October 31, 1973          
           By:  AAM-400                                                        
      SUBJECT:  CONTROL AND DISPOSITION OF NARCOTICS                           
                AND DANGEROUS DRUGS                                            
      1.   PURPOSE.  This order redefines uniform procedures for               
           controlling and accounting for narcotics and dangerous              
           drugs, and applies to all Federal Aviation Administration           
           clinical activities which stock, administer and dispense            
           these items.  This includes all drugs listed under Schedule         
           I, II, III, IV, and V Substances as published by the new            
           Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs of the Justice              
           Department in their Controlled Substances Inventory List.           
           U. S. Code of Regulations, Title 21, Food and Drug, Part 301        
           through Part 316, implements the Regulations of the                 
           Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970,        
           P.L. 91-513.                                                        
      2.   DISTRIBUTION.  This order is distributed to the following           
           FAA medical offices that handle narcotics and dangerous             
           drugs:  All Regional Flight Surgeons (who will make                 
           distribution to the Assistant Regional Flight Surgeons in           
           the Air Route Traffic Control (Centers); to the Chief,              
           Washington Medical Clinic, the Chief, Aeronautical Center           
           Aeromedical Clinic Branch, and the Chief, NAFEC Medical             
           Staff; also to the Washington National Airport and Dulles           
           International Airport First Aid Branches, Information copies        
           are furnished to the Chief, Civil Aeromedical Institute, the        
           Washington National and Dulles International Airport                
           managers, and the Chief of the Aeromedical Services Division        
           In Washington.                                                      
      3.   CANCELLATION.  Order 9000.2 is canceled.                            
           Procurement, maintenance and dispensing of drugs or                 
           controlled substances listed in Schedule I and II Substances        
           shall be in compliance with the above references.  An               
           itemized account shall be maintained of all narcotics and           
           dangerous drugs as listed in Schedules I and II when                
           received, dispensed, destroyed and remaining on hand in each        
           Clinic or Health Unit or at any other location within the           
           agency where such items are maintained, prescribed and              
           available.  A quarterly inventory shall be maintained of all        
           drugs which require the use of Bureau of Narcotics and              
           Dangerous Drugs Form 222c (Schedule I and II Substances) for        
           procurement and for any other drug determined by the                
           responsible physicians to require these control procedures.         
           A separate itemization shall be furnished for each item on          
           hand.  All other drugs under Schedule III, IV, and V                
           Substances should be inventoried biennially (Section 304.13)        
           using the Controlled Substances Inventory List.                     
      5.   PRESCRIPTIONS AND DISPENSING.  Any drugs under Schedule I,          
           II, III, and IV Substances may be issued and dispensed only         
           by an individual practitioner who is:                               
           a.   Authorized to prescribe controlled substances by proper        
                registration with the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous        
                Drugs in the jurisdiction in which he is licensed to           
                practice his profession and                                    
           b.   Registered as government medical officer having filed          
                an application for registration under paragraphs 3 and         
                6 of this application, "Certification of Exempt                
                Official," (Form BND-224).                                     
      6.   DESIGNATION OF INVENTORY OFFICER.  An Inventory Officer             
           shall be designated for each location where drugs are               
           received, stocked, and dispensed.                                   
      7.   DUTIES OF INVENTORY OFFICER.                                        
           a.   Inventory.  This official shall perform a quarterly            
                inventory on the last working day of March, June,              
                September, and December of each year of drug items             
                under Schedules I and II.  On the quarterly inventory,         
                the appointed officer shall sign his name under the            
                last entry and indicate that, on the date shown, the           
                balance is correct.                                            
           b.   Discrepancies.                                                 
                (1)  Error.  Any discrepancies traceable to                    
                     arithmetical error which may occur on the                 
                     inventory statement shall be noted by the                 
                     Inventory Officer, adjustment made to compensate          
                     for the error, and all pertinent entries initialed        
                     and dated by him.                                         
                (2)  Shortage.  In the event of a discrepancy due to an        
                     actual shortage, the Inventory Officer shall              
                     notify the responsible physician, in writing,             
                     giving all known details.  The physician in turn          
                     will notify the District Supervisor of the                
                     Regional Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs          
                     and the responsible Air Transport Security                
                     elements.  An investigation shall be conducted by         
                     the responsible Air Transport Security elements           
                     and a detailed written report shall be forwarded          
                     to the Regional/Center Director or the Manager,           
                     National Capital Airports, as appropriate, and the        
                     Federal Air Surgeon.                                      
      8.   STORAGE.  All narcotics and hypnotics shall be kept in a            
           narcotics vault or appropriate containers approved by the           
           local Security element.  It is suggested that a 4/5 drawer          
           steel file cabinet be used, equipped with a steel locking           
           bar arrangement with Sargent Greenleaf Combination Padlock.         
           Single units of drugs kept immediately available on                 
           emergency trays shall be afforded appropriate security.             
      9.   CONTAMINATION OR BREAKAGE.  If any narcotic is lost or              
           rendered unusable through breakage of the container or other        
           accident, the responsible physician shall immediately submit        
           a signed statement as to the kinds and quantities of                
           narcotics lost or destroyed to the Regional Bureau of               
           Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.  A copy of this statement            
           shall be retained and filed with the other narcotics                
      10.  UNDESIRED OR EXCESS NARCOTICS.  Undesired or excess                 
           narcotics must be either shipped to the Regional Bureau of          
           Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs or destroyed in the presence          
           of a narcotics agent of this Bureau.                                
      11.  USE OF FORM.  The entries and accountable procedures on FAA         
           Form 9000-1, "Control and Disposition of Narcotics and              
           Dangerous Drugs," of Schedules I and II shall be maintained         
           in a uniform manner as follows:                                     
           a.   Location.  Under the heading "Location," enter the             
                physical location of the facility.                             
           b.   Received By.  Under the heading "Received By," enter           
                the signature of the person who initially receives the         
                items.  If the person whose signature is in this block         
                leaves the organization, he shall, prior to leaving,           
                request an inventory of those items for which he is            
                responsible and on the form, below the last balance, he        
                shall enter the date, state that the item has been             
                inventoried and the balance is correct as shown, and           
                sign his name.  This entry shall be verified and signed        
                by the appointed inventory official.                           
           c.   Continuation of Form.  The form shall continue to be           
                used as long as available space exists.  If an                 
                additional quantity of drugs is purchased, the quantity        
                received shall be carried forward and included with the        
                quantity on hand.  Also, the initiation of a                   
                continuation form shall include the last balance on the        
                completed form.                                                
      12.  AVAILABILITY OF FORM.  FAA Form 9000-1, "Control and                
           Disposition of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs," replaces FAA         
           Form 3107, "Control and Disposition of Narcotics and                
           Hypnotics," which will be used until the stock is exhausted.        
           The form will be stocked in the FAA Depot, FSN                      
           0052-605-2001, unit of issue:  Sheet.                               
      13.  DISPOSITION OF COMPLETED FORM.  Each completed form shall be        
           retained on file in the originating organization for a              
           period of two years after the last entry date is made on the        
      /s/ H.W. Reighard, M.D.                                                  
      for P.V. SIEGEL, M.D.                                                    
          Federal Air Surgeon