Date:  9/3/91                                                         
           by:  AMS-20                                                         
      Subject:  COMPUTER RESOURCES NUCLEUS (CORN) PROGRAM                      
      1.   PURPOSE.  This order generally describes the services to be         
      furnished by the CORN contractor.  The order also defines agency         
      organizations' roles in support of program administration and            
      management during the conversion phase, including needed                 
      transition management plans.  Finally, the order furnishes a             
      budget impact statement along with a cost estimate to implement          
      2.   DISTRIBUTION.  This order is distributed to the division            
      level in headquarters, regions, and centers.                             
      3.   BACKGROUND.  During the past several years, regions,                
      centers, and Washington headquarters staff have devoted many             
      hours of effort on the CORN Program.  Continued agencywide               
      support is needed, however, during succeeding critical program           
      phases to ensure that the transition to the new general purpose          
      host resource is successful.  This order will be replaced, after         
      contract award, by more comprehensive procedures for conducting          
      and managing implementation and for administration of continuing         
      operations of the new common system environment.                         
      4.   CONTRACT INFORMATION.  Based on the Request for Proposals           
      (RFP) DTFA01-91-R-04761, the contract will be a fixed-price,             
      indefinite-quantity, indefinite-delivery contract for general            
      purpose automatic data processing (ADP) host resource services.          
      The contract will have a 10-year life cycle with a base term of 5        
      years and annual options to renew during each of the last 5              
      years.  The following paragraphs provide a general overview of           
      this contract.                                                           
           a.   Contractor Provided Facility.  The contract will               
      require that the contractor provide one or more primary                  
      facility(s) and a separate contingency capability for providing          
      backup and recovery.  If more than one facility is provided, the         
      backup capability may be located at one of these facilities.             
      This facility will be available for FAA use no later than 6              
      months after contract award.  CORN back-up resources will be             
      available for use at the same time as the first converted                
      application system.                                                      
           b.   Contractor Provided Plans.  FAA will order three               
      planning documents at contract award.  The requirements for each         
      plan are described in detail in the contract; only a short               
      synopsis and the major subject matter areas are discussed in this        
      order.  The plans are:                                                   
                (1)  Site Preparation Plan.                                    
      The plan delineates the contractor's approach for planning,              
      budgeting, designing, and maintaining the computer facility.  The        
      plan addresses such subjects as:  site preparation, engineering          
      survey, architectural and critical design features, and                  
      mechanical, electrical, and environmental support and space              
                (2)  Facility Management Plan.  The plan delineates the        
      contractor's approach to satisfying the agency's requirements for        
      ADP resources.  Some of the major subjects include:  staffing,           
      operations, standard procedures, technical support, contingency          
      and backup functions, and configuration management.                      
                (3)  Security Plan.  The plan delineates the                   
      contractor's approach for implementing the requirements of Order         
      1600.54, Security of FAA Automatic Data Processing Systems and           
      Facilities, and addresses the following areas:  building security        
      and access control, and environmental, media library, and                
      communications security.                                                 
           c.   Contractor Provided Conversion.  The contractor will be        
      required to convert the application systems constituting the             
      minimum order quantity.  All other application systems identified        
      in the contract may be optionally ordered for conversion at the          
      FAA's election.  Each application system to be converted will be         
      represented by a separate contract line item number (CLIN) and           
      will be ordered individually.                                            
                (1)  Overall Conversion Schedule.  The National                
      Transition Program Manager (NTPM) and Local Transition Program           
      Managers (LTPMs) will plan and coordinate an overall conversion          
      schedule.  The RFP schedule states that all conversions will be          
      ordered within 18 months after contract award.  The contractor           
      will then have a maximum of 12 months to convert each application        
                (2)  Minimum Quantity Delivery Order.  The FAA will be         
      obligated to convert a minimum quantity order of 24 application          
      systems.  Between 60 and 180 days after contract award, the FAA          
      will provide to the contractor Conversion Work Packages for these        
      24 applications.  (See Appendix 1 for conversion work package            
      contents.)  The contractor will be required to develop, in               
      coordination with the appropriate LTPM and Office of Primary             
      Responsibility (OPR), a detailed plan and schedule for each              
      application system conversion.  The LTPM, in turn, will                  
      coordinate these plans with the affected Information Systems (IS)        
                (3)  Additional Quantity Delivery Order.  Preliminary          
      scheduling for additional quantity conversions will be prepared          
      and distributed in a future directive and will be updated during         
      the proposed Post-Award Implementation Planning Conference.              
