N 8900.473


National Policy

Effective Date:



Cancellation Date: 6/7/19



Evaluation by Flight Standards Cargo Focus Team for Parts 121 and 135 Certificate Holders’ Weight and Balance Programs

1.    Purpose of This Notice. This notice announces that the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Cargo Focus Team (CFT) will conduct evaluations of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) parts 121 and 135 certificate holders’ Weight and Balance Programs (WBP). The CFT will do this using the Safety Assurance System (SAS) Certificate Holder Evaluation Process (CHEP).

2.    Audience. The primary audience for this notice includes parts 121 and 135 principal inspectors (PI), certificate management offices (CMO), and Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO). The secondary audience includes all Flight Standards divisions, branches, and offices.

3.    Where You Can Find This Notice. You can find this notice on the MyFAA employee website at Inspectors can access this notice through the Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS) at Operators can find this notice on the FAA’s website at This notice is available to the public at

4.    Background. In April 2013, a Dubai‑bound Boeing 747‑400 crashed after takeoff from Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. Following the accident, it was determined that a review of part 121 certificated air carriers’ WBP manuals and authorizations was necessary to ensure the programs were based on approved data.

5.    Discussion. As outlined in FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 47, Evaluate Part 91K/121/125/135 (10 or More and Turbine‑Powered Aircraft) Certificate Holder’s Weight and Balance Control Program, the CFT reviews WBPs. However, this content is being revised to reflect the CFT’s new evaluation process utilizing the SAS CHEP. These CHEPs may be conducted solely by the CFT or concurrently with the Safety Analysis and Promotion Division (AFS‑900). Refer to Order 8900.1, Volume 10, Chapter 8, Section 1, Safety Assurance System: Certificate Holder Evaluation Process, for information about the CHEP. According to Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 47, Section 1, the CFT has provided a memorandum of concurrence/nonconcurrence upon completion of the WBP review; however, this process is being changed. Upon completion of an evaluation of the WBP by the CFT, a memorandum of concurrence/nonconcurrence will no longer be issued.

6.    Disposition. We will incorporate the information in this notice into Order 8900.1 before this notice expires. Direct questions concerning the information in this notice to the Cargo Focus Team (CFT) Manager, Repair Station Branch (AFS‑340), at 202‑267‑1675.


/s/ Michael Zenkovich

Deputy Executive Director, Flight Standards Service