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SUBJ:    Flight Standards Field Office of the Year Award


1.    Purpose of This Order. This order prescribes the Flight Standards Field Office of the Year Award Program and provides information on criteria and a schedule for submission.

2.    Audience. This order is distributed to the branch level in the Flight Standards Service (AFS), to the branch level in all regional Flight Standards divisions, and to field offices.

3.    Where You Can Find This Order. You can find this order on the MyFAA employee Web site at https://employees.faa.gov/tools_resources/orders_notices. Inspectors can access this order through the Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS) at http://fsims.avs.faa.gov. Operators may find this information on the Federal Aviation Administrationís (FAA) Web site at http://fsims.faa.gov.

4.    What This Order Cancels. This document cancels Order 8000.77, Flight Standards Field Office of the Year Award, dated February 27, 1996.

5.    Background. The Flight Standards Field Office of the Year Award was established in June 1976. The award represents excellence in accomplishing the Flight Standards safety mission through quality leadership and teamwork.

6.    Eligibility. Field elements eligible for this award are Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO), International Field Offices (IFO), Certificate Management Offices (CMO), and Aircraft Evaluation Groups (AEG).

7.    Criteria. The basis for selections will be overall performance during the preceding fiscal year (FY). Emphasis is on contributions to improved aviation safety. As a minimum, the office must have sustained a level of performance reflecting satisfactory quality and productivity in all work elements during the award period. In addition, award winners must have achieved the following:

a.    Actions or Services. Actions or services that contribute significantly to the Flight Standards mission and support the goals and objectives of the service.

b.    Innovations or Improvements. Innovations or improvements in service to the public or other government agencies.

c.    Increased Operations. Increased productivity, efficiency, or economy of operations.

d.    Quality of Work. Quality of work significantly above average.

e.    Program Support. Positive efforts in support of a model equal employment opportunity (EEO) program.

f.    Management Support. Positive efforts in support of human resource management.

8.    Nominations:

a.    Submission. The Regional Flight Standards Division Manager shall submit all nominations by memo to the Director, Flight Standards Service, AFS-1, no later than February 15 of each year highlighting accomplishments for the prior FY.

Note:  The limit for each region is one submission for the same timeframe.

b.    Nomination Documentation. Nominations shall include:

(1)    A brief summary of the principal accomplishments on which the nomination is based (approximately 300 words).
(2)    A comprehensive statement for each accomplishment describing how performance met or exceeded the selection criteria.
(3)    Supporting or technical material, if necessary. Only include material essential for a full understanding of the accomplishments outlined in the detailed statement.

9.    Selection Procedures. A selection board shall review all nominations and agree upon a national winner. The Director, Flight Standards Service, AFS-1, will chair the board and will include the following members or their representatives:

    Manager, International Programs & Policy Division, AFS-50.

    Manager, Organizational Resources and Program Management Division, AFS-100.

    Manager, Air Transportation Division, AFS-200.

    Manager, Aircraft Maintenance Division, AFS-300.

    Manager, Flight Technologies and Procedures Division, AFS-400.

    Manager, Flight Standards Training Division, AFS-500.

    Manager, General Aviation and Commercial Division, AFS-800.

    Manager, Flight Standards National Field Office, AFS-900.

10.    Award Ceremony. The Flight Standards Field Office of the Year Award is presented in conjunction with the Flight Standards Recognition System (FSRS) national awards ceremony.

a.    Vendor Coordination. Each region is responsible for coordinating with vendor(s) to identify the specific type of momento and associated cost of the purchase.

b.    Award Order. Forward the projected estimate for the award order to the Organizational Resources and Program Management Division, AFS-100, who will administer the process of ordering and funding all regional FSRS award orders.

11.    Information Update. For additional information and any suggestions for improvement regarding this program, please contact the Organizational Resources and Program Management Division, AFS-100.


Amelia Robbins for

John M. Allen

Director, Flight Standards Service