      Conversion and transition of application systems depend on the           
      availability of FAA staff resources and Congressionally approved         
      funding; thus, the schedule will be updated periodically during          
      the conversion phase reflecting these conditions.                        
      will be centrally administered and managed.                              
           a.   The Logistics Service has designated ALG-360 as the            
      office responsible for administering the contract.                       
           b.   Manager, Special Projects Office.  The Manager, Special        
      Projects Office (AMS-20) will provide overall technical                  
      administration and management of the contract.  The term "SPO" is        
      used throughout the remainder of this order to represent the             
      Manager, Special Projects Office.  The term also pertains to             
      Special Projects Office staff members who are delegated authority        
      to act for the SPO.                                                      
                (1)  The SPO will nominate a person for the CO to              
      designate as the Contracting Officer's Technical Officer (TO).           
                (2)  The SPO will nominate a person to be the NTPM with        
      responsibility to integrate and plan the transition of all FAA           
      organizations from the current environment to the CORN                   
           c.   Washington headquarters, regional, and center                  
      organizations are assisting in local technical administration and        
      management of CORN as follows:                                           
                (1)  Associate Administrators and Assistant                    
      Administrators, Chief Counsel, and Office Directors reporting to         
      an Executive Director (with one or more application systems to           
      convert), and Regional Administrators and Center Directors have          
      designated a person in their respective organizations to serve as        
      LTPMs.  During the conversion phase, LTPMs are responsible for           
      planning and managing the conversion of all application systems          
      identified in the contract including the training, documentation         
      and operational transition to the contractor provided ADP                
      resource.  LTPMs also lead in preparing, coordinating, issuing,          
      and executing the local transition management plans identified in        
      paragraph 6.                                                             
                (2)  Regional Administrators and Center Directors have         
      nominated a person in their respective organizations for the CO          
      to designate formally as Technical Officer's Representatives             
      (TORs).  TORs serve during the contract life cycle as the                
      technical advisor to the CO and TO concerning all work ordered           
      from the contractor for the TOR's organization(s).  During the           
      conversion phase, TORs will certify contractor invoices                  
      pertaining to contract deliverables.  The CO's designation letter        
      will describe in detail the TOR's authorities and                        
           d.   Functional Relationships.                                      
                (1)  Figure 1-1, Functional Relationships, Conversion          
      Phase.  During the conversion phase, the CO, TO, and TORs provide        
      for contract administration and management at the regional,              
      center and headquarters levels.  In addition, TORs are assigned,         
      working through the IS organizations, to assist OPRs in obtaining        
      appropriate contractor conversion support.  Finally, the NTPM and        
      LTPM functions are integral parts of these relationships and             
      established to assist OPRs in planning, scheduling, and                  
      conducting application system conversions.                               
                (2)  Functional Relationships, Continuing Operations.          
      During continuing operations, TORs, working through the IS               
      organizations, provide on-site liaison between OPRs and user             
      organizations and the CORN contractor.  TORs also maintain direct        
      liaison with the TO and CO concerning contractor performance.            
      The IS manager and staff provide technical advice and guidance           
      (first-line "help desk" support) to OPRs and user organizations.         
      The NTPM and LTPM functions are not assigned during continuing           
                                 Figure 1-1                                    
                          Functional Relationships                             
                              Conversion Phase                                 
                               CO    TO    NTPM                                
                               [1]   [1]   [1]                                 
                                     TOR   LTPM                                
                                     [12]  [22]                                
                                     ISM   OPR                                 
               (Number) = Number of Positions                                  
               SPO = Special Projects Office                                   
               TO = Technical Offices                                          
               CO = Contracting Officer                                        
               NTPM = National Transition Program Manager                      
               TOR = Technical Officer's Representative                        
               LTPM = Local Transition Program Manager                         
               OPR = Office of Primary Responsibility                          
               ISM = Information System Manager                                
                                 Figure 1-2                                    
                          Functional Relationships                             
                         Continuing Operations Phase                           
                           CO                    TO                            
                           [1]                   [1]                           
                           USER      ISM         OPR                           
               (Number) = Number of Positions                                  
               SPO = Special Projects Office                                   
               TO = Technical Officer                                          
               CO = Contracting Officer                                        
               TOR = Technical Officer's Representative                        
               OPR = Office of Primary Responsibility                          
               ISM = Information System Manager                                
               USER = User Organizations                                       
      6.   TRANSITION MANAGEMENT PLANS.  LTPMs will prepare,                   
      coordinate, issue, and execute the following plans:                      
           a.   Human Relations Transition Plan (HRTP).  Agency                
      management is committed to minimizing any negative impact of CORN        
      on employees, in particular on the IS staffs.  At the same time,         
      there is a need to realign IS resources to support more                  
      effectively the agency's critical functions.  The HRTP is                
      intended, therefore, to provide information to support the local         
      IS organization's transition to the new environment.  The plan           
      should include a view of existing organizations, e.g., functional        
      statements, position descriptions, and staff assignments.  It            
      should also identify the changes that will be necessary for the          
      transition, along with the action items required to carry out the        
      changes and a schedule for accomplishing these actions.                  
           b.   Training Plans.  Contractor provided training will             
      include operational training and conversion application training.        
