Search Results



When you perform a Quick Search or an Advanced Search, the documents that meet your criteria display on the Search Results page, which:

  • Shows the number of documents that match your query
  • Sorts the results by document type
  • Displays the documents in groups of 100
  • Links to the documents that match your query

Search Results Page Options

The Search Results page allows you to:

  • Choose which category of documents to view
  • Enter and execute a new search
  • Sort by Document Title or Document #

Search Results List

The Search Results List sorts documents into five views. They are:

  • E-Book
  • SAIs & EPIs
  • JTAs
  • Other
  • All

The Handbook view displays by default. You can select any of the other views by simply clicking on the name of the view desired. FSIMS identifies the view currently selected by giving it a blue background.

FSIMS displays up to 100 matches on each Search Results page. If a list contains more than 100 matches, hyperlinks are provided at the top and bottom of each Search Results page.

The Full Query that FSIMS used to generate the search is shown at the bottom of each Search Results page.

Search Results List Documents

Some documents in a Search Results List will display a gold key next to the title. The gold key indicates that the word or phrase used in the search is also a designated key word for that document.

To view a document on the Search Results List, click on the document title. FSIMS displays the document in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) in a scrollable window. Once the document is displayed, buttons provide several options. They are:

  • Print Version - PDF: Click this button for a version of the document that is suitable for printing
  • MS Word: Click this button to for a Word version of the document that is suitable for saving or printing
  • Background: Available for JTA documents only, click this button for additional information regarding a Job Task
  • Pub Data: Click this button to see the Publication Index Card (PIC) for the document
  • New Window: Click this button to view the document in a separate window that can be enlarged to full screen