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FAA Flying Clubs


1.    Purpose of this Order. This order prescribes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements regarding the formation and operation of flying clubs by FAA employees.

2.    Audience. This order applies to FAA flying clubs, Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO), and FAA regional and center directors.

3.    Where You Can Find This Order. You can find this order on the MyFAA employee Web site at https://employees.faa.gov/tools_resources/orders_notices. Inspectors can access this order through the Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS) at http://fsims.avs.faa.gov. Operators can find this order on the FAA’s Web site at http://fsims.faa.gov. This order is available to the public at http://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/orders_notices.

4.    What This Order Cancels. This order cancels Order 3710.4A, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flying Clubs, dated September 9, 1980.

5.    Requirements. Flying clubs may use the FAA name and/or meeting facilities, provided they comply with the following requirements:

·    Membership of the club must be open to all FAA employees.

·    The operations of the club must meet the requirements of all applicable local, State, and Federal laws, and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

·    The club’s constitution and bylaws must have the approval of the appropriate office, service, regional, or center director.

6.    Use of FAA Name or Facilities. The FAA will deny or withdraw approval to use the name or sponsorship of the FAA or FAA facilities not available to the general public from any club that discriminates against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or physical or mental handicap. The FAA will withdraw approval for a club to use the FAA name or facilities if the organization conducts any of its events, meetings, or activities at restaurants, clubs, hotels, or other facilities (public or nonpublic) that refuse service or otherwise discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or physical or mental handicap.

7.    Identification of Aircraft. A flying club may not use the administration’s color code, name, or other distinctive markings on its aircraft that would in any way identify the aircraft as an administration aircraft.

8.    Assistance to Flying Clubs. Flying clubs may request assistance and guidance from the appropriate FSDO. Any assistance or guidance provided will depend on available resources at the discretion of the FSDO manager.

9.    Authorization for Parking and Tiedown Space.

a.    Authorization Requirements. Regional or center directors may authorize the flying club to use parking and tiedown space on FAA property provided that:

(1)    Such space is available and no additional cost to the government will result. (The FAA will not obtain additional property, nor will such use justify future space requirements.)
(2)    It is permissible under the terms of the FAA’s lease (when the property is leased).
(3)    Such use will not injure the property.
(4)    Such use will not interfere with the FAA’s mission.
(5)    Such space is not located at high density airports.

b.    Termination. Authorization is subject to termination at any time by the FAA if the club operates contrary to this order.

c.    Liability. The FAA will assume no liability or responsibility for the club or club aircraft by reason of the grant of such authorization.

10.    Distribution. This order is distributed to the branch level in FAA headquarters (HQ), regions, centers, and international offices. Maximum distribution is made to all FSDOs.

11.    Directive Feedback Information. Direct questions or comments to AFS-800 at 202-385-9602. For your convenience, FAA Form 1320-19, Directive Feedback Information, is the last page of this order. Note any deficiencies found, clarifications needed, or suggested improvements regarding the contents of this order on FAA Form 1320-19.

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