The Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS) is a single-source, web-based, repository of policy and guidance available to all FAA employees.

FSIMS allows you to:

  • view policy and guidance documents
  • enhance standardization by accessing the same version of policy and guidance as other FAA employees
  • elect to view only those documents that are relevant to your technical specialty
  • navigate through the E-Book by area of interest, subject area, publication or index
  • access related regulations, orders, advisory circulars and job aids from a single source
  • retrieve only the relevant part of a document
  • satisfy all of your information needs from a single source even if you work in multiple areas of interest

All FSIMS pages are divided into two main sections:

  • Left Panel: The left panel contains navigation links to many FSIMS functions and to other resources. See the detailed Left Panel discussion below.
  • Center Panel: The center panel is where the work of FSIMS is performed and documents are displayed. The contents of the center section change depending on the navigation link selected.

Left Panel

There are nine distinct areas in the Left Panel:

  • SEARCH: Contains the Quick Search text field, a link to the Advanced Search page, and a link to saved searches
  • 8900.1 CONTENTS: Displays a listing of all active FAA Order 8900.1 Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS) documents by volume, chapter and section
  • AREAS OF INTEREST: Links to specific sections of the E-Book such as Surveillance, General Technical Functions and Risk Management
  • LIBRARY SUBJECTS: This allows you to view the E-Book sorted by subject area:  Aircraft, Airmen, Air Operator, Air Agency, or General.    
  • INDEX: Provides listings by title grouped alphabetically for E-Book, EPIs & SAIs, JTAs, Other, and All.
  • BRIDGING DOCUMENTS: This link maps information in the new E-Book to earlier versions of the Aviation Inspector handbooks 8300.10, 8400.10 and 8700.1
  • PUBLICATIONS: Contains the list of active publications.       
  • RELATED INFO: Links to the Regulatory Guidance Library, AVS Offices and Services, and Other Sites. Sites available from the AVS Offices and Services link include AVS, AFS, Aircraft Certification, Office of Aerospace Medicine, Office of Rulemaking, and Office of Accident Investigation. Sites available from the Other Sites links include Air Traffic, FSAS, NOTAMS, and IACRA, etc.
  • HELP & TRAINING: Links to the help system pages.