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MMEL Policy Letter 26, Revision 1


August 15, 1997


All Region Flight Standards Division Managers
All Aircraft Evaluation Group Managers


Manager, Air Transportation Division, AFS-200

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Manager, Technical Programs Branch, AFS-260


Thrust Reversers on Small Turbojet Airplanes




Policy Letter 26, dated May 14, 1987. Original signed by Daniel C. Beaudette.


The following guidance is to provide the agency policy on MEL requirements for thrust reversers on small turbojet airplanes.


Revision 1 reformats policy letter 26 with no change to policy.


Previous Policy Letter 26, dated May 14, 1987 covered thrust reversers and anti-skid systems for small turbojet airplanes.  However, it did not provide any policy for anti- skid, thus the title has been changed to address only thrust reversers.  In addition, other editorial changes have been made.


Unlike most larger turbojet airplanes, small turbojets may have had thrust reversers installed only at the customer's request. It is proper to continue to encourage the installations of optional safety-related equipment by providing prudent MMEL relief.  In this case, before relief is granted, the Flight Operations Evaluation Board (FOEB) should determine that the AFM includes procedures for operations with one or more thrust reversers inoperative.  This determination need not be based on the availability of an operational anti-skid system or other similar considerations.



Turbojet airplanes certificated for no more that 19 passenger seats or a 7,000 pound payload may be granted MMEL relief for thrust reversers if procedures for inoperative thrust reversers are established in the AFM. The FOEB should prescribe provisos concerning deactivation of the thrust reversers and any additional operational considerations not addressed in the AFM.


Please review all MMEL's for which you are responsible and apply this policy to affected MMEL's through the normal Flight Operations Evaluation Board revision process.



Air Transportation Division AFS-200


PL-26, R 1 reformatted 01/20/2010 with no change to content.