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1.  PURPOSE.  This order establishes safety alerts for operators (SAFO).


2.  DISTRIBUTION.  We will distribute this order to the division level in the Flight Standards Service in Washington headquarters; to the branch level in the regional Flight Standards divisions; to the International Field Offices (IFO), Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO), Certificate Management Offices (CMO), Aircraft Evaluation Groups (AEG) offices; and to the Regulatory Standards Division at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center.


3.  CANCELLATION.  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order 8000.87, Safety Alerts for Operators, dated August 29, 2005 is cancelled.


4.  AUTHORITY TO CHANGE THIS ORDER.  The Manager, Air Transportation Division, AFS-200, may issue changes to this order as necessary to implement and manage SAFOs.


5.  DISCUSSION.  SAFOs contain important safety information that is often critical.  A SAFO may contain information alone or a combination of information and recommended (nonregulatory) action to be taken voluntarily by the respective operators identified in each SAFO.


a.   This order enables the FAA to reclaim valuable guidance material contained in a discontinued order regarding Air Carrier Operations Bulletins (ACOB).  Much of that information remains valid today.  It also conveys new important safety information directly to operators as it becomes available.


b.   Significantly, SAFOs do not burden FAA inspectors with additional responsibilities not included in their work programs and not processed in accordance with the agreement between the FAA and its inspectors bargaining unit.  The responsibility to implement any action recommended in a SAFO rests with the operator.


c.   We encourage FAA inspectors to become familiar with SAFOs in general.  Each inspector should pay particular attention to any SAFO applying directly to the operator(s) that he or she oversees.


6.  AUDIENCE.  SAFO information will be added to the Air Transportation Oversight System Data Collection Tools (DCT), as required.  Besides FAA inspectors, SAFOs will initially address the following:


         Air carrier certificate holders (particularly directors of safety (DOS) and directors of operations (DO)),


         Fractional ownership program managers,


         Training center managers,


         Directors of maintenance,


         Accountable managers at repair stations, and


         Other parties as applicable.


7.  AVAILABILITY.  We will post SAFOs an FAA public Web site maintained by the Flight Standards Service.  The FAA does not distribute hard copies of individual SAFOs.  Any person desiring a hard copy may download and print the desired material from the Web site, located at:  http://www.faa.gov/other_visit/aviation_industry/airline_operators/airline_safety/safo.  The FAA dates and categorically arranges SAFOs, with the newest SAFO shown first and the oldest shown last.


8.  ANNOUNCEMENT OF SAFOS.  We will announce newly posted SAFOs by e-mail notification to certain stakeholders in FAA headquarters; to regional Flight Standards division and branch managers; and to the manager of each AEG, CMO, FSDO, and IFO for further distribution within their respective offices.


9.  ACTION.  Any inspector affected by a specific SAFO should become familiar with its content.






Carol Giles for

James J. Ballough

Director, Flight Standards Service