I used to contact “Fred Smith” for this policy issue. Whom do I contact now?

Continue to communicate with your prior contact (your Principal Inspector, etc.) at the same phone number or email address.


I used to contact “Office AFS-xxx” for this policy issue. Whom should I contact now?

Reference the Organizational Code Legend Crosswalk, which is posted on the “Flight Standards Realignment Updates” webpage on the FSIMS Publications site. It provides information for all offices that have changed codes and those that have not changed their office codes.


I want to understand how Flight Standards is organized now. Can you explain that in more detail?

A Mini Organizational Chart is posted on this website, which provides a great pictorial of the four functional areas and the divisions located within each functional area.


How do I know which field office is the appropriate office for me to contact?

There is an interactive map that you can reference to determine the location and function of flight standards offices.


I don’t know who or what office was previously responsible for this topic. But, I do have a specific topic I need to address for my policy-related issue. Whom do I contact?

Reference the Responsibilities Quick Reference Sheet, which lists aviation policy topics and their office of responsibility under the Flight Standards Realignment. 


How do I use the Responsibilities Quick Reference Sheet?

1.    The far left column lists high-level topics relating to flight standards areas of responsibilities. In order to make this sheet “quick reference,” specific topics could not be listed. The topics listed are meant to be descriptive enough to encompass a broad range of topics, so consider how your topic relates to these comprehensive topics.

2.    Once you’ve determined the topic your issue relates to, move to the second to column to determine the office that is responsible for that topic.

3.    The far right column(s) provide contact information for that office.

4.    If your topic does not relate to any of these listed topics in the left column, continue to contact the same office as you always have. It is likely that there has been no change in responsibilities with the realignment related to your issue.


Can you explain why the Flight Standards reorganization happened?

This Flight Standards Realignment Philosophy document explains the philosophy and reasoning behind the reorganization and the benefits that it will bring to Flight Standards and aviation safety.


I still have more questions. Is there anyone I can contact?

You can contact the Rapid Response Team by phone, email, or online.

      Phone: 202-267-7010 or 1-888-283-8944

      Email: FlightStandardsRRT@faa.gov

      Online Question Form


Questions concerning the information in this tool can be directed to 9-AWA-AFS-FFS-Policy-Coordination.