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V3 - General Technical Administration|SAS Peer Groups|
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Applicability and Enforcement of Manufacturer's Data 8620.2_B
Change 617 to 8900.1 -- Dated 09/11/2018 8900.1,CHG617
Change 621 to 8900.1 -- Dated 09/14/2018 8900.1,CHG621
Change 630 to 8900.1 -- Dated 11/7/18 8900.1,CHG630
Change 635 to 8900.1 -- Dated 12/4/18 8900.1,CHG635
Change 640 to 8900.1 -- Dated 12/19/18 8900.1,CHG640
Change 642 to 8900.1 -- Dated 12/20/18 8900.1,CHG642
Change 645 to 8900.1 -- Dated 1/29/19 8900.1,CHG645
Change 715 to 8900.1 -- Dated 7/29/2020 8900.1,CHG715
Change 733 to 8900.1 -- Dated 11/25/2020 8900.1,CHG733
Change 734 to 8900.1 -- Dated 12/03/2020 8900.1,CHG734
Change 739 to 8900.1 -- Dated 01/28/2021 8900.1,CHG739
Conduct LVO/SMGCS Airport Initial Evaluation (a portion of which is completed at night) to Compare the Plan & LVO/SMGCS Taxi Chart to the Airfield AT JTA 5.3.4
Coordinate with Appropriate Internal/External Organizations on Development of the Procedure and Participate in the PRB to Verify Equivalent Level of Safety AT JTA 5.5.2
Grant Final FAA Operational Acceptance of LVO/SMGCS for the Airport and Prepare Letter for Management Signature AT JTA 5.3.5
Low Visibility Operations/Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (LVO/SMGCS) AT JTA 5.3
Manage the Special IFP in accordance with Order 8260.60 AT JTA 5.5.4
OpSpec C052, Straight-in Non-Precision, APV, and Category I Precision Approach and Landing Minima – All U.S. Airports (Date - 9/9/2020) N 8900.561
Provide Technical Advice on the Written Plan to the Airport LVO/SMGCS Working Group AT JTA 5.3.1
Receive Approved Special IFP and Validate Distribution Only to Qualified User/Proponent through the Principal Inspector and FAA Lines of Business AT JTA 5.5.3
Receive Request for Special IFP and Serve as the Single Point of Contact as Non-FAA Procedures Developers or FAA Procedures Office Assesses Feasibility AT JTA 5.5.1
Review and Interim Acceptance of the LVO/SMGCS Written Plan AT JTA 5.3.2
Review LVO/SMGCS Written Plan and Overall Operation Periodically to Identify Needed Changes and Safety Enhancements AT JTA 5.3.6
Revised FAA-Approved Deicing Program Updates, Winter 2020-2021 (Date - 8/11/2020) N 8900.557
Runway Visual Range (RVR) 6560.10_D
Special Instrument Flight Procedures AT JTA 5.5