U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION                     
                        FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION                        
      SUBJECT:  CODE-SHARE SAFETY PROGRAM                                      
      1.    PURPOSE.  This order establishes the Federal Aviation              
      Administration Code-share Safety Program.  It provides guidance          
      and assigns operational responsibilities that are essential for          
      evaluating and accepting or denying a U.S. air carrier's                 
      application for Department of Transportation economic authority          
      to conduct code-share operations with foreign air carriers as            
      prescribed by Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations and other             
      statutory, regulatory, and Departmental policies.                        
      2.    DISTRIBUTION.  This order is distributed to the director           
      level in Washington headquarters and the centers; to all regional        
      administrators; to the branch level in the Flight Standards              
      Service; to the Regulatory Standards Division at the Mike                
      Monroney Aeronautical Center; to the branch level in the regional        
      Flight Standards Divisions; and to all Flight Standards field            
      3.    BACKGROUND.  The Office of the Secretary of Transportation         
      (OST) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) established          
      general code-share safety program requirements for processing a          
      foreign air carrier's application for economic authority for             
      operations into the United States.  On February 29, 2000, OST/FAA        
      issued the program guidelines that describe the method for U.S.          
      air carriers to address the level of safety of the U.S. code-            
      share program and the minimum requirements for an accepted OST           
      code-share audit program.                                                
      4.    RESPONSIBILITIES.  The Flight Standards Service is                 
      responsible for the code-share application review process and all        
      related regulations, standards, and guidance material.  The              
      International Programs and Policy Office, AFS-50, is responsible         
      for the implementation, administration, and program oversight.           
      All FAA personnel involved with planning, management, or                 
      implementation of the Code-share Safety Program are responsible          
      for adherence to this order.                                             
      5.    GUIDELINES.  Program elements and specific criteria are            
      contained in OST/FAA Code-share Safety Program Guidelines.               
      OST/FAA Code-share Safety Program Guidelines can be accessed on          
      the Internet at Uniform Resource Locator address                         
      6.    INTERNET.  This order can be accessed on the Internet at           
      Uniform Resource Locator address                                         
      /s/ Ava L. Mims                                                          
          Acting Director, Flight Standards Service