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Publications - SAS AXH Data Collection Tool (DCT)
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Expand/Collapse CategorySAS AXH DCT
Expand/Collapse Category1.0 Organizational Management
Expand/Collapse Category1.1 Safety Programs
Expand/Collapse Category1.2 Operations Management
Expand/Collapse Category2.0 Flight Operations
Expand/Collapse Category2.1 Training & Qualification
Expand/Collapse Category2.2 Aircraft Operations
Expand/Collapse Category3.0 Operational Control
Expand/Collapse Category3.1 Training Requirements
Expand/Collapse Category3.2 Flight Planning and Monitoring
Expand/Collapse Category4.0 Technical Operations
Expand/Collapse Category4.1 Training Requirements
Expand/Collapse Category4.2 Maintenance Planning & Monitoring
Expand/Collapse Category4.3 ORE Responsibilities
Expand/Collapse Category5.0 Onboard Operations
Expand/Collapse Category5.1 Training Requirements
Expand/Collapse Category5.2 Cabin Operations
Expand/Collapse Category6.0 Ground and Station Operations
Expand/Collapse Category6.1 Training Requirements
Expand/Collapse Category6.2 Hazardous Materials Acceptance - Rejection
Expand/Collapse Category6.3 Hazardous Materials Handling - Loading - Storage
Expand/Collapse CategoryCustom AXH DCT
Custom AXH DCT Special Permit - New (2 - 4/25/19)
Custom AXH DCT Special Permit - Renewal (2 - 4/25/19)
Custom AXH DCT Incident Response (3.1 - 7/9/19)
Custom AXH DCT Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) for Portable Electronic Devices (PED) in Cargo (2 - 1/6/20)