Order No.:  1380.54                                                      
           Date:  7/1/98                                                       
             By:  AFS-900                                                      
        Subject:  VITAL INFORMATION SUBSYSTEM                                  
      1.   PURPOSE.  This order establishes the organizational and             
      procedural framework for implementing and maintaining the Vital          
      Information Subsystem (VIS) and the National Vital Information           
      Subsystem (NVIS) and incorporates by reference the VIS Procedures        
      Manual (VPM).                                                            
      2.   DISTRIBUTION.  This order is distributed to the Associate           
      Administrator for Regulation and Certification; to the branch            
      level in the Washington headquarters Flight Standards Service; to        
      the Program Director, FAA Academy, and to the Regulatory                 
      Standards Division at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center; to          
      all regional administrators; to the branch level in the regional         
      Flight Standards divisions; and to all Flight Standards field            
      3.   BACKGROUND.                                                         
           a.   The VIS is a subsystem of the Flight Standards                 
      Automation System (FSAS), an element of the Aviation Safety              
      Analysis System (ASAS), providing a comprehensive data base of           
      air operators, air agencies, aircraft, airmen, and facilities            
      under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) jurisdiction.  Field         
      office personnel may perform data-base maintenance functions,            
      create ad hoc reports, access and print standard reports, and            
      maintain or update the air operator, air agency, aircraft,               
      airmen, and facility information.  VIS provides an automated             
      method of storage and retrieval of data within Flight Standards          
      Service and the FAA.                                                     
           b.   NVIS provides the data-base link to the National               
      Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (NPTRS) that enables the        
      Flight Standards Service to manage human resources and the               
      regional and field office surveillance work programs effectively.        
           c.   NVIS provides a broad description of air operator and          
      air agency operational data for the Flight Standards Service.            
      Information includes the environmental ancillary files that              
      identify the following data by the field office's identifier             
      code:  the air carrier/air agency name, designator code, airport         
      identifier, the air carrier's or air agency's operating                  
      certificate, maintenance and operations facilities (as                   
      applicable), and contractor information.  NVIS is available to           
      all Flight Standards offices.                                            
           d.   VIS is a flagship data-base system that provides an            
      automated two-way flow of information for all levels within              
      Flight Standards.  VIS has been developed nationally to                  
      incorporate new capabilities and enhancements resulting from             
      technological advances.  Revisions to VIS are released as new            
      versions of FSAS software to all Flight Standards offices.               
      4.   IMPLEMENTATION.                                                     
           a.   All levels of the Flight Standards Service will                
      implement and maintain the VIS in accordance with the procedures         
      and guidelines set forth in the VPM.                                     
           b.   The Flight Standards Service and regional Flight               
      Standards divisions shall appoint at least two staff members (an         
      operations specialist and an airworthiness specialist) to provide        
      subsystem guidance to headquarters, regional, and field office           
      personnel on a continuing basis.  In addition, regional Flight           
      Standards divisions should appoint a person to provide subsystem         
      guidance to administrative personnel.  The regional FSAS System          
      Administrator may be the point of contact for guidance concerning        
           c.   National/regional/division/branch managers and managers        
      of Flight Standards field offices are, in accordance with                
      instructions from the next higher level of authority, responsible        
      for the implementation, maintenance, and management of the VIS.          
      Although divisions, branches, and offices will have latitude in          
      the use of the VIS, the standardized system shall be maintained          
      in its entirety.                                                         
           d.   Since the VIS is the source data base for information          
      used for air operators, air agencies, aircraft, airmen, and              
      facilities in the development of surveillance work programs,             
      certification activities, and operations specifications, data            
      quality should be a primary focus for all offices.  Accurate             
      reporting in VIS in essential for management of the local system.        
      Managers and supervisors should establish and maintain an office         
      environment conducive to effective data quality control of the           
      VIS.  The VIS should not be altered in order to influence the            
      surveillance work programs.  Computer access to the VIS should be        
      made available to all personnel.                                         
      5.   FORMS.  There is not a standard national form to be used for        
      data entry into the VIS.  However, it is advisable to use a              
      locally devised worksheet to capture pertinent information prior         
      to adding a new air operator, air agency, aircraft, airman, or           
      facility into VIS.                                                       
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      Information.  For your convenience, this form is included at the         
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      originating office (Attn:  Directives Management Officer) for            
      consideration.  If an interpretation is needed immediately, you          
      may call the originating office for guidance.  However, you              
      should also use the FAA Form 1320-19 as a follow-up to the verbal        
      /s/ Thomas E. Stuckey                                                    
          Acting Director, Flight Standards Service                            
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