Order No.:  1370.93                                                      
           Date:  08/17/2004                                                   
             By:  APA-1                                                        
        SUBJECT:  FAA WEB MANAGEMENT                                           
      1.  Purpose of this order?                                               
      This order establishes a centralized Web Management Program for          
      the FAA and gives overall responsibility for managing the program        
      to the Office of Public Affairs (APA), Web Management Staff.  It         
      assigns responsibilities and sets policies for the entire FAA            
      web.  It authorizes APA to establish mandatory standards,                
      procedures, and requirements for the FAA web that all FAA Lines          
      of Business (LOB) and Staff Offices must follow.                         
      2.  Who this order affects?                                              
      Anyone who develops or maintains websites within or for the FAA          
      must comply with this order.  Managers at all levels must make           
      sure that each website belonging to their organization supports          
      and follows FAA Web Management Program requirements.                     
      3.  What is the FAA web?                                                 
      The FAA web refers to all FAA websites.  The FAA has two types of        
      websites:  one for the public; and the other for FAA employees.          
      Both provide information and web-enabled business applications or        
      services.  The FAA web includes all publicly available                   
      (internet), access-controlled, and intranet websites for which           
      FAA organizations have primary content responsibility, whether           
      they are on the faa.gov server, another FAA-owned or leased              
      server, an intranet server or a server belonging to a contractor         
      supporting an FAA website.                                               
        a.  Public website:  The audience for the FAA public website           
      includes the general public, members of the aviation industry,           
      current and potential business partners, members of Congress and         
      their staffs and other government agencies at the federal, state         
      and local level.  Only content for the public appears on this            
      website.  The homepage for the FAA public website is www.faa.gov.        
        b.  Employee website:  FAA employees are the audience for the          
      FAA employee website.  The provisions of this order covers the           
      employee website, unless otherwise noted.  The homepage for the          
      employee website is http://employees.faa.gov.                            
      4.  What are the goals of FAA's website for the public?                  
      The FAA website for the public is our "face to the world."  The          
      goals of the website are to:                                             
        a.  Support our mission and programs and help us accomplish our        
      strategic goals and objectives;                                          
        b.  Improve customer service by providing information and              
      services to the public;                                                  
        c.  Represent the agency accurately and effectively; and               
        d.  Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of FAA                    
      communication and business processes.                                    
      5.  What are the goals of FAA's website for employees?                   
      The FAA website for employees is a management tool to foster             
      internal communication on policy and procedural matters; provide         
      information and tools employees need to do their jobs and                
      information about their jobs; and help conduct internal business         
      processes more efficiently and effectively.                              
      6.  What is the structure of the FAA's web program?                      
        a.  The FAA Web Manager leads the Web Management Staff and             
      chairs the Web Council and the Web Steering Committee.                   
        b.  The Web Council is made up of the designated Web Liaison           
      for each FAA organization and a representative from the Office of        
      the Administrator.                                                       
        c.  The Web Council Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee        
      is a subset of the Web Council.  The Web Liaisons of the                 
      following organizations serve on the Steering Committee:                 
            o  Administrator's Representative;                                 
            o  Chief Operating Officer - Air Traffic Organization;             
            o  Associate Administrator for Regulation and                      
            o  Associate Administrator for Regions and Center                  
            o  Associate Administrator for Airports;                           
            o  Assistant Administrator for Information Services/Chief          
               Information Officer.                                            
            o  The FAA Web Manager may appoint up to three additional          
      7.  Who is responsible for specific FAA web functions?                   
        a.  The Office of Public Affairs provides direction on                 
      information that should be made available to the public on the           
      FAA public website homepage and to employees on the employee             
      website homepage; and provides administrative support to the Web         
      Management Staff.                                                        
        b.  The FAA Web Manager is the information architect of the FAA        
      web and has primary responsibility for managing the corporate web        
      function.  The FAA Web Manager is responsible for content                
      management, design and development and web infrastructure                
      operations.  With the support of the Web Management Staff, the           
      Web Manager:                                                             
            (1)  Develops strategies and goals for the web management          
            (2)  Develops, issues and oversees the implementation of           
            policies, procedures, standards and guidelines for web             
            content, design and development that agency websites must          
            (3)  Develops, justifies and manages the web program               
            budget, including technical support for the FAA web.  LOBs         
            and Staff Offices may provide their own technical support;         
            (4)  Provides direction, guidance, training and assistance         
            to FAA organizations to improve FAA websites;                      
            (5)  Develops and manages the content for FAA's homepage;          
            (6)  Chairs and supports the Web Council and the Web               
            Council Steering Committee;                                        
            (7)  Manages FAA's web marketing and outreach efforts and          
            seeks feedback from the public and FAA employees to make           
            continuous improvements to the FAA web; and                        
            (8)  Represents and coordinates Agency involvement in              
            Departmental, interagency and other outside efforts that           
            impact the FAA web.                                                
        c.  Assistant Administrator for Information Services/Chief             
      Information Officer (AIO):                                               
            (1)  Serves as the overall lead for the FAA Information            
            Technology strategy and its implementation.                        
