O3.3.84   Evaluate and Accept 14 CFR Part 125 Operator's Passenger Briefing Cards



3.0   Certification

3.3   Air Operator Certification

Previous Task Analysis:

1995 Hughes and Allen Corporation










Job Aid:




PTRS Tracking
























Legal References :


49 USC 40104               Promotion of Civil Aeronautics and Safety of Air Commerce

49 USC 40113               Administrative

49 USC 44701               General Requirements

49 USC 44702               Issuance of Certificates

49 USC 44705               Air Carrier Operating Certificates


Purpose :

To evaluate and accept a 14 CFR Part 125 Operator's Passenger Briefing Cards


Significant Interfaces :


Flight Standard District Office


Procedural Guidance :

14 CFR Part 125,          Certification and Operations: Airplanes Having a Seating Capacity of 20 or More Passengers or a Maximum Payload Capacity of 600 Pounds or More; and Rules Governing Persons on Board Such Aircraft 

Order 1380.51,              Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem

Order 8400.10,              Air Transportation Operations Inspector's Handbook

Order 8700.1,                General Aviation Operations Inspector's Handbook

AC 121-24A,                Passenger Safety Briefing and Briefing Cards


NOTE:  Policy Subsystem Documents using DynaComm or other suitable communication systems should be searched to determine other applicable guidance required to perform this task.


Forms :

Form 8000-36,               PTRS Transmittal Form

1.                   Phase one - Operator or FAA initiates the need to evaluate briefing cards for a 14 CFR Part 125 Operator

            K:         14 CFR § 125.327

            K:         Order 8700.1, Vol. 1, Chap. 3

                        Knowledges are good for all phases of certification


1.1               Applicant initiation


1.2               FAA initiation


1.3               Open PTRS

                        K:         Order 1380.51


2.                   Phase two - Review operator's briefing cards


            2.1        Return unacceptable passenger briefing cards with a written explanation of reasons for return and expect resubmission


2.2        If passenger briefing cards are acceptable, inform the operator. Phase three begins


3.                   Phase three - detail analysis, review and evaluation of the operator's passenger briefing cards

                        K:         AC 121-24A

                        K:         Order 8400.10, Vol. 3, Chap. 15, Sec. 3, Par.2149


3.1               Address and resolve the deficiencies of the passenger briefing cards and proceed to Phase four


4.                   Phase four - demonstration


4.1               Observe operator's ability to demonstrate passenger briefing cards


5.                   Phase five - acceptance of the operator's passenger briefing cards


5.1               Close PTRS record

                        K:         Order 1380.51