N 8900.474


National Policy

Effective Date:



Cancellation Date: 6/13/19



Requirement to Hold an Annual Meeting Between FAA Principal Inspectors and Transportation Security Administration Principal Security Inspectors

1.    Purpose of This Notice. This notice announces the requirement to hold an annual meeting between Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) principal inspectors (PI) (principal operations inspector (POI), principal maintenance inspector (PMI), principal avionics inspector (PAI)), and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) principal security inspectors (PSI).

2.    Audience. The primary audience for this notice includes PIs who have regulatory oversight responsibilities for all aircraft operations under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 121, part 135 (maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) over 12,500 lbs), and part 125 (MTOW over 100,309.3 lbs). The secondary audience includes Flight Standards certificate-holding district office (CHDO) managers of the operations mentioned above.

3.    Where You Can Find This Notice. You can find this notice on the MyFAA employee website at Inspectors can access this notice through the Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS) at Operators can find this notice on the FAA website at This notice is available to the public at

4.    Distribution. The following offices will receive this notice:

    Air Transportation Division and General Aviation and Commercial Division located at FAA headquarters (HQ) in Washington, D.C.;

    Air Carrier Safety Assurance and General Aviation Safety Assurance Offices; and

    All parts 121, 125, and 135 CHDOs.

5.    Background. TSA PSIs have regulatory oversight responsibilities for security programs for all aircraft operations under part 121, part 135 (MTOW over 12,500 lbs), and part 125 (MTOW over 100,309.3 lbs). However, it is important to note, not all operators have an assigned PSI. Some TSA responsibilities require actions which could affect operational oversight conducted by the FAA CHDOs. It is important for CHDO PIs (POI/PMI/PAI) and TSA PSIs to interact with each other to share information regarding a certificate holder’s operations. Sharing information between TSA PSIs and FAA PIs would be beneficial for both agencies and the certificate holders. Examples of topics or procedures of mutual concern to the FAA and TSA include:

    Type of operation being conducted;

    Review of security procedures when the operator conducts operations under 14 CFR part 91;

    Review of security procedures to ensure minimum or no operational impacts that affect airline performance with the CHDO areas of responsibility;

    Review of crewmember training with regards to security topics;

    Any recent modifications to the Operating Certificate;

    Results of air carrier cockpit access program audits;

    Any issues or concerns PIs and/or PSIs have with regard to the operations of the certificate holder; and

    Harmonization of safety/security processes when necessary.

6.    Discussion. The addition of this guidance is meant to be mandatory, but simple, non-burdensome, and easy to document. PIs will find these meetings to be very beneficial when interacting with their operators.

7.    Action. Effective immediately after the publishing of this guidance, applicable PIs are responsible for holding a meeting with TSA PSIs on an annual basis. At a minimum, one PI (preferably all) will meet with the operator’s PSI either in person, by telephone, or by video teleconference. In-person meetings would normally take place in conjunction with the PSI’s scheduled visit to the operator. Travel is not to be scheduled solely for a PI/PSI meeting. If a meeting takes place in person, it is encouraged to schedule a joint PI/PSI meeting with the operator to demonstrate collaboration between the two agencies. Document meetings in PTRS in accordance with the guidance document. PIs who are not familiar with their respective PSIs or are unsure if there is a PSI assigned to the operator can find out by sending an inquiry to the TSA at

8.    Disposition. We will incorporate the information in this notice into FAA Order 8900.1 before this notice expires. Direct questions concerning this notice to the Flight Standards Liaison to the TSA, Bill Petrak, at (202) 267-9531 or


/s/ John S. Duncan

Executive Director, Flight Standards Service