O3.1.64   Conduct an Instrument Proficiency Check for a Pilot under 14 CFR Part 61



3.0   Certification

3.1   Airman Certification

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Legal References :

49 USC 40104               Promotion of Civil Aeronautics and Safety of Air Commerce

49 USC 40113               Administrative

49 USC 44702               Issuance of Certificates

49 USC 44703               Airman Certificates


Purpose :

            To validate an applicant's requirement to conduct flights under instrument flight rules in accordance with (IAW) 14 CFR § 61.57


Significant Interfaces :


Flight Standards District Office


Procedural Guidance :

14 CFR Part 61,                        Certification:  Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Ground Instructors

14 CFR Part 91,                        General Operating and Flight Rules

14 CFR Part 97,                        Standard Instrument Approach Procedures

Order 1380.51,                          Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem

Order 8900.1,                            Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS)

AC 61-65 (as amended),            Certification:  Pilot and Flight Instructors and Ground Instructors

AC 61-98 (as amended),            Currency and Additional Qualification Requirements for Certificated Pilots

FAA-H-8083-15,                       FAA Instrument Flying Handbook

Appropriate Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards


NOTE: Ensure you are using the most current information.  The Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS) may be used to obtain current guidance.


AC Form 8080-2,          Airman Knowledge Test Report

FAA Form 8000-36,      PTRS Transmittal Form

FAA Form 8060-1         Airman Pilot Certificate

FAA Form 8500-9,        Airman Medical Certificate

FAA Form 8710-1,        Airman Certification and/or Rating Application


1.         Receive request from applicant for an instrument proficiency check

                        K:         14 CFR § 61.57


            1.1        Open PTRS record

                        K:         Order 1380.51


2.         Review applicant's documents

                        K:         14 CFR Part 61


            2.1        Determine aircraft category, class and type

                        K:         14 CFR § 61.57(a)(1) and (d)(1)


3.         Determine applicant's eligibility

                        K:         14 CFR § 61.57(d)

                        K:         AC 61-98 (as amended)


4.         Determine airworthiness of aircraft

                        K:         Order 8900.1, Vol. 5, Chap. 2, Sec. 9


            4.1        If aircraft is not airworthy, brief applicant

                        K:         14 CFR § 91.405


                        4.1.1     Close or update PTRS record

                        K:         Order 1380.51


5.         Conduct instrument competency check

                        K:         Appropriate Practical Test Standard

                        K:         AC 61-98A (as amended)


6.         If applicant is successful, endorse and sign pilot’s logbook 

                        K:         Appropriate Practical Test Standard

                        K:         AC 61-98 (as amended)


7.         If applicant, for reasons other than competency cannot complete the check, issue a letter of discontinuance

                        K:         Order 8900.1, Vol. 5, Chap. 2, Sec. 9


8.         If applicant has unsatisfactorily completed instrument competency check, inform the applicant of the reason(s)

                        K:         Appropriate Practical Test Standard

                        K:         Order 8900.1, Vol. 5, Chap. 2, Sec. 9


9.         Update and close PTRS record

                        K:         Order 1380.51