Selecting Publications on the left menu displays a page that allows you to view lists of all the documents available in FSIMS. Each document has an associated Publication Index Card (PIC) maintained by the FSIMS Librarian.

Links to FSIMS handbooks and bulletins that are accessible to the public are available within the Public Docs area.

The Publication List provides links to current regulatory guidance such as the E-Book, bulletins, Element Performance Inspection (EPI) data collection tools, and job training aids.

The Publication List includes an Other link that provides access to several categories of documents, including:

  • Policy System (PS) Federal Aviation Acts
  • PS Handbooks
  • Suspected Unapproved Parts Program Plan
  • FSIMS Quick Reference Guide

Expandable/Collapsible Lists

Each of the lists above uses expandable/collapsible lists. Click the + sign next to a subject of interest and the view expands to show the next sub-level for that topic. This process continues until the individual document of interest is shown. Click the - sign next to an expanded list and it will collapse.

Publication Index Cards

The FSIMS Librarian creates a Publication Index Card (PIC) for each document. The PIC contains information such as:

  • Document Location
  • Document Owner
  • Areas of Interest
  • Document Title
  • Publication Type

To view a PIC, click the Pub Data button while viewing a document.