OA 3330.9        
           by:  PO-1                                                           
      SUBJECT:  COORDINATION OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES                            
      1.   PURPOSE.  This order establishes a procedure for                    
           coordinating economic activities within the Agency.                 
      2.   BACKGROUND.  The Office of Policy Development is the central        
           staff office responsible for policy and economic planning           
           within the Agency.  It conducts broad economic studies              
           relative to all aspects of the aviation industry, provides          
           the Agency with economic forecasts and makes economic               
           analyses of proposed development projects.  Other offices           
           and services in the Agency have requirements for specialized        
           economic analyses or studies within their own areas of              
           responsibility which are met by contract or by direct               
           employment of an economist by the office or service                 
           concerned.  In order to conserve our resources and maximize         
           our utilization of manpower, it is essential that all               
           economic activities be closely coordinated.                         
      3.   POLICY.  To the fullest extent possible, the Agency's               
           requirements for economic studies and analyses, or                  
           professional judgments of economists will be met by the             
           Office of Policy Development.  Other offices and services           
           may establish economist positions or hire economists in             
           their professional capacity only in those instances in which        
           there is a fulltime and continuing need for economic                
           analyses or studies limited in application to the                   
           operational responsibilities of that office or service.             
           Before approving the establishment of such positions, the           
           Office of Budget will obtain the concurrence of the Office          
           of Policy Development.  No office or service shall offer an         
           appointment to any person being employed as an economist            
           without previously consulting with the Office of Policy             
           Development concerning the qualifications of candidates and         
           the duties to be performed.  Operating personnel offices            
           shall not process appointments to positions in the economist        
           series without evidence that such consultation with the             
           Office of Policy Development has taken place.                       
           To avoid unnecessary duplication and assure that maximum            
           benefits are derived from each economic study, whether              
           performed in-house or by contract, no such study shall be           
           initiated or contract let without the prior concurrence of          
           the Office of Policy Development.                                   
                                     /s/ N. E. Halaby