8900.1 CHG 422



National Policy

Effective Date: 10/1/15


Summary of Change. Volume 14:

Chapter 1, Section 1, Flight Standards Service Compliance Philosophy;

Chapter 1, Section 2, Flight Standards Service Compliance Action Decision Procedure;

Chapter 2, Section 1, Interviews and Investigations Supplemental Information;

Chapter 2, Section 2, Preparation of Federal Aviation Administration Form 2150-5, Enforcement Investigative Report;

Chapter 2, Section 3, Streamlined No Action and Administrative Action Program;

Chapter 2, Section 4, Provide Technical Assistance to Legal Counsel;

Chapter 2, Section 5, Respond to Legal Request for Deposition or Appearance in Court Trials and Formal Hearings;

Chapter 3, Section 1, General;

Chapter 3, Section 2, Additional Training Supplemental Information;

Chapter 3, Section 3, False and Misleading Statements Regarding Aircraft Products, Parts, Appliances, and Materials;

Chapter 3, Section 4, Airworthiness;

Chapter 3, Section 5, Reckless Operation of Aircraft;

Chapter 3, Section 6, Interdependence with Assigned Principal Inspectors;

Chapter 3, Section 7, Deviations Resulting From Emergencies;

Chapter 3, Section 8, Deviations Involving Multiple Crewmembers;

Chapter 3, Section 9, System-Wide Deviations;

Chapter 3, Section 10, Compliance with In-Flight Smoking Regulations;

Chapter 3, Section 11, Special Emphasis Programs

Chapter 3, Section 12, Events Excluded from an Aviation Safety Action Program; and

Chapter 3, Section 13, Addressing Organization Designation Authorization Holder Noncompliance.

Explanation of Policy Changes. This change revises the entire Volume 14, Compliance and Enforcement, to conform to FAA Order 8000.373, Federal Aviation Administration Compliance Philosophy, and revised FAA Order 2150.3, FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program.