Federal Aviation

MMEL Policy Letter 05, Revision 1


August 15, 1997


All Region Flight Standards Division Managers
All Aircraft Evaluation Group Managers


Manager, Air Transportation Division, AFS-200

Reply to Attn of:

Manager, Technical Programs Branch, AFS-260


Takeoff Warning Systems


27  (Flight Controls)


Previous Policy Letter 5 (Item 7), dated January 29, 1980. Original signed by R. L. Collie.


To clarify Agency policy that Takeoff Warning Systems may never be inoperative.


This policy letter restates an early MMEL policy that was previously contained in PL-5 dated 1/29/80 concerning takeoff warning systems.  The policy title also included surface position indicators; however, no surface position indicators information was contained in the policy, so the title is amended to only address takeoff warning systems. Prior to Federal Aviation Regulation 25.703, takeoff warning systems were not required for certification. As a result, takeoff warning systems were on the MMELs allowing them to be inoperative for dispatch. Because of takeoff accidents where the retraction and/or miss-settings of lift devices have been involved, such items were deleted from the MMEL for certain aircraft (B-747, DC-10) to avoid a possible accident.


Considering past takeoff accidents and in an effort to preclude similar accidents in future, the FOPB has determined that air carrier aircraft may not be dispatched with inoperative takeoff warning systems. Any takeoff warning systems listed in an existing MMEL must be removed.


Each Flight Operations Evaluation Board (FOEB) Chairman should apply this Policy to affected MMELs through the normal FOEB process.




Air Transportation Division, AFS-200



PL-5, R 1 reformatted 01/20/2010 with no change in content.