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Airport Assessment Aid for Determining Special PIC Qualification Airport Designation OPSS AAA
Change 479 to 8900.1 -- Dated 09/13/2016 8900.1,CHG479
Change 492 to 8900.1 -- Dated 11/09/2016 8900.1,CHG492
Change 528 to 8900.1 -- Dated 5/5/2017 8900.1,CHG528
Change 539 to 8900.1 -- Dated 8/4/2017 8900.1,CHG539
Change 568 to 8900.1 -- Dated 1/8/2018 8900.1,CHG568
Change 626 to 8900.1 -- Dated 10/4/2018 8900.1,CHG626
Change 632 to 8900.1 -- Dated 11/15/18 8900.1,CHG632
Change 660 to 8900.1 -- Dated 5/3/19 8900.1,CHG660
Definitions 8900.1,Vol.1,Ch1,Sec2
Designation of Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program (VDRP) Information As Protected From Public Disclosure Under 14 CFR Part 193 8000.89_CHG_1
EMB-135, EMB-145 Commercial Designations: ERJ-135, ERJ-140, ERJ-145, Legacy, Rev. 18 Date -- 07/14/2020 M EMB-135_145 R18
FAA Computer Databases 8900.1,Vol.1,Ch1,Sec4
FAA Directives Management VS Supplement 1320.1_VS_SUP_1
Flight Standards Aviation Safety Inspector (Operations) Risk Management 8900.1,Vol.1,Ch3,Sec8
Flight Standards Inspector Resource Program 8900.1,Vol.1,Ch3,Sec5
General Order Information 8900.1,Vol.1,Ch1,Sec1
Instrument Landing System and Ancillary Electronic Component Configuration and Performance Requirements 6750.24_E_CHG_3
Operations Inspector Qualifications and Currency Overview 8900.1,Vol.1,Ch3,Sec6
Personal Ethics and Conduct 8900.1,Vol.1,Ch3,Sec2
Safety Assurance System: Acronyms and Abbreviations 8900.1,Vol.1,Ch1,Sec3_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Approved Weather Sources and Specific Regulatory Requirements—Parts 91K, 121, 125, and 135 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch26,Sec1_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Authorize Aircraft for Operations Specification/Management Specification D085 for Parts 91K, 121, 125, and 135 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch18,Sec13_SAS
Safety Assurance System: Responsibilities of Aviation Safety Inspectors 8900.1,Vol.1,Ch3,Sec1_SAS