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A-109 Series, Rev. 7 Date -- 08/12/2015 M A-109 R7
A-109 Series, Rev. 7a Date -- 07/01/2016 M A-109 R7a
A-109SP, Rev. 2 Date -- 03/23/2014 M A-109SP R2
A-109S, Rev. 3 Date -- 11/08/2019 M A-109S R3
A-119, Rev. 6 Date -- 05/24/2022 M A-119 R6
A-300 B2/B4, Rev. 15 Date -- 02/23/2005 M A-300 R15
A-318/A-319/A-320/A-321, Rev. 29 Date -- 05/18/2021 M A-320 R29
A-330, Rev. 21 Date -- 10/01/2021 M A-330 R21
A-340-200/300, Rev. 0 Date -- 05/30/2008 M A-340 R0
A-380-800, Rev. 0 Date -- 08/31/2009 M A-380-800 R0
A-500, Part 91, Rev. 0 Date -- 06/07/2007 M A500 R0 Pt91
A-500, Rev. 0 Date -- 06/08/2007 M A500 R0
A300-600, A310, Rev. 22 Date -- 04/19/2021 M A-300-600, A-310 R22
AB-139/AW-139, Rev. 4 Date -- 03/31/2014 M AB-139 R4
Aborted Takeoff Demonstration Procedures 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch30,Sec3_SAS
Accept or Reject an Application for a Student Pilot Certificate 8900.1,Vol.5,Ch2,Sec6
Accept the LVO/SMGCS Taxi Chart AT JTA 5.3.3
Access to Public and Private Airports, Landing Strips, and Other Areas Used for Operation of Aircraft 8900.1,Vol.1,Ch3,Sec3
Accident Investigations 8900.1,Vol.7,Ch1,Sec1
Accident Reporting—Civil 8900.1,Vol.16,Ch4,Sec6
Accidents, Incidents, Near Midair Collision (NMAC), Pilot Deviation (PD), and Compliant Investigation (Includes Part 375) 8900.1,Vol.12,Ch4,Sec15
Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation—Public 8900.1,Vol.16,Ch4,Sec7
Accountable Executive Review Design Demonstration (AW) SMS AERDD (AW) Rev 2.0
Accountable Executive Review Design Demonstration (OP) SMS AERDD (OP) Rev 2.0
Add an Aircraft to an Existing Air Carrier Operating Certificate under 14 CFR Part 121 AT JTA 3.3.2 (OP)
Add an Aircraft to an Existing Certificate under 14 CFR Part 133 GA JTA 3.3.190 (OP)
Adding Email Fields to OpSpecs/MSpecs/LOAs A001, A006, and A007 (Date - 9/1/2021) N 8900.596
Additional Training Supplemental Information 8900.1,Vol.14,Ch3,Sec2
Administer a 14 CFR Part 133 Chief Pilot Knowledge and Skill Test GA JTA 3.3.103 (OP)
Administer a Practical Test for a Title 14 CFR Part 61 Initial, Renewal, or Reinstatement for a Flight Instructor with a Sport Pilot Rating 8900.1,Vol.5,Ch2,Sec12
ADR GF-6000 EFB FSB -- Date 11/16/2006 FSB ADR
ADS-B Focus Team ADS-B Focus Team
Advanced Data Research FG-3600, FG-5000 Class 2 EFB -- Date 09/13/2005 FSB EMB-135 ADR
Adverse Weather Phenomena Reporting and Forecast Systems 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch26,Sec3
Aeronautical Charting Forum 7910.5_D
Aeronautical Charting Forum 7910.5D (Also TERPS)
AFS Focus Team Compliance Philosophy Focus Team Charter AFS-FTcomPhilFTC
AFS Focus Team Introduction and Concept AFS-FTIntoandCon
Agusta AB-139 -- Date 03/31/2009 FSB AB-139
AgustaWestland S.p.A -- Date 01/23/2015 FSB AW-189
Air Carrier Commercial Operator Certificate Determinations, Types of Certificates, and Applicable Rules 8900.1,Vol.2,Ch2,Sec2
Air Carrier Economic Authority and Aircraft Accident Liability Insurance 8900.1,Vol.2,Ch2,Sec4
Air Carrier Management Effectiveness 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch28,Sec1
Air Navigation Approval Requirements 8900.1,Vol.4,Ch1,Sec2
Air Tour Management Plans and Interim Operating Authority for New Entrant or Amended Commercial Air Tour Operators Over National Parks 8900.1,Vol.11,Ch9,Sec3
Air Tour Management Plans: Background and General Information 8900.1,Vol.11,Ch9,Sec1
Air Tour Management Plans: Flight Operations Subject to Interim Operating Authority and Air Tour Management Plans 8900.1,Vol.11,Ch9,Sec2
Air Tour Management Plans: Operating Authority and Federal Aviation Administration Oversight/Surveillance 8900.1,Vol.11,Ch9,Sec5
Air Tour Management Plans: Part 91 Commercial Air Tour Operators 8900.1,Vol.11,Ch9,Sec4
Air Traffic Control Specialist Health Program 3930.3_B
Airbus 320 -- Date 04/19/2019 FSB A320 Rev 6
Airbus 330 -- Date 07/26/2019 FSB A330 Rev 7
Airbus 350 -- Date 07/26/2019 FSB A350 Rev 2
Airbus A380 -- Date 03/31/2009 FSB A380
Airbus Canada Limited Partnership, Formerly Bombardier, Inc. -- Date 02/21/2020 FSB BD-500 R2
