8900.1 CHG 714



National Policy

Effective Date: 7/24/20

Summary of Change. Volume 6, Chapter 2, Section 18, Safety Assurance System: Evaluation of a Certificate Holder’s Management of Significant Changes Parts 121, 135, and 91 Subpart K.

Explanation of Policy Changes. This change incorporates new information and updates title to Volume 6, Chapter 2, Section 18. This change:

    Removes 14 CFR part 145 from guidance as it is not applicable to decision aids.

    Updates the scoring system and instructions for all of the assessment decision aids (Financial Condition, Rapid Growth/Downsizing, and Off-Hour).

    Develops guidance for inspectors to clarify the differences in the choice (word pictures) provided in the decision aids, and shows inspectors how to detect triggers that require the completion of a decision aid, as well as the importance of using decision aids to adjust surveillance.

    Revises validated guidance to emphasize the importance of completing the decision aids periodically for baseline comparison, and to validate that they include the appropriate areas of focus during review of the financial condition and transition or growth and the weighting of the focus areas correlates to their potential impact on risk associated with financial distress or rapid growth or downsizing.

    Implements a retention policy for completed decision aids so that they will be available to inspectors for comparison and analysis during risk assessments.