            (2)  Serves as the Chair of the Information Technology             
            Executive Board (ITEB).  The ITEB oversees the IT                  
            investment strategy for the FAA and approves changes to the        
            FAA web infrastructure as part of the FAA Enterprise               
            (3)  Sets policies, standards, procedures and other                
            requirements for E-Government, Enterprise Architecture,            
            Section 508 and Information System Security, and the               
            technical infrastructure to support the operation of the           
            FAA web.                                                           
        d.  Heads of the Lines of Business and Staff Offices:                  
            (1)  Designate, in writing, a single high-level point of           
            contact to serve as Web Liaison and manager of websites for        
            their respective organizations.  The designated Web Liaison        
            must be a federal employee and should have authority to            
            manage web initiatives throughout the organization and make        
            web related decisions for the organization.                        
            (2)  Ensure that their Web Liaison has the support and             
            cooperation within the organization needed to carry out            
            their duties and responsibilities successfully.                    
            (3)  Follow procedures issued by the FAA Web Manager to            
            register all existing websites within their organization           
            within six months of the date of this order; and to                
            register all new websites before you launch them.                  
            (4)  Certify to the FAA Administrator, beginning one year          
            from the date of this order, and by September 30 each year         
            after that, that each webpage on your websites is accurate,        
            current, and meets FAA web standards and requirements.  The        
            FAA Web Manager will issue instructions on the                     
            certification process.                                             
            (5)  Implement and manage organization-specific,                   
            web-enabled applications consistent with the content,              
            design and development standards established by the FAA Web        
            Manager and web infrastructure standards approved by the           
        e.  FAA Web Liaisons work with the FAA Web Manager to develop          
      and organize web content and carry out other web management              
      functions in their organization.  Web Liaisons:                          
            (1)  Lead efforts and establish processes within their             
            organizations to implement FAA web standards, procedures           
            and other guidelines and requirements;                             
            (2)  Ensure that web content (documents and information)           
            posted on their sites follow FAA web policies, standards           
            and guidelines and are coordinated properly within the             
            organization before they are posted and is reviewed                
            regularly to make sure it is current and accurate and that         
            obsolete content is removed promptly;                              
            (3)  Represent their organization on the Web Council; and          
            (4)  Advocate for more effective use of the FAA web.               
        f.  The Web Council supports and assists the FAA Web Manager in        
      developing and improving the FAA web.  The Web Council meets at          
      least quarterly.  Each year, it selects a Vice Chair to serve for        
      the next year.  Web Council members:                                     
            (1)  Serve as advocates for the FAA web;                           
            (2)  Help the FAA Web Manager implement web policy and             
            agency-wide web initiatives,                                       
            (3)  Promote the FAA website to our audience; and                  
            (4)  Get feedback from our audience.                               
        g.  The Web Council Steering Committee advises the FAA Web             
      Manager on web management policy and procedural matters.  It             
      serves as an executive board of the Web Council that reviews web         
      policy, procedures and guidance and provides advice to the FAA           
      Web Manager.  It meets at least monthly.  Each year, it selects a        
      Vice Chair to serve for the next year.  The Steering Committee:          
            (1)  Provides advice and recommendations to the FAA Web            
            Manager on ways to improve the FAA web;                            
            (2)  Advises the FAA Web Manager on web policy, web                
            procedures, design and content standards and guidance; and,        
            (3)  Represents the agency, as requested by the FAA Web            
            Manager, on Departmental and interagency efforts related to        
            the web.                                                           
      8.  Administrative Matters.                                              
        a.  What is the distribution of this order?  All Assistant and         
      Associate Administrators, the Air Traffic Organization Chief             
      Operating Officer and Vice Presidents, Regional Administrators,          
      Center Directors and Directors.                                          
        b.  Who has authority to change, revise, or cancel this order?         
      The Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs may change, revise        
      or cancel this order.                                                    
        c.  Does this Order replace any earlier orders or notices?             
      This Order replaces Notice 1370.40, which expired 10/1/2003.             
        d.  Where can I find web related standards I must implement?           
      You can find web content, design templates, publishing standards         
      and style guides and other instructions and procedures on the FAA        
      Web Management website established by the FAA Web Manager.  The          
      Web Management website is at                                             
      Originally signed by,                                                    
      Marion C. Blakey                                                         
      Federal Aviation Administration