Airbus Helicopter AS332L1E, AS332C1E Flight Standardization Board Report -- Date 06/20/2014 FSB AS332
Airbus Helicopters equipped with GARMIN G500H EFIS ESI Flight Standardization Board Report -- Date 06/20/2014 FSB AS-350B3
Airbus Helicopters Inc: L3 2000 ESI/EC 130B4 -- Date 06/02/2014 FSB L3 2000ESI_EC-130B4
Airbus SAS A300-600 Series FSB A300-600 Rev 0
Airbus SAS, A350-900 Series, A350-1000 Series, All Models Date -- 05/09/2022 M A-350 R6
Aircraft Accident and Incident Notification, Investigation, and Reporting 8020.11_D
Aircraft Certification Service Delegation of Authority 8000.51_C
Aircraft Dispatcher Initial and Transition Ground Training Curriculum Segments 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch22,Sec4
Aircraft Evaluation Division 8900.1,Vol.8,Ch2,Sec2
Aircraft Evaluation Division Outreach in the Airworthiness Directives Process 8900.1,Vol.8,Ch2,Sec9
Aircraft Evaluation Group Personnel Evaluating the Acceptability of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) 8900.1,Vol.8,Ch5,Sec14
Aircraft Evaluation Group (AEG) functions as a Liaison between an Aircraft Certification Office/Engine Certification Office (ACO/ECO) or Accountable Directorate and the Flight Standards Organization (AEG Task) AT JTA 4.1.26 (AW)
Aircraft Industries a.s. (LET) -- Date 06/25/2020 FSB L-420 Rev 0
Aircraft Industries, a.s. L-410 Turbolet L-420/L 410 UVP-E20 and L 410 UVP-E20 CARGO/L 410 NG, Rev 2 Date -- 8/10/2020 M L-410 Rev 2
Aircraft Listed on Letter of Deviation Authority J552 N 8900.605
Aircraft Noise 8900.1,Vol.11,Ch6,Sec2
Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook H-8083-1B
Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program Approval Process for 14 CFR Parts 121, 135, and 142 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch62,Sec1
Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program Approval Process for a 14 CFR Part 141 Pilot School 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch62,Sec2
Airman Qualification Requirements for Aircraft for Which the Operating Limitations Require an FAA‑issued Authorization to Act as Pilot in Command 8900.1,Vol.5,Ch9,Sec2
Airplane Flying Handbook H-8083-3B
Airport Assessment Aid for Determining Special PIC Qualification Airport Designation OPSS AAA
Airworthiness 8900.1,Vol.14,Ch3,Sec4
Airworthiness Certification of Aircraft 8130.2_J
Airworthiness Certification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Optionally Piloted Aircraft 8130.34_D
Alcohol or Drug Testing of Flight Crewmembers 8900.1,Vol.6,Ch1,Sec6
All Weather Operations Approach and Landing Concepts 8900.1,Vol.4,Ch2,Sec2_SAS
Altitude Alerting Systems PL-039
Amendment and Surrender of Operations Specifications 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch18,Sec8
Amendments to Certificates and Replacement of Lost Certificates and/or Applications 8900.1,Vol.5,Ch1,Sec7
Amendment, Surrender, Suspension, Revocation, Transfer, or Replacement of Certificates 8900.1,Vol.3,Ch34,Sec3 (CHG 758)
An Examination of Safety Reports Involving Electronic Flight Bags and Portable Electronic Devices ExamSafRepEFBaPED
Analyze and Comment on ATO Airspace Study or Non-Rule (NR) Aeronautical Study AT JTA 5.7.3
Analyze FAA Airport Airspace Proposal (NRA) and Provide Input to Airports Division on Operational Safety and Safety of Persons and Property on the Ground AT JTA 5.7.2
Appendix 14-1 Compliance Program and Airman Rights Brochure 8900.1,Vol.14,Ch1,App14-1
Appendix 14-2 Privacy Act Notice 8900.1,Vol.14,Ch1,App14-2
Appendix 14-3 Compliance Action Communication/Correspondence Guidelines 8900.1,Vol.14,Ch1,App14-3
Appendix 14-4 Compliance Action Documentation Review Job Aids 8900.1,Vol.14,Ch1,App14-4
Appendix 14-5 Guidance for Review of Enforcement Cases Under the FAA’s Compliance Program 8900.1,Vol.14,Ch1,App14-5
Applicability and Enforcement of Manufacturer's Data 8620.2_B
Applicant Generates Scoped DCT to Complete/Submit to FAA (Video 1) SAS ExPortal V1 IC
Application of Short Take Off Landing (STOL) Holding Pattern Criteria 12/06/2004