion by including a link to the event Web site’s page for participating vendors.

2)    Submit suggestions by e-mail to the Exhibit Team Manager listed on the National FAASTeam SharePoint site, with a copy to the FAASTeam Assistant Branch Manager (AFS-851).

B.    Participating on the National FAASTeam Exhibit Team. Due to the training and other support costs involved, selection as an exhibit team member requires a commitment to staff at least two national events per year for a two-year period. Exhibit team members will be scheduled for event participation by, and at the sole discretion of, the exhibit team manager, in consultation with the member and his or her supervisor. The selection process is as follows:

1)    The Exhibit Team Manager will notify AFS-851 when positions on the team are available or will soon be available.
2)    AFS-850 staff will announce the opportunity by e-mail to “NATL-AVS-FAASTeam” using the Professional Airways Systems Specialists (PASS) collective bargaining agreement (CBA) (article 25) process.
3)    A volunteer must receive their RFM’s concurrence before applying to the team.
4)    Once a volunteer selection has been made, AFS-850 will notify the selectee, selectee’s RFM, and the Exhibit Team Manager.
5)    Within 20 days of notification by AFS-850, the volunteer selectee will read this section to become familiar with the expected duties and responsibilities, verify with the Exhibit Team Manager that they understand their duties and responsibilities, ask any questions they may have before accepting the assignment, and e-mail the Exhibit Team Manager that they accept the assignment.
6)    The Exhibit Team Manager will “reply to all” on the AFS-850 notification e-mail to verify the volunteer selectee’s understanding and acceptance, or non-acceptance, per subparagraph 16-15-2-9B4).
7)    If the volunteer selectee does not respond within 20 days or does not accept the assignment, AFS‑850 will select another volunteer from the same Article 25 solicitation, if possible, before making a directed assignment.
8)    AFS-850 will contact the Exhibit Team Manager and the RFMs and seek their input before making a directed assignment through the appropriate manager.
9)    Exhibit team members serve for 2 calendar-years, and may extend participation with the concurrence and discretion of their RFM, the Exhibit Team Manager, and AFS-850.
10)    No later than 60 days before the initial 2-year anniversary date of assignment, or 60 days before expiration of any extension, the exhibit team member shall notify the Exhibit Team Manager of their intention to request an extension or to leave the exhibit team. Requests for extension shall include e-mail concurrence from the member’s RFM and the date to which the extension is requested. Announcements of retirement from the exhibit team shall include the last planned participation date for the retiring member.
11)    The exhibit team manager shall schedule training on an initial and annual basis for exhibit team members.
12)    Notification of removal from the exhibit team shall be by e-mail from AFS-850 to the exhibit team member, the member’s RFM, and the Exhibit Team Manager.

15-16-2-15    TASK OUTCOMES. This task results in the following outcomes:

·    Recommendation and acceptance of a national event for the exhibit team.

·    Selection as a member of the exhibit team.