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MMEL Policy Letter (PL) 47 Revision 2


October 17, 2011


All Region Flight Standards Division Managers
All Aircraft Evaluation Group Managers


Manager, Air Transportation Division, AFS-200

Reply to Attn of:

Manager, Technical Programs Branch, AFS-260


Megaphone MMEL Requirements


25 (Equipment and Furnishings)


Revision 1, dated 15 August 1997

PL-47 Original, not dated, signed by David R. Harrington


To provide standardized MMEL requirements for cabin megaphones.


Revision 2 adds requirement to remove or obscure the megaphone placard.

Revision 1 reformatted PL  47 and changes repair category C to D with no change to policy.

Megaphones are required by CFR 121.309 (f) for passenger carrying operations.  The number required is one (1) for airplanes with a seating capacity of more than 60 and less than 100 passengers, and two (2) for airplanes with seating capacity of more than 99 passengers.  MMEL relief for inoperative or missing megaphones can therefore only be applied for units that are carried in excess of the regulatory requirement.  COMBI type operations are required a megaphone, the quantity corresponding to the number of passenger seats installed.  The regulation does not extend the megaphone requirement to all-cargo type operations.


To ensure that the requirements set forth in the CFRs are met, the FOPB has determined that the number of megaphones required by regulation must be installed and fully functional.  Megaphones in excess of the number required may be granted relief.



The following standard MMEL proviso and repair category is adopted to provide standardization among all MMELs.

25 (Equipment and Furnishings)










Any in excess of those required by FAR may be inoperative or missing provided:

a)            Inoperative megaphone is removed from the passenger cabin,

b)          Associated placard is removed or obscured, and

c)            Required distribution is maintained.



Each FOEB Chairman should apply this Policy to affected MMELs through the normal FOEB process.














John S. Duncan

Manager, Air Transportation Division