The FSIMS Homepage is the normal starting point for use of the system. The Homepage utilizes the left panel navigation elements found throughout FSIMS.

The center panel of the Homepage contains three elements:

  • Library by Subject: Displays contents of the E-Book based on library subject categories. The available subjects are Aircraft, Airmen, Air Operator, Air Agency and General.
  • Announcement Banner: Provides information from the FSIMS Program Office including updates and alerts. "
  • Recent Documents Listing: Lists documents recently added to or updated in FSIMS in the last 30 days. Click the title of any document on the list to view it. See the additional information regarding the Recent Documents List and the Document Viewer below.

Recent Documents List

To ensure that the information used is current, the FSIMS software automatically performs checks for recently added or changed documents. The Recent Document List, displayed in the center panel of your FSIMS Homepage, includes both new and modified items. The Recent Document List is filtered according to Preferences settings. The display can show all recent documents or only those matching the Job Category & Specialties information saved by the user.


Each item on the Recent Document List contains three columns of information:

  • Document #
  • Document Title
  • Issue/Revision Date

By default, FSIMS sorts the Recent Document List by Document #. The information can be re-sorted using either the Document Title column or the Issue/Rev column. To re-sort, simply click on the desired column's name or the chevron next to the column's name. FSIMS displays the current sort selection just above the Recent Documents List box.

Document Viewer

FSIMS displays documents in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) in the center panel. Each document has a bolded header at the top. The header information can include:

  • Document Number
  • Change Number
  • Document Title
  • Revision
  • Revision Date

Several option buttons are located on the Document Viewer page. The buttons are:

  • PDF: Click this button for an Adobe Acrobat version of the document, suitable for printing
  • MS Word: Click this button for a Microsoft Word version of the document, suitable for saving and printing
  • Background (available for JTA documents only): Click this button to obtain additional information concerning a job task
  • Pub Data: Click this button to see the Publication Index Card (PIC) for the document
  • New Window: Click this button to display the document in a new window that you can enlarge to a full screen view.


FSIMS provides the PDF and MS Word buttons described above for safe and easy printing of documents. Each page of a document printed generated using these options will contain a special header and footer. The header displays the document title and issue/revision date. When available, the footer shows additional information about the document, including: " Volume " Chapter " Section " Page Number FSIMS places the following warning in the footer of each page printed using the PDF or MS Word button:

Check FSIMS to verify that this version is current prior to use