      LTPMs should schedule training in both of these areas and should         
      schedule the IS technical staff as early as possible.                    
                (1)  Operational Training.  The CORN contractor will           
      furnish training for managers, user organizations, and IS staff          
      to operate the new host resource.  The contractor will also              
      provide advanced training for the IS technical staff to support          
      operations of the ADP resource.                                          
                (2)  Conversion Application Training.  The contractor          
      will also be required to provide training for managers, user             
      organizations, and IS technical staff vis-a-vis the converted            
      application systems.                                                     
           c.   Budgetary Plan.  The SPO will provide funding for the          
      minimum quantity and optional application system conversions,            
      contractor provided planning documents, and CORN host resource           
      operations during the conversion phase.  Regions and centers will        
      fund conversion of application systems not identified by name in         
      the contract.  Regions and centers should also continue current          
      contractual funding to support operations of their facilities            
      until CORN conversions are completed.                                    
           d.   Facility Transition Plan (FTP).  The FTP will provide          
      for the transition of computer operations from the current common        
      system host resource to the CORN environment, and for the release        
      of current equipment and spaces.  Existing resources will remain         
      fully operational, however, until all CORN implementation                
      activities are completed.  The LTPM should include a schedule of         
      tasks to be completed during the conversion phase and during the         
      facility transition phase and coordinate this process with the           
      7.   TRANSITION PLANNING CONFERENCES.  The SPO will sponsor              
      planning conferences during the conversion phase.  The first             
      conference will be held shortly after contract award and will            
      include:  meeting the contractor's representatives, describing           
      the contract's final provisions, presenting the ADP resource             
      configuration, and the contractor's technical support staff and          
      facilities; and finalizing the conversion plans and schedules.           
      The SPO will fund travel and per diem for LTPMs and TORs to the          
      8.   BUDGET IMPACT STATEMENT.  The agencywide budget impact of           
      the activities required by this order is estimated at 53                 
      employee-years from contract award through the completion of the         
      conversion phase.                                                        
      9.   QUESTIONS.  If you have questions about the CORN Program,           
      please have your staff contact George Raub, AMS-20, on FTS               
      /s/ M. Sherwin                                                           
      Michael D. Sherwin                                                       
      Director of Management Systems, AMS-1                                    
                    APPENDIX 1.  CONVERSION WORK PACKAGE.                      
      A complete and current set of material provided by the OPR to the        
      contractor to support conversion of an application system.  The          
      package contains the production version of the application               
      system's source code, its command language and utility control           
      statements, and the existing documentation (provided for                 
      information purposes.)  The package also contains data on batch          
      runtime, performance data, and representatives of input, output          
      and master files.  If there are historical files to be converted,        
      these will be identified.  Finally, the package contains a count         
      of the current lines of code to be considered the baseline line          
      count.  The Conversion Work Package Preparation Procedures will          
      be provided by the SPO.                                                  
               APPENDIX 2.  STAFF RESOURCE CALCULATION FORMULA                 
      For each application system to be converted, the responsible             
      region or center should plan to provide staff support comprised          
      of base hours plus extension (Ext) hours multiplied by the number        
      of lines of code (source and operations control language) divided        
      by 1,000.  To convert these support hours to employee-years              
      divide by 1,760 hours.                                                   
          Support Hours = Base Hours + (Ext Hours x Lines of Code)             
                       Employee-Years = Support Hours                          
                   APPLICATION SYSTEM EMPLOYEE-HOURS TABLE                     
                                             Employee Hours                    
                                   ADP Staff              OPR Staff            
      Conversion Activity      Base         Ext       Base         Ext         
      Conversion Planning      8.0          1.0       8.0          1.0         
      System Validation        4.0          1.0       6.0          1.0         
      Program/Data Preparation 4.0          0.5       4.0          0.3         
      Unit Testing             2.0          0.3       0.0          0.0         
      System Testing           4.0          0.2       0.0          0.1         
      Acceptance Testing/                                                      
        Certification          4.0          0.5       4.0          0.5         
      System Documentation     2.0          0.5       6.0          0.2         
      Training Planning        6.0          0.0       4.0          0.1         
      Training Coordination/                                                   
        Administration         2.0          0.1       2.0          0.1         
      ADP Support Training     -.-          -.-       -.-          -.-         
      End-user Training        -.-          -.-       -.-          -.-         
      Post-Transition/Cleanup  2.0          0.1       0.0          0.1         
      TOTAL                    38.0          4.2      34.0         3.4