Flightcrew Member Fatigue Focus Team


Date Established

February 2015

Method of Establishment

Flight Standards Mandate


The FAA established the Flightcrew Member Fatigue Focus Team (FMFFT) to provide guidance on applying the requirements prescribed in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) for managing and mitigating flightcrew member fatigue.

Focus Team Lead or Primary Contact

Dale E. Roberts, AFS-220, 202-267-5749




Chester Piolunek, AFS-220

Dr. Thomas Nesthus, AAM-500

Dr. Steve Hursh, AFS-220

Scipio Garling, AFS-220

Charles Jung, AFS-220

Method(s) of Communication

9-AFS-220-fatiguemanagement@faa.gov email, telephone, polycom, and PowerPoint presentations/briefings.


·    Provide aviation safety inspectors (ASIs) with applicable guidance, policy, legal interpretations, and policy interpretation concerning flight duty and rest (FD&R) issues.

·    Assist field inspectors with parts 121 and 117 FD&R policy

·    Develop and present to POI/CMT/CMO briefings on part 117 and subparts Q, R, and S of part 121.

·    Respond to field inspectors regarding parts 121 and 117 FD&R issues.

·    Provide presentations to and interact with industry trade groups, air carriers, and labor organizations.

·    Review and comment on draft FD&R legal interpretations.

·    Develop and oversee application of FAA Order 8900.1 guidance.

·    Develop and oversee application of FD&R Advisory Circulars (AC) for parts 117 and subparts Q, R, and S of part 121.

·    Respond to NTSB Safety Recommendations and requests on parts 117 and subparts Q, R, and S of part 121.

·    Provide assistance to the field with regard to FDP (Flight Duty Period) extension requirements.

·    Manage FRMS (Fatigue Rest Management System) application process and FRMS authorizations.

·    Flightcrew member alertness and performance data collection validation.

·    Coordinate performance and alertness data validation with CAMI (Civil Aerospace Medical Institute).

·    Work with the ASI regarding development and compliance with the certificate holder’s FRMP and FEAT (Fatigue Education and Awareness Training) program.

·    Identify best practices/processes for managing flightcrew member alertness and fatigue management.

·    FMFFT monitors the Focus Team mailbox, checking it periodically.

·    FMFFT lead or delegate acknowledges receipt of each email on a timely basis.

·    If it is not possible to provide a substantive response with the initial acknowledgement message, the FMFFT lead or delegate:

o    Gives the sender an estimate for response (e.g., seven days).

o    Transmits the email to FMFFT members and other SMEs as needed.

o    Collects input and develops an answer.

o    Provides a response to the sender.

o    As appropriate, adds Q&A to Part 117 FAQs and/or marks for dissemination to stakeholders.

·    AFS-220 maintains a master list of FMFFT Q&A.